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The game involves defending Rome after Caesar’s death. So, instead of playing games, you should gather an army of legionaries and control the Roman Empire. Legions govern a city and an army you join in this game. Read the complete review on Total Conquest MOD APK and download it from the above download button

You will be able to defeat your enemy by calling in your battalion when you blow the horn. Show the invaders no mercy; give them a taste of your blade. Please give it to those who plan to attack your peaceful city. Your informants can give you insights into your opponents’ strategies.

Total Conquest MOD APK 2022

The Total Conquest lets you construct cities from various resources and make your kingdom a city-based kingdom. The appearance of your city is entirely up to you. But it would help if you built a professional city-state to protect it from enemies. Therefore, it is ideal to use new technologies in the city’s design.

Online gaming seems very popular, but very few people play games offline. It can be played by those who love playing offline games without an internet connection. Your goal is to create an army and empire to protect your people. This will not be easy. Creating a solid roman empire is very similar to Forge of Empires or Empires and Allies. To protect your empire and people, you must install concrete walls, trap walls, towers, and gates. Your empire will be more secure if your defense system is vital.


The Roman Empire is in your hands as you battle for control of it with thousands of online players! The goal of Total Conquest is to create your city-state and army as a Roman governor. In any case, since Caesar is dead, the only option you have is to form your legion – or join one already established.

In this game, you construct and defend an influential Roman province by constructing and managing towers, traps, walls, gates, and garrisoned forces. You need to hire, train, and improve ten different kinds of troops, each with a specific role in the battle. Try a brutal campaign as a solo player to learn how to play war games. Play against players worldwide and win with your army. You can create your Legion or join one that already exists. You can form an army of players and recruit reinforcements to win incredible rewards and improve your reputation.

Features of Total Conquest MOD APK

Let’s pen down the latest features of Total Conquest MOD APK unlimed money. Read the complete guide and increase your craze to play the Total Conquest apk mod.

Defend Your City

A wide range of fun war games is available right now. The two most popular hacks are Total Conquest and Clash of Clans. There are some similarities between the two games, but the latter includes legendary armies, mythical epic units, and a Roman empire. You can build walls, gates, towers, traps, and units to defend your base. The purpose of this game is to let you create a powerful city by using techniques that will win wars.

In addition, you will have to hire and train ten different types of units. A wide variety of heroes abound, including long-range, close-range, and wizards. The campaign mode allows you to invade numerous locations with your mighty armies. As your armies gain strength, you can upgrade them. You may join one of the many fun legions or even start your own. Your family and friends can also help by inviting their friends on Facebook. You can earn gifts and increase your rank by participating in Legion wars. This game offers many options for strategy.

Total Conquest Hack APK Highlights

There have been several conflicts throughout history. The Total Conquest Cheat APK probably won’t be your favorite, but if you must, you can use it. The Romans dominated warfare throughout the world. In today’s game, you must fight against the Romans while building your very own city. In Total Conquest, you can use your resources to build your city! How you keep the enemies out will determine the layout of your city. You have an infinite number of choices. You can build gates, traps, walls, and towers!

It is possible to keep the enemy at bay by deploying large troops. You need to position your fortifications in strategically important areas and prevent them from passing through. Your units can be upgraded to deal with more challenging opponents. You can also raid other players’ kingdoms to get riches in addition to PVP. The strongest will survive in this game.

You can defend your city by building walls, towers, and traps. The prices of each vary, so be careful when choosing. If you’d like to invest most of your funds in units, you can do so, or you can strengthen your walls. This is entirely up to you. To make your base last longer, you can choose to adjust it or strengthen it as needed.

Build Empire

This game’s primary objective involves building an empire and army to protect the people of this empire. It is no secret that there are many enemies around your empire, and they are planning strategies to bring your empire down. The same can be said for Nova Empires and March of

To resolve this, you must equip your special forces with powerful weapons and security systems. Separate the troops and assign them different tasks. If your enemies attack you, keep an eye on them so that you can respond swiftly and effectively.

Fight Epic Battles

This is a fighting game where you must defend your city against enemies. There’s an epic battle game around you, so be careful because the enemies can hurt you in conquest mode. Defeat various opposing groups by controlling and leading legendary armies.

Forage & Unstoppable Legion

In Legion, you can create a Facebook account and invite your friends to play with you. Adding Facebook friends gives you the option to share your expertise & performance with them.

HD Graphics

Full HD graphics make that game stand out, and it’s not fun to play a game without good graphics. The background music in scary movies is so dangerous it seems as though you’re actually in the movie.


You can also play this game offline if you don’t want to play online. The Total Conquest Mod Apk can be downloaded from Apkshines with all of its premium features without spending your money. Some premium features such as Unlimited Money in this mod version are essential to note.

Build City

It’s an excellent game to play if you like construction. Because you are free to construct any building, road, tower, or house, it is also possible to construct a high tower and robust gates out of concrete and steel so that no one can break them.

Unlimited Money

In this mod version, you will receive virtual money. The coins will be used to unlock features like weapons, construction tools, and more in the future. There will therefore be no need for real money.

More Features

A total of 10 unit types can be used in Total Conquest. Examples include Sagittarius, Speculator, Praetorian, Aries, Ballista, Gladiator, Medicus, Onager, Centaur, Minotaur, Cyclops, and Harpy. Each of them has a favorite target is very important for you to note. It would help if you also considered their training time and housing costs.

This game, which has a story mode, allows you to participate in various campaigns. The decision to conquer a city will be entirely yours. You progress through each one in a progressively more challenging way as you progress through its units. Then you can participate in a match and battle real-life opponents!

How To Install Total Conquest MOD APK on Android

Your first step should be to uninstall any previous versions of the game. Depending on whether the installation starts, you may have to click on security, then on Enable Unknown Sources (to be safe).

This app’s mod APK file is easy to install. The steps are as follows.

  • You can download the file by clicking the button above.
  • After downloading, open the file on your Android device and install the app.
  • You will receive instructions on how to do this.
  • Install it correctly, then launch the app and enjoy its great features.

How To Install Total Conquest MOD APK on PC

The School of Dragons PC version is difficult to install. You can achieve this with either the Bluestacks or NOX Android emulators. The steps are outlined below.

  • You will need Bluestacks, an android emulator, to run any mobile app on your PC.
  • We will provide you with the mod apk once you have installed the emulator.
  • You must execute or import the file from Windows to complete the installation.
  • You can launch the application by clicking a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get unlimited money in Total Conquest?

You don’t need to get the money as Apkshines provides its premium version that helps to get unlimited money for free without spending money.

Is it safe to download the mod version of Total Conquest?

Thousands are using it without issue by a mod version of Total Conquest. You can also use the mod version.

Can I play Total Conquest Offline?

Yes, the game is playable offline. It isn’t possible to play it offline in the original version. You can play it offline in the modified version.


As a result, we hope that you now fully understand that Total Conquest Mod Apk 2022 is based on the roman state war, and from this game, you can learn how to lead things as a leader or ruler. The game’s conquest mode requires you to outwit your enemies and teach you how to manage a state? Let us know by commenting below. APK Total Conquest is a strategic game that will appeal to people who enjoy it. Since it provides unlimited everything, you won’t have to worry about playing it. The graphics and visuals are stunning. You can download the updated version now with excellent features and unlimited crowns & coins. In addition, you can also play offline.

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