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You have to escape your neighbors’ basements by playing Secret Neighbor which is a ghost game. In case of a neighbor’s entrapment, you should also remain safe from him. The AI in the game analyzes the player’s previous moves and sets up traps according to them, bringing the game to a more competitive level. Dynamic Pixels created a unique game developed by a Russian studio. You can use Secret Neighbor APK for Android without verification. Your neighbor can disappear by becoming a ghost. It would help if you resisted his superpowers.

This multiplayer game takes a first-person perspective. It can be played by eight players simultaneously. In this game, one of the eight players is disguised as a neighbor and the other seven players must steal the keys to the neighbor’s basement to find out what the neighbor’s secret is. It is the job of this disguised neighbor to stop the other players from achieving their goals. To do this, he could use his powers and gadgets to distract them by going against their trust. A Russian developer designed it and the goal was to explore the basement and house of your neighbors to discover what secrets they held. The character in this game moves from home to place to check out their secrets and find out what they’re hiding. This game is entirely based on artificial intelligence. To quickly open the basement, the character must resolve a series of puzzles.

Secret Neighbor APK 2022

Nikki Roth is playing in the street when she hears a scream from her neighbors’ house. The neighbor explains to Nikki how he locked the guy in his basement. Using the key to her neighbor’s basement, Nikki entered the house. It appears that his neighbor has not been using the underground cellar the neighbor converted. Then Nikki meets a neighbor, Mr. Peterson, and she captures him. In the neighbor’s basement, Nikki awoke to a blackout. Having managed to escape his cell, he reaches the outside surface, only to discover a large fence surrounding his neighbor’s property to prevent him from escaping. To escape from her neighbor’s property, Nikki must solve various puzzles. Peterson returns to his home when he crosses the fence, but he isn’t giving up.

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You can also use a Windows machine to play Secret Neighbor at home. The PC version of the game explains how to play it on Windows. The best mobile game you’ve ever played is Secret Neighbor. You must find your friends in their basements and houses in this game. You will have to find out what secrets the neighbors are hiding in their places in this game. The game’s objective is to discover your neighbors’ secrets and you will be able to enjoy the best gaming experience of your life. The game must be played.

What is Secret Neighbor APK

The game Secret Neighbor involves saving your friends from their neighbors’ dungeons. Despite this, you should remain vigilant against your neighbor because you may also fall into his traps. You can download and use Secret Neighbor APK for Android without verification. You can turn your neighbors into ghosts so that they disappear. It would help if you defeated the enemy’s superpowers.

This game was developed by Russian developers and is about discovering what secrets your neighbor keeps in his house and basement. In this game, the player uses artificial intelligence to investigate each house’s secrets. Solving puzzles allows the character to navigate easily through the dungeon—an interactive horror survival game inspired by Hello Neighbor.

It is challenging to keep up with your children, but not impossible. Having a smartphone makes it even easier. If your child wishes to isolate you, they may try to alter your password. You should be especially cautious if someone has something to hide, such as playing a questionable app on your phone. Over 50 million people have downloaded World 2 from its predecessor. It contains many interesting objects, weapons, monsters, and heroes.

Your neighbor is at home while you are asleep. The spirits wander around the neighborhood as you sleep. You’ll see ghosts of the area creeping out of the woodwork during the night, but they tend to stay away from your house. The spirits are ravenous. It is possible to stop them by digging through your neighbor’s basement and home.

What is your neighbor’s secret doing down the hall? There is much talk of monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena in neighboring houses. In addition to putting their friends in jail, they have put themselves in prison as well. They must solve the mystery of their neighbors’ secrets and discover what they are doing inside their homes. To win this game, players need to reveal what they are doing inside their neighbor’s home. It is your responsibility to free your friends. There are some rules.

There are numerous ways to distinguish yourself in today’s competitive environment. Being unique in your actions and personality will make you stand out among your friends. The perfect way to do it is by playing a game. This game is no exception. Most of today’s competitions focus on flying, fighting, and solving puzzles. A few games allow you to wash and think without actually having to do any of those things.

Features of Secret Neighbor APK

Let’s share its interesting features that help you to understand the complete game with full of fun.

Play as an Intruder

It is possible to play as an intruder with others in the Secret neighbor apk and find the key to the basement without being caught by the neighbor. A gamer can play many roles as an intruder, including an engineer who develops cool gadgets, a bagger who carries the children, and a detective who interprets clues while playing the game as a detective.

Play as The Neighbor

If you want a bit more variety, you can also play as the neighbor and have a distinctive role, which is to kidnap the children and prevent the other players from getting them.

Competitive AI

It is tough to play the game due to the competitive AI. In the game, the AI keeps track of your moves, and when you start over, it changes the neighbor’s behavior so that it is challenging for you to play.

Run as follows

An observer of the character notices that he runs very fast. You can escape a neighbor’s trap with the following items. In case you are caught, you cannot escape the trap.

Friendly Neighbor Mode

Non-professional players should not act aggressively towards their neighbors. You can adjust specific parameters in the game settings so that your neighbor doesn’t become more hostile and that you have an easier time playing games like Hello Neighbor 2.

Attempt to escape

Your neighbor trapped you behind bars. It is up to you to escape the empty cell in different ways. The gel can be broken with heavy equipment or materials.

Available on Android and iOS

You can run the Secret Neighbor APK on any device regardless of the operating system. You can download the APK from and install it. It will work on both iOS and Android devices.

The drive

This game allows players to drive various vehicles parked at different locations. The objective is to go to where she is. You can move any car in this game. You can unlock them all by downloading the Secret Neighbor app from

Craft Things

The game has a feature that helps those playing as intruders concerned about AI. By collecting items in the game, you can create cool gadgets to use against AI. An excellent device requires a minimum of ten things. This is similar to Total Conquest Offline.


It is morning in Nikki’s apartment. To return to his old family home, he has moved out of his apartment. It is an old house in disrepair that he lives in, whereas his neighbor’s place is in ruins. A shadowy creature draws his attention as he examines Nicky’s remains. He goes to sleep at home shortly after. After all, the neighbor’s house had returned, though it was more extensive and more complicated than before when a baby cried. A real-life experience begins when Nikki walks around the house and squeezes the arm to double jump, and tries to turn on the nearby light. A few minutes later, he enters the basement, which has become much more accurate and older.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Secret Neighbor APK


  • A variety of versions of the application are available in the archive. Third-party websites also offer direct downloads.
  • You cannot find reviews in the Play Store.
  • APK files are automatically downloaded after a download. There is no need to reinstall or uninstall the program.
  • The app’s new features will be accessible once you have downloaded the APK files in advance.
  • You may not be able to access the app if it is restricted.
  • You can download the APK file from Google updates. In general, APK files download faster than regular files, but they may be harder to locate.
  • The APK files will be needed if you cannot access the Play Store.
  • APK files are available before the Play Store publishes updates.


  • Google usually does not check third-party apps. Your device may malfunction if an APK file contains viruses or viruses.
  • The Google Play Store does not automatically update APK files.
  • Since you know how mods differ, you will distinguish between an original APK and a mod. It’s straightforward to do by infecting a computer with malware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Secret Neighbor APK Free?

The number of options available with Secret Neighbor APK is endless. Switching from a free mod to a paid one might prove to be quite costly. So we have made this APK available for free.

How to get Secret Neighbor APK for android

It is exceedingly simple to answer. You can obtain this software at for free, so you won’t need to look elsewhere. It also allows you to share your experience with others.

Is it legal to use an Apk file?

The validity of APKs ends when they are misused. It is best to install a significant app as an apk file when you have limited storage. These apps can also be easily downloaded since some regions block access to the Google Play Store. The google play store is also unavailable in some areas.

Is this site safe to download this and other Apk files?

There is no risk in downloading other applications from this site.


Those who played hide and seek as children would enjoy a game like Secret Neighbor apk. It promotes teamwork. This game challenges the brain. It’s a good game to spend your time with if you’re looking for a quality experience. This website’s FAQ section will find answers to frequently asked questions about this APK. Having read the content in detail, you will better understand your tool. The APK we will offer is unique because there are so many features and options in APK entertainment. The free version should always be used before upgrading. You won’t be harmed by it.

You won’t find a better app for Android and PC. Make sure to share it with others. The versions included here are all originals without any modifications. The Play Store offers exclusive downloads for personal use only. For copyright questions, feel free to contact us. We will remove your content shortly. It has been reviewed. Apkshines also provide other popular apps and games and you can simply get your desired app by typing in the search box.

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