The Disadvantages of Computer Aided Manufacturing

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The term computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) refers to the process of creating something, usually a salable product, by using computer-generated designs. A great number of manufacturers have developed CAD/CAM systems combined due to the way CAD and CAM work together. Mass production can be sped up using CAM. Engineers and entrepreneurs should be aware, though, that CAM has its shortcomings. We will describe today The Disadvantages of Computer Aided Manufacturing. 

The Disadvantages of Computer Aided Manufacturing

There are disadvantages to CAM, but that does not necessarily mean that businesses should abandon it. These factors can, however, influence how you go about getting a product to market.


Computer technology used for CAM is an expensive investment, as stated by the Design and Technology Department of St. Thomas Rich’s School. Technology changes constantly, complicating this process. Engineers and business people constantly have to keep up with the latest hardware devices and software programs to make sure they work together. In addition, employing the technology requires training. CAM costs continue to be incurred after initial implementation.

Technology Failure

It is possible for CAM equipment, such as robots, to break down, as well as the computers. A slowdown or cessation of production can occur whenever this occurs. In businesses that are working on tight production schedules, this is not desirable. Assembly-line-based firms are at the greatest risk, since failure in these firms affects not just one production area, but all points of it.

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A computer program’s ability to produce accurate designs is crucial to CAM. It is possible that some material will be wasted when a design flaw is not discovered until the product is made. Recycling or inexpensive products don’t pose a problem here. But it can become an issue when materials are used in products that cannot be recycled, like Styrofoam, or with high costs, like autos. As well as disposing of or recycling the waste and purchasing replacement materials, you must take time and effort.

Finished Design

A CAM system is dependent on designs coming from a CAD system as referenced by Reference for Business. The end-stage of any given project is not the focus of the report, which is therefore not helpful to designers. You will have trouble developing your CAM system without a CAD system.

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The same blueprints are used by CAM systems every time, enabling them to produce the same quality product time after time. It is possible for glitches to occur, however. Unless the company has a good quality- assurance team, it may not detect flaws in the manufacturing process as it is automated.

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