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Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK is the perfect game for those who want to get immersed in full-fledged air combat. The action and adventure will be varied and exciting as you fulfill your ultimate missions and quests. Sky Fighters 3D is an Android flight-based aircraft battle game with strategic missions and the ability to control your fighter plane. By downloading the apk file, you will be able to play a game that lets you control your fighter plane over enemy territories.

Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK 2022

Sky Fighters 3D APK MOD is now available for those interested in becoming a fighter jet pilot and enjoying its addictive gameplay. This action gameplay is detailed and enthralling. Our review of Doodle Mobile will tell you all about its awesome gameplay. It includes 48 challenging missions that feature stunning graphics, top-notch flight controls and a three-dimensions.

Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK

This full featured fighter game offers players total control over their flight characteristics and has all the authenticity you could ever hope for from a full-featured fighter. It is also your dream to engage in thrilling and exciting dogfights with your opponents. Your favorite jet will be the target in an air shooter game. Sky Fighters 3D Mod Apk is ideal for those who want a full-fledged aircraft combat experience. You can download Sky Fighters 3D app for Android and enjoy a game that puts you in control of your fighter plane and fights over enemy territory, offering all the features you need for a thrilling experience.

This game combines thrilling three-dimensional graphics with outstanding control to create 48 challenging missions in open battles. The Sky Fighters 3D Apk game has the authenticity and controls you expect from full-fledged fighter games. If you wish to experience how it would be to fly an aircraft without actually taking it out for a flight, this is the perfect game.


The endless sky action will offer Android gamers the opportunity to explore as they fight their opponents in addictive dogfights. You can use your jet fighter to soar freely around the skies in the game as you complete various missions and challenges. Whether you are the fleet commander or a hero, you can enjoy amazing action as you take on the enemy by yourself. You can choose from various jet fighter models and learn in detail how their controls and mechanics work as you learn different cockpits.

You can also use the various rockets and guns your aircraft offers. Glide through the sky and dodge enemies in this thrilling shooter game. In the hangar, you can upgrade and customize your plane. Fun and action abound as you battle with your aircraft and learn how to be a master of the sky.

Features of Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK

The game has the following exciting features. Get out of the confusion and depression and enjoy your spare time by playing this amazing game.

Air Battles

The players will feel excited when they start playing Sky Fighters 3D. You will see the sky and the sea from a completely panoramic viewpoint in the ample space. In addition, each fighter has a variety of modern weapons and navigation elements to identify enemies quickly and attack them when necessary. You’ll have to defeat enemies at each level. In the game, you’ll discover many areas with their missions. The level of compliance with each requirement will be assessed based on a maximum of three stars.

Fight With Enemies

The amount of space you can reach won’t make a difference if this is your first time playing Sky Fighters 3D. With every acceleration and deceleration of your plane, every adjustment to the flight direction and powerful attacks to take down your opponent, you will be led clearly. Using the identifier for the plane, the player will be able to chase the enemy in the best possible way and complete the level.

Machine guns, long-range missiles, multi-target missiles and missile lures are among the planes’ weapons at their disposal. The features of these weapons are not hard to find and you will discover the proper distance for your choice of weapon to take out your enemies accurately. You will also encounter a more significant number of enemies per level and they won’t just fly in the air.

New Enemies Challenges

You will progress to levels with more complex challenges as you make specific progress in Sky Fighters 3D. There will always be multiple levels within each area and new enemies. There are sometimes warships on the seas as well as aircraft. It is essential to understand that these weapons aim to bring you to zero health to defeat you. Despite new enemies appearing before your eyes, your aircraft will continue to develop.

In addition to aircraft of different shapes and stats, you can also upgrade your aircraft in the game. Additionally, you can choose the type of weapons you will use in the shop to form a powerful machine of destruction in the air besides upgrading your armor and your health. Thus, this game offers players a lot of enjoyable experiences.

Unlimited Diamonds, Coins And Everything

Every player wants unlimited diamonds, coins and energy in Sky Fighters 3D APK. You can earn more resources if you pay real money or spend real money on the game’s original version. They can be earned in various ways, such as by defeating enemies, winning battles, and completing missions. Despite that, we have resolved your issue.

You can use this mod apk to get unlimited coins and diamonds, similar to the nova legacy mod apk. All the jets can be unlocked by buying items from the store. This mod apk has also unlocked premium features from the game. Our website “Apkshines” sells unlimited money for this game. Click above to download it.

Unlock Hanger and Upgrade Fighter Jets and Weapons

As a player, you have the opportunity to customize your fighter jets and attach multiple weapons to them. You can unlock the hanger in this game by collecting diamonds or completing missions. This game provides you with a hanger, but it is locked at the beginning of the game. The hanger can be opened by taking your fighter jet there. At the hanger, you can mount some upgrades and customize your jet. You can upgrade your jet’s weaponry to increase its firepower.

No Ads

Everybody wants to do away with ads. It is extremely frustrating to play such games, but they are the only way developers can earn money. There are a lot of discussions in the Sky Fighters 3D mod forums about how advertisements can be very distracting during gameplay and negatively impact the experience. Gamer’s can enjoy an ad-free gaming adventure with our modded apk, including a Private Server and 3D game codes.

Simple Controls

In Sky Fighters 3D, gamers will appreciate the easy touch controls. Sit inside a realistic cockpit with amazing features and delightful designs. This application can utilize intuitive touch buttons, virtual analog, and convenient gesture commands. Your jet models offer engaging and realistic controls as you engage in addictive and thrilling air battles. Use great aircraft and guns to plunge deeper into the action.

Multiple Air Fight Missions

There are now 48 missions available in Sky Fighter 3D. Experience the different aspects of air-to-air and air-to-surface combat. Enjoy the awesome shooter experience to its fullest by taking different approaches to certain missions. The increasing difficulties will never get boring.

Multiple Plane Modes

Sky Fighters 3D also offers gamers the chance to ride multiple planes to make the game more interesting. With many of your awesome aircraft to choose from, each with its characteristics and designs, take on awesome aerial shooter experiences. The various constructions and features of tactical air shooters can enhance your experiences.

Easy to Upgrade the Aircraft

As well as customizable and upgradeable weapons, Sky Fighters 3D offers Android gamers the option of enhancing the power of their planes. Access numerous upgrades and customizations in the Hangar when taking your aircraft to their paradises. Make your planes more durable by adding armor plating and upgrading your weapons to power up your guns. Use any one of your planes to enjoy awesome shooting experiences. Play around with the interesting customizations you’ve made to your magnificent aircraft models simultaneously.

Multiple Challenges

In addition to the exciting missions in Sky Fighters 3D, viewers can also enjoy the awesome air fights in the game.

  • Team Deathmatch – Players can create their squad based on their skills or join other teams and take on their opponents, competing in epic sky battles. To advance in the game, you will need to fight independently and tactically with your teammates. As you play with your friends, you’ll be able to unlock special in-game experiences.
  • You must protect your base against all enemies’ attacks. You are commanding your aircraft to defend the fleet from advancing enemies. Also, You should have no problem making sacrifices if you have to keep your base alive.
  • Everyone is for themselves in the exciting, free-for-all battles in Sky Fighters 3D APK. Those who love the exciting air combat can always have fun.

Get Reward on Completion of Missions

Furthermore, Sky Fighters 3D game will reward Android gamers for completing achievements and missions. Discover these unique in-game experiences as you progress through the game. You will also receive daily rewards.

Play Without Internet

Now you can fully enjoy Sky Fighters 3D offline. You will then be able to finish the game’s missions at any time. When you’re outdoors, you won’t need to use mobile data. This game can also be played offline. You won’t have to worry if you don’t have internet access since this game includes an offline mode. It will take on a whole new level once you complete all the missions. Sky Fighters Mod Apk developers have implemented a rewards system to make this model even more exciting. You’ll receive fantastic prizes after completing a mission.

Free To Play

In addition to all the excellent features in the game, Sky Fighters 3D latest version is free to play for Android gamers, so they can still enjoy the excellent air combat and tactical missions available to them. You can download the free game from the Google Play Store. Due to it being a freemium title, you are likely to encounter ads and in-game purchases. In this case, you might enjoy Sky Fighters 3D even more by switching to our modified version. A thrilling air battle is only available through this mode. Sky fighters 3D features a challenging game mode where everyone plays for themselves.

Unlock Gameplay with Mod Version

You can now play our Sky Fighters 3D mod if you are interested in experiencing the thrill of air racing and shooting. The version has no ads, unlocked gameplay, and unlimited money so that you can play to your heart’s content. From our website, you can download and install the Sky Fighters 3D Mod APK.


In addition to its beautifully designed 3D graphics and intuitive user interface, Sky Fighters 3D offers its gamers a complete air shooter experience on Android. With your ultimate jet fighters, you can soar over the skies and enjoy the awesome and dynamic action. The game features stunning visual effects, realistic physics, and an enjoyable experience. Moreover, the game runs smoothly on most Android devices due to its optimized graphics.


Along with the visually exciting in-game graphics, the game now includes incredibly addictive sound effects that will make it impossible for you to put the game down. Additionally, the incredible soundtracks will inspire you to begin your next task.

What’s New

  • Improved security of the game
  • Enhance the graphics
  • More challenges added
  • Enhance bug protections
  • Updated to latest version


This game was designed to be easy to play and touch-sensitive. There are many incredible features in this game. A virtual analog UI, gesture controls, and intuitive buttons can be used freely. In third-person mode, you can control your aircraft in any way you like. You can move the weapons by pressing buttons near the screen. This game is very easy to play.

The PC version of Sky Fighter 3D will offer you a fantastic gaming experience. It’s your job to pilot a fighter jet armed with powerful, dangerous weapons. Moreover, 48 different missions await you in Sky Fighters 3. Air-to-air combat as well as ground-to-air combat, are available. Enjoy shooting in different settings and different countries. Moreover, the game gets harder as you progress.

Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK Screenshots

Sky Fighters 3D MOD APK screenshots


  • Easy and simple control
  • Multiple modes
  • Can play both online and offline


  • Not yet recorded


  • Always download Gangstar Vegas APK MOD from the trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

How To Download and Install Sky Fighters 3D Mod APK

Many users worry about hidden viruses on some websites that come with the download button. We provide you with the best experience with a direct and high-speed download link. For first-time users, please follow these steps.

  • You can download the game by clicking on the download button.
  • Click the Download Now button after waiting for five seconds. Click the Download Now button after waiting for five seconds.
  • After the download is complete, open the game file downloaded to your mobile’s download folder in the File Manager.
  • The best way to fix errors is to go to settings, choose Install from Unknown Resources, and click back. In the Downloads section, tap on the Android file you downloaded. Your phone will automatically install it.
  • Installing the game will grant you access to all premium features.

Upon installing the free download of the sky fighters 3D game, you may use different modded features and unlock VIP content. Keep updated with the latest game mods by bookmarking our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid incoming missiles in Sky Fighters 3D Mod Apk?

If you attempt to steal the plane, hold the left stick while clicking. It would help if you tapped Y/triangle three times when you hear the launch beep of a missile lock for your plane to dodge the missiles.

What are the Jets available in Sky Fighters 3D Mod Apk?

In Sky Fighters 3D, ten different jets are featured: the LXA, Flanker-X, Fa-04, JC-20, Light-35, Gryphon, Phantom-2000, Fa-22, Fighter-15, and Tr-50. We offer a modded version that allows you to unlock or purchase these fighter jets with unlimited coins and diamonds.


You’ll love Sky Fighters 3D if you love games like Zombie Gunship Survival, Galaxy Attack Mod APK, and other popular titles. Find yourself immersed in the awesome actions, realistic physics, tactical combats, and many features that Sky Fighters 3D has to offer. You can also play the Castle Clash Mod APK from Apkshines. This article explains in detail Sky fighters 3D mod apk. In addition, we are providing the mod version.

All the top-class features of this app will be provided for free in this mode. Unlock all gear and revel in the experience. If you require additional assistance from us, encounter any difficulties during setup, or have any essential questions, don’t hesitate to email us with the full details.

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