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This action and war game is full of excitement. This MOD APK has unlimited gold and unlimited money. You can control titans and monsters with the most powerful robots in this game. In addition to fighting other players, the robot arm has the latest weapons and most powerful armor. This allows players to defeat any monster or opponent and earn rewards. In addition to unlimited money and gold, War Robot Mod Apk‘s latest version also gives you access to new features

The game offers well-designed maps for Online Multiplayer. You can also unlock Iron Monsters in War Robots Mod Apk so that you can purchase and upgrade a new robot. It offers Unlimited Ammo and Unlimited Missiles as its main feature. In the section above, you will find a download link, description, and War Robots Mod APK Unlimited Gold and Silver information.

War Robots MOD APK 2022

It is called War Robots Mod Apk. The action, wars, and robots are all enjoyable in this game. The game takes place in a world where legends abound, and giant monsters are present. You can also acquire new weapons, ammunition, and game modes. In addition, new features can also be unlocked.

The original game did not offer this feature. The game features unlimited ammo, a unique add-on set, and many other features. You can also unlock Inactive Bots and enjoy Unlimited Bullets. A total of 50 new weapons are also available in the game. In addition to PVP, you can create your war machine to suit your playstyle. The game also offers weapons, tools, and fixtures.

War Robots MOD APK Features

You can find a list of the free features with War Robots MOD APK below. Just read and enjoy the real taste of the game with your friends.

Unlimited Money

It’s always the MOD money that makes MOD APKs unique. That’s why War Robots MOD APK has an unlimited money feature that lets you loot the unbelievable experience of playing the game. Your dashboard will now display Money unlimited without more time-wasting and hard work. The money belongs to you alone. The shop offers many items for customizing your robot.

Unlimited Ammo

Every shooting game revolves around the ammo. Additionally, it is very important for war robots in the War Robots MOD APK. You cannot defeat the enemies if you lack ammunition. Your match is guaranteed to end in defeat. Just imagine being able to fire unlimited ammunition at the enemy. There’ll be no injuries. Keep shooting until the enemy is doomed. Therefore, the latest War Robots MOD APK provides you with unlimited ammo. Have fun!

Ad-Free UI

There will be some ads on the screen while we play the game, and they will try to share something with us. The information they share is not related to the game we are playing. It constantly interferes with our performance. There are times when our attempts to exit the game also trigger forced ads. It gets annoying and pesky. As a result, we removed all forced ads. The game interface is no longer filled with ads. You can play now without any ads.


There is a strong role for robots in War Robots. The robots serve as your protectors and help you defeat the evil enemies. Epic and common robots are available. As a result of their superior combat capabilities and unique skill systems, which give them an edge in battle, all players aim for the second type.

A couple of examples are Stalker and Loki. The enemy becomes passive before the attack when they become invisible for some time. There may also be robots with increased damage or speed. Parts may be replaced on the robot to enable it to be upgraded. This is something you should do if you can afford it.


There is a difference between robots and weapons. Despite having an integrated weapon system by default, the weapon is light and of little value on the battlefield. Your challenges will only increase over time. This opponent uses a wide range of destructive weapons and fights intelligently. To avoid losing, you also have to repair the weapon of your robot.

There are three types of weapons in War Robots, including light, medium, and heavy. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. The lower-tier weapon may be lighter, but it deals less damage. In addition to adding new parts to your robot, he can mount weapons as he grows. This will let him continuously engage enemy units on the battlefield without waiting to reload, as he can mount up to four parts.

Maps And Tactics

Maps can be classified into 12 types. These types have different layouts and structures. Your team will be very effective at fighting if you set up tactics. The map shows Springfield as a large city, with a river splitting the topography and a bridge connecting the structures. Fields, sparse trees, and construction obstacles can be seen on one side. During many obstructing and blocking works, the opposite situation arises. Also included are Valley, Rome, Castle, and eight more maps. You don’t get a description of the terrain, but you can actively observe it as you observe it.


The game offers various modes, such as Quick Match, Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Arena, and Skirmish. The latter is only accessible on weekends. Players can constantly refresh their experience with the game’s various modes. Both default modes and custom modes are available.

In default mode, players face an AI opponent. The maps are selected randomly, while the player count is 6v6 by default. 12v12 is the default player count in custom mode. In addition to a map and a maximum number of players, it allows you to team up with friends or compete against them. There are no bonuses or rewards.

There is no Android 7.0 or higher requirement to play this shooting game. This update has increased the size of the Titan Accelerator and Jump Unit. Additionally, its numerous bugs and issues have been permanently resolved. You can play with friends and have many fun battles with the robots. You can play a great match of shooting fighter with friends from the globe or with your roommates. The game has unlimited ammunition. The game is free to download.


Game players will experience console-grade gameplay on their mobile devices with War Robot’s beautiful 3D graphics. It is always possible to unlock better graphics by adjusting the graphics settings. You can play this fun shooter game on any old phone.


In War Robots, which features immersive audio, gamers are immersed in a real battlefield experience. Explosions erupt, and a chatter is frenetic. If you enjoy playing in a team, you can also use voice chat.

Alone Mode

The Free-for-All and Arena modes are also available if you prefer to play alone. Select your best opponent. Take the fight to them. Those who complete epic-ranked battles enter the Hall of Fame. You can start new, or you can be a champion.

New Features

In addition, since War Robots is a new game with an ever-growing community, the game is bound to deliver frequent and quality updates. You will also be delighted with each new update. It will arrive soon enough, so keep your eyes peeled.

Free to play

The game is currently free for Android players, even with all the awesome features that have been described above. You can download the Google Play version.

Useful Hacks With Our Mod

We have just what you need if you need some advantages before entering the battle. Furthermore, gamers will be able to take advantage of some hacks with our War Robot Mod APK, which would help them progress quickly through levels. Our newly added Inactive Bots, for instance, will simplify battles since they’ll be less demanding.

Multiple Robots With Unique Power

War Robots offers gamers access to an enormous collection of robots, including more than 50 of the most powerful fighting machines in existence. Each character’s different powers and abilities will make it easy for you to pick out your favorite and customize your playing style. Learn how to make it big in War Robots by experiencing unique fighting styles with certain robots and mastering your own.

Different Commanders

There are also different classes of commanders in the game and a variety of different commanders. Therefore, you can select an appropriate commander to place inside your massive fighting machines that you will take to battle. The best way to utilize the complementary qualities of the commander and the robot is to combine them into your own. Additionally, you can upgrade your commander to improve their stats and enable more powerful abilities.

In-depth Gameplay

Players in War Robots will enjoy some of the most challenging and engaging gameplay of any shooter on the mobile platform. A gamer can achieve victory in multiple ways with different approaches and tactics. There are many ways to battle in War Robot, from taking the enemies on head-on to setting traps and luring them into them.

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How To Download War Robots MOD APK

  • The first step is to remove any previous War Robots MOD APK.
  • You can download the file by clicking the button above.
  • You will find a 100% working download link on the download page—step 3.
  • Then, you need to click the link to begin the download. The application will begin downloading when the setting for unknown sources is enabled in your settings.
  • Click on the APK file downloaded by clicking on your file manager. You will see the installation process begin after tapping on it.
  • After clicking on the install button, this War Robots MOD APK will start installing on your phone.
  • You can play the War Robots MOD APK game as soon as installed.


War Robots Mod APK Unlimited Gold and Silver is now available to you. The MOD version is also available. This allows you to unlock new robots and weapons. In addition to unlimited money, gold, silver, ammo, and weapons, you will also have unlimited ammo. Additionally, you can choose from various game modes, including online and offline battles. There are also inactive bots and HD graphics. With your clan, you will participate in epic PvP battles and earn more rewards.


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