YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa) v9.63 Latest Download 2023 | Anti Ban

YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa) v9.63 Latest Download 2023 | Anti Ban

APKShines.comYoWhatsapp APK is a message and audio, video and image-sharing app that helps in communication. You should know about Yo WhatsApp if you want to download WhatsApp mod which has many great features along with an anti-ban system. The YOWhatsApp app is not like WhatsApp mod in the meantime. It is best to read this article till the end to learn about the features of YoWhatsApp APK.


YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa) v9.63 Download Terbaru 2023 | Anti Ban

The usefulness of WhatsApp Messenger can almost be proved by everyone who uses it regularly. The latest version of YoWhatsApp APK can be downloaded by downloading Apk. The content on our site offers many features such as customizing, styling, locking conversations and much more. We now offer an anti-usage feature. This is free of charge. The same goes for Yo WhatsApp 8.95 Apk which runs smoothly and has many amazing features. We are all familiar with WhatsApp. The interface is simple and intuitive.

YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp APK Download

The first version of Yo WhatsApp is 8.95 Apk. We have blocked all WhatsApp accounts. The messaging features are many and useful. Others need more functions. In addition, the need for improved WhatsApp software makes many developers develop improved APK files. In terms of privacy, themes, customization and so on, the official WhatsApp has limited features.

The solution to this problem is third-party mods for WhatsApp, but they are mostly short-term solutions that ban our account and do not solve the problem. As for YoWhatsApp, it comes with privacy and security features that you would find in a mod. You can use it forever. You can find out for yourself what it’s all about here.


You can find some of these cool features here and in the Yo WhatsApp features section. The WhatsApp mods that you can currently find on the internet have a limited lifespan as you probably know. The majority of their features are buggy or broken, plus they block our accounts when we try to use them regularly.

We don’t think it’s like them. Modified WhatsApp features will not be banned. Here is the most important information about YoWhatsApp APK for Android. In this article, you can find more details about this fantastic WhatsApp modifier.

YoWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2023

We provide almost all the information about APK that you need, unlike many other websites. This article provides information about Yo WhatsApp Latest Version, APK size, Android version, required version, security level and latest updates. The following information provides more details about YoWhatsApp APK.

YoWhatsApp Features Latest Version

You can read below to learn more about YoWhatsApp APK and its features. You are expected to understand all the features easily. The latest version of YoWhatsApp offers some privacy features like anti-ban. Also, YoWhatsApp is now anti-ban

These features are part of WhatsApp version 2.18.293. The app allows you to reply to messages and make group video calls. The forward icon does not appear while forwarding any message. YoWhatsapp has some important features that differentiate it from the original. The mod version has some different features as well as settings.

Unlike the actual Whatsapp app, the Yowhatsapp download does things a little differently. The standard WhatsApp app provides limited functionality whereas the mod version has a lot of features. The following are some of its key segments.


In addition to helping us chat, YOWhatsApp allows us to make voice and video calls. In this section, we explain how this works. We use the same method as with chat. We can display a list of everyone we’ve spoken to before, as well as a phone icon, which allows us to call them. Depending on your preferences, it’s just a matter of scrolling down the list and clicking on the phone number or video camera. You can delete all incoming and outgoing calls by clicking on the trash can icon at the bottom right.

Menu Options

The features available on WhatsApp are different from WhatsApp, so some of the options are different. In the WhatsApp interface, you see the MOD name at the top and other icons on the right, depending on which area is open.

Vertical Dots

In different situations, these three dots have different functions. The result of clicking these three dots is the ability to create groups, broadcast, view starred messages, use items, restart WhatsApp, and set a timer. You can access the status privacy and general settings of these dots under the status section. You can clear call logs and settings by clicking on the dots under the call section.

  • The formation of a new group has begun.
  • Launching a new broadcast.
  • You can configure WhatsApp on your desktop by using the web version.
  • It is possible to mark messages as favorites by adding stars.
  • YoMod is the setting.
  • You need to reboot the Yo WhatsApp download.
  • Global settings of the application.

WhatsApp APK Yo Anti-ban and Privacy Features

  • Can be used permanently
  • You can view deleted messages
  • Ability to view deleted items
  • Display status has been hidden
  • You can customize the last viewed
  • Built-in locker
  • You can block someone’s call
  • The blue tick and second tick should be hidden
  • Date and time are hidden when copying messages

Better Media Sharing

  • The maximum size of video you can send is 700 Megabytes
  • It is possible to send more than ten images at once
  • The original resolution of your images can be easily sent
  • Please turn on the microphone without holding it

Theme, Emoji, Font and Language

  • A store where you can download YoWhatsApp update themes
  • New sticker packs
  • New emojis
  • The program supports more than 30 languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Spanish and English.

Customizable Yo WhatsApp Features

  • The custom name will be used on the main screen of the app
  • You can customize the tick style
  • The launcher icon is customizable
  • You can change the notification bar icon
  • You can set a custom background for contacts
  • The home screen can be customized to fit any text size
  • You can create and customize themes
  • Customizable widgets


A popular part of YoWhatsApp is the Status tab. You can upload photos, videos, and text messages in this tab but they will only last for 24 hours. The number of views below reflects the temporary nature of these posts.

Privacy and Security

The user interface of the platform is one of its main features. Therefore, it offers several privacy options. We protect the latest link time and prevent message deletion. It helps if you use encryption patterns for your messages to ensure no one can read them.

Home Screen

You can also customize the YoWhatsapp home screen. Actions related to floating buttons and chat list titles can also be customized. The status section can also be customized.

Conversation Screen

It’s the same, only this time it’s for chatting. Bottom menu, text box, emoticons, and emoji behavior.

YoWA Widgets

This app has another unique feature to change the color of widgets.


This is one of the basic functions that allow users to know if any new version has been released or display the changelog for the latest update.

Record Without Constantly Touching the Phone

Voice recording is now possible without touching the phone. The recording will continue once the record button is touched. You no longer have to touch the record button every time you want to record.

Call Blocker

You can customize who can call you in the latest version, 9.0 Yo WhatsApp. It is up to you whether to block one person or multiple people.

Set Home Screen Wallpaper

The original WhatsApp lets you choose only the wallpaper for your chat screen. Also, you can set up WhatsApp home screen wallpaper using this app.


Similarly, the native WhatsApp style and layout allow you to customize the default WhatsApp messaging experience. The default WhatsApp themes get boring after a while. You can now easily modify them with this update. You can use YoWA to customize WhatsApp themes according to your preferences. Apart from that, you will also get new ideas when you update Yo WhatsApp. You will receive a number of fancy ideas every month.


This app has an anti-ban feature. This means that you don’t have to worry about bans anymore. Your account will remain safe. You can send unlimited messages with this Whatsapp app.

App Locker

It helps if you have a third-party app locker to secure your app in most cases. This takes up a lot of space. Thanks to its built-in app locker, you can open Yo WhatsApp using a PIN or password.

Anonymous Messages

The original WhatsApp has some limitations. Messages can only be sent to someone whose phone number is in your contact list. This shouldn’t bother you. You can send messages, pictures, videos and documents without saving their contact information in your contact list.

Media Sharing

This is not just a messaging app. It allows you to share images, videos, and materials. However, in the original WhatsApp, you cannot send videos larger than a certain size. You can send videos up to 700MB using the new version of Yo WhatsApp without any errors. As a bonus, the images are also of higher quality than other WhatsApp mods.

What’s New in YoWhatsapp APK Latest Version

We have updated the YoWhatsApp Android app with some new features and fixed many bugs.

  • Now 100% anti-ban
  • The recording crash has been fixed
  • You can now add new stickers when you couldn’t add them before
  • The base has been updated
  • Unique new font release
  • The built-in lock system has been fixed
  • More secure
  • Bugs have been fixed

YoWhatsApp APK Gameplay ScreenShots

YoWhatsApp APK Gameplay ScreenShots


  • Easy to Customize
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy to Use
  • Good UI/UX design


  • The chance of getting banned on YoWhatsApp is most likely 5 to 10% more than all the controllable and customizable features of YoWhatsApp.
  • The ban is only ever applied in rare cases.
  • This means you should only use it at your own risk.
  • Yo WhatsApp does keep evolving with every update. The latest updates are more secure and immune to bans.

Preventive Measures

  • Only use trusted platforms to download Apps like Apkshines

Installation Steps

  • Before leaving this website, you can find the YoWhatsApp (YO WA) installation guide. This is because, without an installation guide, problems are likely to occur. The installation process is described below.
  • You can only install Yo WhatsApp APK downloads from unknown sources. This option is necessary because YOWA is not on official stores like Play Store.
  • The procedure to enable unknown source installation is to navigate to settings > security > permissions > enable unknown sources.
  • Your device should now display the Yo WhatsApp file that you downloaded after installing from an unknown source. You can do this by selecting device storage > downloads > YoWhatsApp APK and download the latest version. Then simply tap the install button and wait for a while. This depends on the speed of your device.
  • You have successfully installed the latest YoWhatsApp APK version. Now you can install the YOWA APK, create an account, and enjoy all these features. You can find more information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YoWhatsApp safe to use?

It is 100% safe to use YoWhatsApp. It is a free app. The app is virus-free and malware-free. You will not be banned from using all the features if you register.

YoWhatsApp contains regular updates?

Yo WhatsApp app download is updated regularly. It is constantly improving. Updates include some new features, as well as bug fixes. You can download it here.

Can I send high-quality images and videos on YoWhatsApp?

You can share videos up to 700 MB in size with the YoWhatsApp APK version. The app also supports sharing original quality videos and images. The official app does not offer this feature.

Can I use sticker packs from the Google Play Store on Yo WhatsApp?

You can download and use sticker packs in YoWhatsApp from the play store. You can download multiple packs at a time. We cannot use sticker packs in this version due to a bug.

Can I change the font in YoWhatsApp APK?

You got it right. YoWhatsApp supports so many fonts. The store also allows you to download various fonts. The store also has wallpapers, themes, and other stuff. You can download them for free.


It is very easy to conclude YoWhatsApp APK. You can customize it, it’s safe and secure. This app offers many features that can improve the way you use WhatsApp. It is regularly updated with new features. Does this app appeal to you? You can get the latest Version of Yo WhatsApp with one click.

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