What a 5th grader did to become a Level 2 Fiverr seller

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My name is Andy. our nationality is American. our mother and we loved watching cooking shows together when we were children. In preschool and kindergarten, we would help our mother in the kitchen. After that, we liked to cook on our own.

What a 5th grader did to become a Level 2 Fiverr seller

Cooking shows have become increasingly popular with our mother in recent years. Her baking has increased. We preferred eating to cooking as a child, but our mother taught me to bake cakes. our attempts at baking often failed. our cooking skills improved quickly when we participated in late-night shows. The TV had to wait for mdad to get home to be turned off.

I first fell in love with cooking:

It has become so addictive for me to cook and bake that we have learned to bake cakes fast. One day, we begged our dad to stop the car and let me speak with him while commuting by car. We felt so intensely drawn to this profession that we begged him to talk to me. The cooking obsession of our father made him ignore me despite our request. In the third grade, we told our father we loved cooking. In his opinion, there were better options since it wasn’t his favorite hobby.

To conclude, cooking is an unforgivable taboo for females. The passion we have for cooking hasn’t gone away. The growing popularity of CHEF led me to strive for greater culinary mastery due to watching the show. We hope to be the best on television and known for our fine work as the Chef in our career.

I became passionate about getting recognized through my YouTube channel:

A YouTube channel resulted from our inspiration. There are videos of cooking and recipes posted on the track. We must confess that our mother had access to our phone. our father informed me when he discovered this YouTube channel. We deleted the video because our dad deleted it without knowing we loved cooking. It upset me tremendously. The wear of sadness to kill an obsession destroys you thoroughly before it can show its true face. We have never considered quitting cooking even though we enjoy it very much. we may become successful as a result of it.

The next YouTube video we created is here. We were afraid we would lose the second video if our mother became angry at me and informed dad. Unfortunately, mom discovered our mistake this time. She found out about our late-night cooking because we stepped on cake flour in the kitchen while walking in the kitchen late at night. As we wrote our mother in tears and convinced her how much we love to cook and bake, we tried to stop our father from bringing it up. Her decision to allow the video to remain on YouTube was accepted. In addition, we received a few subscribers after the video went viral. However, that is for another day. we should start.

Desire to make money online:

You already know that Smart TVs have the internet, so our father brought one. As we had no phone, we watched YouTube videos on our TV instead. A typing job website caught our eye. To indulge our cooking desire, we wanted to purchase an oven. However, we were unsuccessful.

The data entry work is no longer of interest to me. We have found it a waste of time to do the job. There are YouTube videos that teach freelancing. You can join Upwork for free. I’ve had three accounts suspended already. Making money from the marketplace was out of the ordinary for me since we had no skills. The portal always showed our exit door every time we entered.

As soon as we became a fourth-grader, our father bought me a PC.  We learned how to bake and cook on the PC. Then we opened our first Fiverr account. As our first attempt at Upwork failed, We Understood the value of learning a skill. This led me to enroll in Graphic Design courses. It was a challenging process. A YouTuber named “Tamoor Pardasi” caught our attention. His content inspired me, and his actions inspired our actions. In addition, this is the second time in a row that we felt inspired to act. In addition, we were very close to our parents as a kid.

Learning skills:

In the beginning, as a designer, we weren’t successful. When we were too exhausted to get up, we would sometimes sleep at our desk. In an attempt to quit, we asked ourselves, “why did you start in the first place?”. We were able to raise our parents’ heads in pride with our answer.

Success on Fiverr:

As well as graphic design, we learned how to dropship using Shopify and how to design an e-commerce store. Fiverr was our first client. The GIG ranked in both categories. The GIG got me on our way to being a freelancer. At the age of 14, we achieved Level 2. It is a dream come true to be promoted after six months.


The story is about an ambitious young guy who wants to make life a little better for himself and his parents. I’m not rich, but I’m still happy. Things are looking up. There are paths we can walk proudly. Additionally, we have started a Freelance Academy where we instruct students, our elders. In our effort to help them, we are sharing our experience. You don’t become successful overnight. It is not the reward that counts like success, but being true to oneself that matters the most. In a battle against yourself, you can only lose. In order to keep a burning desire inside, you must march to the outer you.


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