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This game is great for displaying your sagacity and ability to lead. This game allows you to launch and win epic wars across the world. You will write the history of your civilization. You will rise from obscurity to become a legend. As a pioneer on the journey, prepare yourself for the unknown by tightening up. You learn to serve your people by playing the game. We will guide you today about the Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK.

This game revives the relaxing strategy genre. The players are given unprecedented freedom to explore different genres. There are currently 11 civilizations available in the game to choose from. You can select one of the 34 heroes and begin building and fighting when you are ready. You need to assess your actions carefully and think strategically to earn more! Choose from our 11 civilizations if you want to earn more.

Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK 2022

The gameplay has also been improved and changed. It now consists of three playing areas instead of two. Mat Morgul’s kingdom is located in this area, as are Aragorn’s and Orthanc’s kingdoms. Players can now choose four races in addition to a class and a race. In this game, you must save the White Council and the Empire, so you should play The Lord of the Rings Online: Ringwraiths if you played it previously. This quest is quite similar to The Lord of the Rings Online. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Lord of the Rings Online. The Lost Crusade also features new locations and items.

Features of The Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK

The Rise of Kingdoms APK Mod comes with lots of exciting features that you can get interested in gameplay in the entire game that keeps you interested.

Graphics & Sounds

In the latest update, new civilizations were added (there were originally eight, but 11 are now in the game) and new graphics. Game players and critics have praised Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade’s graphics for their excellent quality. Aside from its excellent graphics, the game has other elements, such as excellent 3D characters. In addition to good colors and special effects, the game’s overall design is pleasing. Additionally, the sound design should match the overall style of the game.

Alliance System

Together, you must fight against your rivals and support each other. It is impossible to win as a single warrior. However, smart tactics and strategies against rivals usually bring victory as a group. Taking action together creates power.

For a successful alliance, alliance features provide maps to track plans and strategies or carry out a live chat with a built-in translator. They also feature officer roles, which allow a person to take on the role of a leader from the outset. Alliances can capture mountain passes, occupy territories, unlock achievements, and do much more to gain resources.

Conquer The Enemies

The player can take over the city of the enemy kingdom by occupying all towers if the player’s economy, military power, and politics are strong enough. All players or NPCs can form alliances to gain resources and soldiers during battles. As soon as a player captures an enemy’s city, a new season begins in which he must manage the city for a certain amount of time or else the city is taken away from him.

Join Alliance

After players have reached their first five levels in the game, they can join an alliance and trade resources with other players to build stronger relationships and help each other out. The benefits of alliances have also been proven to be tangible, including bonus XP during combat that allows members to gain powerful units faster. Using diplomacy, alliances can even take over NPC cities strategically located more often than those taken by PVP battle against rival alliances led by NPC lords.

Upgrade City

To develop their domains, players need to construct resource-producing buildings, such as woodcutter’s huts, stone quarries, and more, as well as defensive towers to protect themselves from enemy attacks to become stronger and defend themselves in PVP battles with other players or NPCs, using the unit type each player has developed through research.

Establish Trade Route

If players establish trade routes between their cities and NPC towns, they will access resources, such as food, that can help their realm grow. To use the resources produced in the player’s city, they must trade with neighboring provinces controlled by NPCs or other players.

Real-time Combat

This game features real-time battles. As a real RTS gameplay, anyone can enter and exit combat at any time. Send some troops to your comrade. However, The attacker could counterattack. You can play PVP with 100+ players in remote locations on a single screen. Conquer the kingdom and take control of all of it. Your name will go down in the history of the kingdom, as well as your civilian friends.

12 Historical Civilization

From the list, choose one civilization. There are differences among all of them. It is important to note that each civilization differs in its architecture, units, advantages, and disadvantages. Your civilization can become smart and powerful if you train them to be so. You can upgrade their abilities by using skill systems and RPG talent trees. You can summon your favorite historical heroes to fight for your glory and serve as trustworthy commanders.

Explore New World

A new world awaits you in this game, allowing you to explore it and discover new things about it. This game is set in a fog-covered world. Explore the mysterious land and uncover its treasures with your scout as the land is thick with fog. Research lost temples, discover tribal villages, explore fortresses and caves, and prepare for war.

More Features

In Rising of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, you can build your first stages of civilization quickly and easily. First, the most important thing is to recruit and train troops. Then comes the fight for conquest and protection. The players need to pay attention to coaching tips to determine what they should do and how they should perform. This includes player information and tips for overcoming current limitations. Check out our game developer tips to learn more about gameplay mechanics. The game takes place on the same map. There are two cards, one for each player. Global cards let you know where you can explore and conquer.

Quests Can Help

Publications are also appealing to developers. After completing the game, a comprehensive guide is provided to players detailing how to develop a civilization. A player can upgrade buildings and units by using their in-game money. The quest is an excellent way to learn about your future behavior in the game if you have any doubts.

Allied Forces

As this is an online strategy game, players join alliances as they develop. As a member of an alliance, you can trade for rare items and purchase them, as well as defend your territories. In addition, you can earn experience. The first-level alliance is not worth joining because it might make you lose interest in development. The player only has to deal with allies, who protect and support him. You can start your relationship once you reach a certain level of development!

Unlimited Gems

The game’s most valuable resource is the gem since they are hard to acquire. The retail store offers a variety of products that can be purchased with gems, including resources, equipment, and power-ups. With the Rise of Kingdoms hack, you will have access to unlimited gems and money. It is almost impossible to lose if you have unlimited gems.

The Commander’s Manual

Commanders play a very important role in this game. It’s up to them. The soldiers who lead the army into combat. Their abilities, bonuses, and skills benefit the troops. The player in Rising of Kingdoms has the option of replacing their commanders at any time.

The Talents Handbook

Like other MMO strategy games, this one has very similar mechanics. The city-level determines how many points of talent players receive. You can improve or unlock skills based on your city level.

A Skills Guide

The commanders in Rising of Kingdoms have five different skill sets. You can increase your level to unlock these abilities. You can also unlock them through sculptures.


A person who has experience playing war-based games can easily handle and understand this game. It is a little hard for a new player to grasp the game’s mechanism. In this game, the player must protect the city and people, increase power in the city, and ward off attacks. You need armies and commanders to accomplish this. To make the city stronger, less vulnerable to attacks, and more able to repel attacks, the players must rebuild or upgrade the buildings and belongings of the city. The game offered me everything I needed to win.

How To Install Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK on Android?

You should first remove all previous versions of this game from your device. You should then go to settings, select security, and select Enable Unknown Sources (just in case installation fails).

For this app, you can easily install the mod APK file. You can follow the instructions below.

  • Above is a link to download the file.
  • After it has been downloaded, open it up to install the application.
  • You will find instructions in the installation file.
  • As soon as the app is installed properly, you can enjoy its amazing features.

How to Install Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK on PC?

It is possible to play the Rise Of Kingdoms PC game by downloading an emulator, such as Bluestacks. Moreover, It is then just a matter of opening the modded apk in your emulator and installing it. It is that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use?

The MOD APK you download from our site will not contain any viruses or malware, and you will be able to use it without any problems. This file may appear to be infected on your mobile device or Google Drive, but it isn’t. There are only those features inside the MOD that are executable. So, install it without any worries. This site provides MOD APKs that have been thoroughly tested and made available to you.

Is this MOD APK free?

We will not charge you a penny if you download this game from Apkshines. This application is free of charge.

Can we play this game anytime?

The game is not time-limited. You are welcome to play as many times as you like. Using the APKs from our site will always work, unlike the APKs from other sites, which have not been tested.

Why should I download ROK MOD APK?

This blog probably caught your attention because you are tired of playing the original version, which contains many restrictions. It takes a long time to create the original version. You want the MOD Unlocked version now. This game is completely free to play when you download the MOD version from our site.


The information in this post is helpful, and we hope you found it useful. If you encounter any problems downloading this game or installing it, please leave a comment below. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and will suggest it to friends and family.

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