Super Tank Rumble v4.9.9 MOD APK [Unlimited Gold, Gems] – The battlefield is populated by players all over the world. Build a tank that can destroy all your enemy tanks on the battlefield. Various customization options are available. Impress your friends with replays or blueprints. You can take part in online battles against players around the world in the Super Tank Rumble MOD APK game. Upgrade your tank to destroy other players and impress them.

Super Tank Rumble MOD APK 2023

The popular action game Super Tank Rumble is available for Android devices. Building tanks and battling against other players from around the world is an important part of the game. You can participate in exciting tank battles with fellow players around the world. Your tank needs the most powerful and deadly weapons to defeat your opponents. Also, only the most powerful tanks can win.

It is very good for new people to get the official apk here. You can download it free and 100% safe. You can download it now. Its number of registered players has exceeded ten million and its rating is higher than most action games in the Google Play Store. Moreover, we have provided the Super Tank Rumble mod apk here which has features like unlimited gems that its players demand.

Features of Super Tank Rumble MOD APK

Apart from its fantastic gameplay, Super Tank Rumble game is also addictive. Players are free to build and design their armored vehicles to fight in Tank Battles. You can upgrade your tank by using weapons and accessories of your choice. You can evolve your Tank with over 100 types of rare items in the game.

In addition, you can team up with your best friends to create your own Team Squad and compete worldwide with millions of other players.

Upgrade and Collect Parts

This video game is very fun and enjoyable to play. There are many parts to earn and many upgrades. But if you upgrade your tanks and pay with gold instead of diamonds, you can easily win all the games. Also, actual money purchases of in-app items will give players a wider range of options.

Unlocking All Parts

We’re sure you won’t regret downloading the Super Tank Rumble Apk. It’s so much fun to watch people battle on the map. And who doesn’t love tanks that make things go boom? Take part in the Super Tank Rumble today if that sounds fun to you.

Unlimited Money

You can buy parts and upgrade your tanks with money. The game rewards players with money as they progress. You can also earn in-game money by watching ads or buying them with real money. This super tank rumble mod apk unlimited money will allow you to earn free money.

Unlock all Parts

The parts provided can be used to upgrade and build tanks. They are only available for certain levels. This mod unlocks all features. When you download the app for your smartphone, you can customize your tank with your favorite parts.

Unlimited Gems

The in-game shop uses gems to upgrade the equipment used by the players. You can get all the gems you want with the super tank rumble apk mod unlimited gems.

Free Shopping

A shop provides items and equipment to upgrade tanks in the game. You will be able to shop for free after installing the super tank rumble modded apk app.


In this game, players participate in battles and fight with other players around the world. You can use the most effective techniques to win.

Build a Tank

There are various parts that you can take as you progress. Most games give you a choice of other features. The key is to choose wisely. Tanks of large caliber are challenging to move around. Smaller and faster tanks will be easier to move around.


Super Tank Hack is a great game to play with your friends to share the fun. In many nail-biting moments, the winning team must be able to work together. There is no shame in losing in Super Tank Rumble Online. You can keep improving yourself and come back stronger.


Tank Rumble mod apk is an excellent game for those who enjoy online games. Super tank wars have amazing graphics and exciting gameplay and are highly replayable due to their amazing replay ability. This super tank battle game is the perfect multiplayer game if you want to have fun without requiring a lot of skill or concentration.

What’s New

  • Added the latest tank
  • Easy to control
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Improved graphics


Android 5.0 or above is compatible with the super tank rumble game. Over 10 million people have downloaded and enjoyed the game with an overall rating of 4.7.


You must destroy your enemies in Super Tank Rumble which is a multiplayer online game to earn rewards. Create your tank from blocks. You can customize your tank in many ways. The possibilities are endless in this game. Getting the parts is easy. Your only job is to destroy your enemies. With the pieces and upgrades available, you can try countless combinations to see what works. The tank’s abilities and capabilities are customizable. Choose your upgrades wisely. Your tank should reflect your personality as much as possible. You should upgrade your tank and make it invincible if you want to level up.

Also, you should aim to destroy your enemies quickly if you want to level up. You can’t win this game if you can’t aim accurately and quickly. The enemies will destroy you if you wait a little longer. It helps if you move fast. The autopilot feature can make your game easier. It automatically targets enemies for you. When using the machine gun as your second weapon, you should use the autopilot mode. The best weapon will help you win the battle. Make sure you maximize your arsenal. Enemies will destroy the nicest and most powerful tanks unless they have the right weapons.

You can choose between cannons, spikes, flame throwers and machine guns in this game. Inflicting extra damage on the opponent depends on the nature of the weapon. Find a weapon that suits your play style. Different boosters can be used to defeat your opponents. Flying above and destroying enemies is also possible. Upgrade your weapons to get better ones. To get a super cannon, you need a higher level. There are large cannons on both sides of the tank. The cannons can also shoot enemies in front of you and those behind you.

Super Tank Rumble Gameplay Screenshots

Super Tank Rumble Gameplay Screenshots


  • Super Tank Rumble is a great game for tank lovers
  • It has improved graphics
  • Easy to control and play


  • You must have the latest android 5.0 version
  • Improper links may lead to spamming

Preventive Measures

  • Never click on illegal links
  • Always use trusted websites like the play store or apkshines to download this game

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I download Super Tank Rumble MOD APK?

Apkshines is the best and safest website to download the latest version of Super Tank Rumble MOD APK. It was tested and verified by Apkshines privacy system.

Is it safe to use Super Tank Rumble MOD APK?

Super Tank Rumble APK MOD is 100% safe and bug-free to use if you download it from our website.

Is Super Rank Rumble free to play?

Of course! It’s 100% free to download and enjoy the latest version of the super tank rumble mod apk.


This is a fantastic super tank game to play when you have some free time. Its great graphics and soothing music draw a lot of attention to the gameplay in Super Tank Mod. You can easily download the super tank rumble mod apk game from the link provided above on this page. This game features impressive 2D graphics. The controls are simple. You can play it easily. It comes with an easy to use menu. The physics and level design are superb. In this game, you will be shooting and blowing things up. Unlike other tank games, this game allows you to customize your tank using a wide variety of options so that it looks cool and unique. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be in combat on the battlefield by playing this game.

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