Pubg Mobile Mod Apk v2.5.0 Download Unlimited Everything

PUBG Mobile MOD APK is one of the most famous war zone games out there of all time among people of all ages. The craze of playing PUBG is also increasing with time. The gameplay is brilliant and the graphics are very clear and bright. There are many deadly weapons that you can use during the battle including different types of Guns, Pistols, machetes and pans. The modified version of PUBG includes all money, gold and unlocked features for free. You will get the latest version of PUBG Mobile at the download link we provide.

Pubg Mobile Mod Apk v2.5.0 Download Unlimited Everything

This game features classic battles, quick battles, 4 x 4 deathmatch, and zombie-mode battles. The game has maps like Orange and Miramar. You have to survive to win the game. You can either die and lose the game or you can live and get a chicken dinner.

The game lets you play it with your friends while communicating through its chat facility or voice chat, giving instructions and progressing through the levels. The game is accessible on both PCs and mobile devices for the convenience of its users.


PUBG Mobile Download Hack

Granted, the game is a bit heavy but the features are well worth it. The battles consist of 100 players where you go down empty-handed on the battlefield, find weapons and bags and have to run onto the field and attack your enemies once you are fully prepared.

The game offers some of the best action and strategy you will ever find along with tons of achievements and online real-time battles. This year is the 2nd Anniversary of the game so the Season 12 Royal Pass is going to be huge, you can land on the battlefield by parachute as you exit your plane. The craze is so high that 8 out of 10 teenagers play this game every day. PUBG Mobile was developed and introduced by the world-famous company Bluehole. Play this shooting game on your Android device or download it from Google Play if you have 2 GB RAM.

What is PUBG Mobile MOD APK

The game doesn’t need a description because it’s so popular, but We’ll try to describe it as best we can. We highly recommend playing Pubg if you haven’t played before. It is an excellent game for everyone. PUBG became very popular a few months ago and still is today. The graphics and sounds in this game appeal to many players.

You can use Pubg on PC, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. The app is almost available everywhere. Windows laptops can also run this game. The Pubg app is compatible with both Apple and Windows devices. If you are a fan of the game, you will not be disappointed with PuBG.

PubG developers are always looking for ways to ensure players have a great time. You can play this game for free. You can install it and play it anytime you want. A PC version is also available for maximum enjoyment. There is a common myth about PUBG being harmful to players. The game is not harmful. The above pubg mobile hack file download helps entertain game lovers to the next level.

Difference Between PUBG and PUBG MOD

The original PUBG APK download is all that many players know. This article explains PUBG MOD APK. Also, PUBG and Pubg Hack mod apk differ in some ways in this section.

PUBG Mobile APK Download

You’ll experience a drop in health when you play the PUBG APK mod once you’re hit. Without a health kit or medical kit, you will die if you don’t get hit. This is why you should be prepared. Your friends can revive you if someone knocks you down. This game also allows you to talk and discuss. The game is one of the most popular globally because of its super cool features. You can download this amazing game by simply clicking on the PUBG download link.


PUBG MOD APK has so many features. You will be in the middle of a war if you install it on your phone. Health, UC, Money, and everything else can be unlimited. Players generally play PUBG on their phones using the PUBG APK. This can be beneficial for you. The PUBG MOD APK will allow you to kill them easily. Enjoy your victory dinner.

Features of PUBG MOD APK

PUBG MOD APK offers many features that will amaze you. Even if you’ve never played PUBG before, you can still play this game. This article discusses various aspects of the game. We recommend you read it. It will help you learn more about the game. You will master its features once you become an expert. There is also a PUBG lite hack download that offers tons of coins and helps increase popularity.


Another of the most interesting features that keep players engaged in PUBG Mobile are the latest and updated events. PUBG is often released with the latest events that consist of various tasks that every PUBG player must complete to earn rewards. These rewards are given to you in the form of RP Points, BP, Silver, G or Crystals. You can use these rewards to purchase weapon skins, vehicles and parachutes, clothing, helmet skins, garnets and more.


It’s hard to discuss how many PUG rewards you get when you download it from our website. But we will try our best to cover everything.

  • Daily Rewards

When you open the game, it will give you 10 RP Points, some BP and some other rewards. After that, you will also get rewards on every kill and completion of every task/mission that PUBG has assigned to you. On daily rewards, you will get 400 BP, 200 EXP, 10 weekly activities and 10 RP Points. You can use the BP, Silver, G, and Crystals that you have collected to buy items in the newly released events or you can save them for the next event.

  • Weekly Rewards

Nonetheless, each event also provides daily login rewards. In addition, you will also get rewards from the weekly sign-in section every day. To get the weekly sign-in rewards, you have to click on Events and find the weekly sign-in option there. You will get one reward every day and on the 7th day, you will get a Hero’s Crate. The complete week’s rewards are listed here:

  • Day 1: Supply Crate Coupon
  • Day 2: 300 BP
  • Day 3: 3 Silver
  • Day 4: 300 BP
  • Day 5: Supply Chest, Scrap Coupon
  • Day 6: 500 BP
  • Day 7: Hero Chest

Hero’s Crate is this week’s grand prize that you will get on the last day of the week. This can consist of a short outfit, silverware, or many other rewards.

Royal Pass [RP]

Each season comes with many exciting and interesting adventures and rewards. You will be given several tasks/missions every week. You must complete these missions and increase your RP points. When you get 100 RP Points, your RP Level will increase and you will also get rewards on completion of each RP level. This means one RP Level consists of 100 RP Points.

Each RP Level gives you rewards in the form of Chests, Emotes, Skins of weapons or Parachutes, BP, Silver, G and Clothing. There are only 50 RP Levels that you need to complete in 4 weeks. You can also get 5 RP Points at the opening of each classic chest. Here is not the end, PUBG Mobile consists of two packages. First is the Free package and second is the Elite package. Let’s discuss both further.

  • Free Plan

In the Free Pack, you will only get one reward on completion of each RP Level and this way you can get 50 different rewards on completion of 50 RP Levels in 4 weeks.

  • Elite Plan

In the Elite Pack, you will get more than one reward on completion of each RP Level. This way, you can collect over 100 different rewards for completing 50 RP Levels in 4 weeks. But there’s good news for you. You can get the Free & Elite Package for free if you download the latest version of PUBG Mobile MOD APK from our website.


Another way to get rewards for free is by using Clan. It is placed at the bottom center of the home screen. You have to click on it and go there. You will find 3 boxes there that will open as you play the game. There are two types of rewards you can get there, which are Silver and Clan Points. In Clan, when you open the “Shop” option on the right side of the screen, you can also get rewards there. When you click on it, you can buy Popularity (Bike) and classic crates for free.

Safety Items

Since PUG is a deadly game and you are surrounded by enemies, there are also some safety items that not only save you from damage but also restore your health. These safety items include military jackets that minimize damage, and small and large health kits that restore your damage. It also comes with energy drinks and painkillers that give a boost to your health and maximize it to 100%.

Eye Button

While playing the game or running to a safe zone, you can only see the front view while running. But you have to watch out for enemies from the back, left and right sides. Instead of stopping and checking each side manually, the Eye-Button is used to save you time. You don’t need to stop, instead, you can check each side using it. If you see enemies, you can kill them by checking their location.


The latest version of PUBG Mobile comes with daily and weekly missions. You need to complete these missions to get additional rewards.


This is the option where you buy all the premium items with the help of crystals, diamonds, UC, and G. You can redeem your crystals for various clothes, headgear, weapon skins, vehicles, parachutes, and bags.


There is a Wallhack feature in this PUBG MOD APK, so if you enjoy playing PUBG, you will really enjoy this version. PUBG offers this feature so you will never lose. The Wallhack function lets you see what’s on the other side of the wall. This feature allows you to kill your enemies, regardless of their hiding. You can see your enemy hidden behind the wall with the help of Wallhack so that you can kill him before he shoots if he plans to kill you.


By using the Auto-Aim feature, you don’t have to manually set the aim on the enemy. Instead, PUBG automatically aims at the enemies and you just have to rush to kill them. Aiming manually gives your opponent a chance to kill you, but auto-aiming gives you an extra edge to kill your opponent without wasting time. In this game, you can enjoy chicken dinner without Unlimited Bullets.

PUBG mobile hack apk provides you with advanced features like auto-aiming and aim-botting. This feature allows you to stack your anime without wasting ammo. You can use Aimbot to aim, shoot, and kill your Enemies automatically. This feature makes it possible to win every game without taxing the brain too much.

PUBG Mobile APK Unlimited UC

PUBG UC is the backbone in the PUBG Mobile game. Although, it is a shortcut to get all kinds of rewards including weapon Skins, vehicles and parachutes, Premium Outfits, Premium Emotes and many other items. But you don’t have to worry at all because the MOD version of PUBG Mobile APK that we provide will give you a lot of free UC that helps you purchase different items.

Realistic Weapons

The next amazing feature of PUBG that engages players is its variety of weapons. It comes with different types of deadly weapons including Guns, Pistols, Bombs, smoke grenades, machetes and Pan. It consists of various Weapons including M416, AKM, GROZA, AUG, QBZ, M762, M24, AWM, Kar98K, UZI, UMP45, Vector, DP28, M249 and many others.

The pistol collection includes P92, P1911, P18C, R45, Skorpion, Flare Gun and many more. You have to collect these weapons from different houses and use on your enemies to kill them and survive the incoming bullets from your opponents. The game feels very real. It seems that PUBG has a virtual world. So, you have to survive till the end of the game and kill the last one to win the chicken dinner badge.

Free on Mobile

Developers have created a console-quality game for your phone that uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine. The game’s 3D graphics and sounds will make you feel as if you are in a simulation of a real-life situation. You can set training modes, voice chat, and customized mobile controls. It shows you how to use the most realistic ballistic weapons on your mobile device.

Massive Battle Maps

There are a wide variety of maps in PUBG Mobile Mod Apk such as Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok, all with different sizes and weather types, cities open to the sky and dense forests and various vehicles. Master the game and win the chicken dinner by creating your strategy to win the battle and learn the secrets of each battleground.

Depth and Variety

Fast-paced 4 x 4 deathmatch mode or classic 100-player mode are available to play alone, with friends, or in teams of four. Alternatively, learn strategies to help you win intense matches with the undead. You’ll always find something to enjoy in this game. This type of game can match any mood.

Play with various vehicles for all kinds of game modes, ride a bike, drive a car, or utilize other transportation provided in the game. There are FPS and TPS games in PUBG Mobile download apk, offering first-person and third-person shooting experiences. You’ll need to use a real arsenal of weapons, find the perfect rides and put them together so you can cruise to victory in the final circle.

Always Evolving

In addition to daily events, challenges, monthly updates, and new gameplay modes and features, the PUBG Mobile app continues to become more challenging, addictive, and exciting. Thanks to the developer’s powerful and detailed anti-cheating mechanism, you can win your battles fairly.

Unlimited BP

The BP currency in PUBG stands for battle points. The game can give you unlimited battle points to buy the items and weapons you want. This is made possible by better performance. You will get unlimited BP every day with the help of the PUBG mobile mod apk that we provide.

Single & Multiplayer Mode

It is possible to play this game in two ways. You can play alone against enemies or with friends. It’s just you and all the enemies; you are a one-man army that needs to face all the enemies by yourself. In multiplayer games, you create a team and fight against opponents. Up to four people can form their own group.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics of this game have attracted many users. We found the game quite realistic in its settings, characters and entire scenario. The game looks like a movie filmed in real locations with real actors instead of just a video game. One can hardly tell if it’s a game or a movie scene because the 3D graphics look clean and authentic.


The game is unhackable, so users who try to run it by hacking will be banned instantly. This post provides you with the PUBG Mobile Mod APK that won’t block your account. Soon, you can enjoy playing the mobile mod APK game without worrying about it. Your account can be closed when the game is closed. You can get the latest information from our website. This game will offer all its features for free without any worry.

No Time Limit

Popular games like PUBG Mobile have gained popularity and have turned people who don’t usually play games with a lot of dialog into fans. You can play 6 hours of PUBG Mobile in just 24 hours. The ban lasts for 24 hours and he can play again for six hours afterward. However, you can play for as long as you want with the PUBG Hack App.

What’s New

  • Enhanced security system
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Added more weapons and rewards
  • Added more Maps

PUBG Mobile Game Play

Let’s discuss the gameplay of PUBG Mobile APK and we are pretty sure that you will love it too. First of all, there are various Maps in it and you have to select the map that you want to play with your teammates. The team maybe your friends or you can also join with one hand and PUG automatically creates a team of 4 players for you. You are all loaded onto an airplane and taken to the map you have chosen before joining the game. The airplane if full of 100 where you have a team of 4 players and the rest are your opponents. You have to kill the other 96 enemies to get the chicken dinner. Now, you have to jump with your bare hands and get into different houses to collect bags, guns, bullets and health.

If you are a beginner we recommend landing in a safe area so that you are not surrounded by enemies and easily kill your opponents one or two come there. In short, you can easily overcome the situation if you land safely. On the contrary, if you are a Pro player then the whole map is yours. You can land anywhere you want even in heavy areas where many enemies also land. You have to fight with them to make their loot yours. Collect everything that they have collected and kill as many enemies as you can. If you are a pro player, then there are maximum chances of having a chicken dinner at the end. The whole game is yours.

During the gameplay, If you are damaged by your enemies, you can heal your health with the help of health kits, take medicine to improve your health and recover yourself completely. If your friend taps, then you can easily rewind them so that they can also play with you further in the game. PUBG has come up with a feature in some maps that if your teammates are killed by enemies, you can recall them by going to the recall station and making them capable of rejoining your team and killing opponents. This process looks like a realistic game where you physically go to a foreign place and fight with enemies. Never mess with the information, just download and enjoy this amazing game.

PUBG Mobile Screenshots

PUBG Mobile MOD APK screenshots


  • You will get unlimited BP, Coins, and Silver
  • Free Skins and Elite Plans
  • Craze always stays high


  • Too much playing may damage your eyes. So never play too much time consecutively. Always give rest to your eyes.

Preventive Measures

  • Always download the Gangstar Vegas APK MOD from trusted websites like Apkshines.
  • Never click on suspicious links on untrusted websites.

How to Install PUBG MOD APK on Android

If you have never played this game before, you may find it difficult to install the PUBG Mod APK on your Android device. You can easily install this PBG Mobile Mod APK. If you haven’t played this game before, you may feel that it’s not easy. This work must be completed. It will be launched when both files (PUBG mod apk and OBB data file) are added.

  • You must first download the APK and OBB data file for PUBG Hack APK. Also, you can do so by clicking the download button.
  • You may need to wait for the download to complete if the file size exceeds 2GB.
  • This file will not start the game because you have to prepare the OBB file first. You can download it here.
  • When you copy the obb data to your device, you need to go to your file manager and find the
  • Android folder that has the folder below.
  • You can now launch your game once you have put your data in the Tencent folder.
  • Now you can play your game with ease.


We have covered the complete information regarding PUBG Mobile Mod Apk. You will be able to easily play PUBG Mod APK on your Android phone and get all its premium features for free. The Google Play Store will be updated in this post if there are any new updates. You can then re-download the app from this site. It is not possible to update the previous version, so you must update it to the current version.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk game is an amazing game that is popular all over the world. It is a strategy and action game. The gameplay is thrilling. For example, you can play against 100 different players individually in an open battle. They are also protected from being killed not only by guns and vehicles but by a security system that provides them with firearms and vehicles. Moreover, using PUBG Mobile Mod Apk allows the players to feel as if they are playing a game. It is possible to play this challenging game with a friend from anywhere in the world using GBPlus. You need to download the game to make it work.

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