The Freelance success story of a daily wages carpenter’s son on UpWork

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The eldest brother of five siblings in our family, we are the proud son of a carpenter and the eldest sibling. Our profession is Accountant, and we provide freelance bookkeeping services worldwide.

The Freelance success story of a daily wages carpenter’s son on UpWork

A Carpenter was our father’s job, and he lived on a daily wage. The family worked hard (me, our brother, and our sister) to ensure that we all went to school until we graduated. To follow our father’s educational dreams, he couldn’t afford the cost of higher education and living expenses.

To stay in school and help our father, we had to work part-time. In the garment factory, we became a mechanic and learned “Hunar.” To pay our college tuition, we worked 14 to 15 hours a day. In addition to Door to Door Marketing, our father forced me to learn “Hunar.”

In summary, we could not continue our education after intermediate due to financial crises and began to work full-time in garment factories. Due to this devastating hardship, we are unable to pursue our life goals and resume our studies.

The Turning Point:

Her recent request was that we go somewhere together. When we asked what she said somewhere near her house, she said, “Come with me, we’ve got to go.” our mother answered okay, and we held her hand while we walked to the bus stop. The bus took us to our destination. The bus dropped me off at Nazimabad (Formen College), as our mother had told me. Her presence at the college to get me in was an unintended benefit. We reached the front gate of the college, and she said, “I have all the necessary papers and forms with me”; then she said we would go and get our admission paperwork.

My mother’s hugs were tight as we broke down in tears, utterly broken. “This is our son. We want all the best for you,” she said. All we wish for you is to follow your dreams one day and become successful. We experienced that as a turning point in our life. We promised ourselves not to let our mom down, as she’s our biggest inspiration. Working during the day led to finishing our studies at night. In addition, we took English classes. Learning English is a necessity for international business, as it is a language of international exchange. Our friend was kind enough to sponsor me. The next few months, we left our factory job and began working at night in a call center, then gave lessons to secondary students during the day.

Completing my graduation:

After we graduated, we started working for a private company (thanks to our friend) as an account assistant. In addition, we tutored BCom students there for three years. One day the father of one of our students asked me: “Will you be going to Malaysia?”.”. “. “ It caught me by surprise. To establish a branch in Malaysia, he told me that his company needs an accountant. This piqued our interest, so we asked right away. It was too important a chance for me to let go of it without discussing the matter with our parents. The notion of working for a multinational firm and having a job abroad was only a dream. The next night, we did not sleep a wink.

Coming to Malaysia:

I have been living in Malaysia for three years now. The Egyptian pillar of strength blessed me with three promotions in eight years. Alhamdulillah, we worked hard every day and night under the inspiration of Allah. Since we were a struggling college student, the journey we have taken has been quite the one since we became a “Senior Account Executive.”

Life after Pandemic:

The World Wide Disease outbreak in 2020 led me to explore alternative sources of income. The lockdown kept me at home to work for most of the day. This led me to learn new computer skills. He and other mentors caught our attention on the internet. As a result of watching their videos, we decided to learn a technology skill in our field. In addition to learning accounting standards in the United States and the United Kingdom, we also studied QuickBooks and Xero.

Freelance Journey:

I began freelance work on Upwork sometime in September 2020. As a result, we have earned 100% JSS over the past four months and am a Top Rated freelancing freelancer on Upwork. This brought me to the realization that we wanted to become a successful freelancer. The proposal needs to attract the client’s attention. “Your solution, not you” must be the focus of the proposal. This is an essential step for success.

In addition to success as a freelancer, there’s another important factor. The goal should be to maintain the relationship over time. The clients you get will become an ongoing stream of income for you and refer you to more people. In our freelancing journey, we learned some carpentry skills from our father, who is a carpenter. In addition to making our workstation, we are not proud woodworkers.


You still have time to read this if you are still here. The road to success can belong. You need soft skills and hard skills to be proud of who you are. It has been our honor to make our parents proud of me. Using freelancing money, we have created our own house. There is no such thing as our house, but this is a place we call “HOME.” The purpose of our efforts is to repay our parents. The hands of every person who offers their prayers for me have prayed for me, and they have continued to pray for me throughout their lives.

The money we made through freelancing brought me our own house. our parents have fulfilled their dream of living in their own house Alhamdulillah. The post deserves Sir Hisham’s special recognition. The videos you have created have not only inspired me but also given me direction to follow.weI am grateful to you! It gives me great hope that other people are receiving the same benefit.


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