Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Language

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There are more than 10 problems that teachers encounter while teaching English. The following is our top-to-bottom look at them.  Educating children in the English language poses certain challenges. They study English as a second language because the English language is not their mother tongue. College students are becoming increasingly dependent on English as their primary language.

Different institutes are available for learning the English language. The English language is taught to them by the English teachers. A teacher’s job is not easy when he or she is teaching English to a non-English speaker. A good teacher creates an environment that encourages learning and creates the right learning conditions for students. Taking a look at the challenges facing English teachers is the next step.

Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Language

1. Disturbed Environment of the Class

It is important to create a learning environment for teaching and learning English. Most English teachers are faced with environmental challenges when teaching the English language. Teaching English is affected by the disturbing classroom environment since it distracts teachers.

The basic requirement for teaching English is a comfortable and suitable environment.  Teachers who work in an unsuitable environment compromise the overall efficacy of English language teaching and learning. Teaching the English language requires an environment that is both positive and comfortable. There are many teachers dealing with tricky situations when teaching the English language.

2. Limited Teaching Resources

Not only do English language classes require resources, but all classes do. It was mostly the teachers who faced this kind of problem because they did not have access to the necessary resources to deliver lectures of English to the students which would have benefitted them.

Without the materials necessary for lectures, teachers had difficulty teaching. In addition to speakers, mics, projectors, and computers, the digital systems include other types of devices. By using this method, the entire lecture and environment become more interactive and interesting for the students, while helping them learn English.

3. A Large Number of Students in the Classroom

Students in large groups create a great deal of disturbance for the teacher since they have to work harder and put more effort into teaching a larger group of students.

Students’ large numbers pose the following problems:

  1. Made noises to disturb the teacher.
  2. Managing class students is difficult.
  3. Getting crowded students to learn can be a challenge.
  4. Students cannot access all the learning resources.

In a crowded classroom, these are some of the problems you may face.

4. Wrong Syllabus to be Teach

There are a number of content areas that teachers follow for teaching their students. Syllabi play a very important role in simultaneously teaching English and other subjects. By creating a syllabus, teachers can prepare the important factors of the course and organize their overall instruction to teach them to the students step by step.

The English language is one of the most common subjects in which teachers run into this problem. Their syllabus for teaching the English language is the wrong one. In this situation, students are unable to learn and speak the English language because their teachers are teaching the wrong syllabus.

5. Limited Time for Lecture to Teach

During the learning process of the English language, time is of the utmost importance. In order to teach their students at their level, teachers need to observe and observe their students carefully. English is taught in very few classes that the teachers are able to devote to teaching it.

Teachers face challenges in teaching in a short period of time. The teachers probably will not be able to complete all of the topics of their lectures in such a short amount of time.

6. Students Hijack Lessons

Lessons are hijacked by students. English is not the most popular language among students. The English learning process is undermined by them hijacking the lessons. Teachers of English can’t conduct the course without counting their students, so they always count them.

7. Students Disturbed the Class

It is not uncommon for students to get bored during lectures and do other activities, which can disturb the teachers during their instruction of the foreign language. While the teachers were lecturing, students kept talking to each other.

The lecture may start late for some students. It disturbed the teacher when they entered the classroom during a lecture. Most English language teachers face the disturbance as their biggest problem. It couldn’t be used for learning English.

8. Using Other Languages in the Classrooms

English teachers often have difficulty speaking other languages or communicating in their own languages. It is much easier to speak the students’ native languages or other languages that they are comfortable using rather than English.

Students find it very difficult to use words and sentences that they do not know in the language. When they speak the language they are familiar with, or their native language, they can easily communicate. When students without native English speakers are taught the English language, they often reach this problem.

9. Student Depends on a Teacher

Teachers are also faced with another problem: students completely rely on them for guidance and answers. These students constantly look to the teachers for help with their learning. Speaking English wasn’t an attempt at making words and constructing sentences. This led to students not learning about how to speak the English language in different tenses and with various words.

10. Students Bored and not Interested in Learning the English Language

In addition, teachers also face challenges in motivating students to learn English. Occasionally, students do not attend the lectures in English because they are not interested in learning. Next, they try a different activity. During the lectures, they talked to each other and did other nonsensical things, disturbing the teachers.

11. Difficult to Managed the Class

Among the students in an English class of an English learning academy, most come from different backgrounds. English lessons are mostly attended by students from rural areas. English is not taught everywhere. They have difficulty learning English.

English is most often a foreign language to them. A skill they possess is the ability to speak English. The teachers then have a hard time maintaining class control and keeping all the classes going at the same pace.

Solutions for the Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Langauge

1. Educational Competitions in the Classrooms

Competitions are an essential part of learning English. It reinforces students’ mastery of English by creating debates, quizzes, etc. In addition to learning more and more, competitions motivate the students to compete against their peers.

Teachers should be considered. Learning and speaking was not something they tried. For teachers who are teaching the English language to students whose native language is not English, this software is incredibly helpful.

It is very exciting and motivating to compete and win in different kinds of competitions between the students while learning the English language. Teachers find it easier to teach the English language through competitions. Teachers are responsible for organizing competitions between students.

2. Using Multimedia During Lecture

The English language is largely taught using older and traditional methods. New gadgets and devices that are designed specifically for educational purposes might be able to help improve the learning and teaching of the English language.

Students’ ability to interact with their teachers is key to their success in class. Students are more interested and feel more confident in learning English because of this. Visual images, videos, and sounds are easier for students to understand and remember than text-based information written in books.

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3. Designing Good Syllabus

In order to learn the English language effectively, a good syllabus is extremely important. There is a syllabus for a course that outlines what will be taught in steps, and what will be learned in each one.

In contrast, a poor syllabus creates a negative impression on English language learners if it portrays the quality of the course to study. In order to learn the English language, it is vital that the organization and the teachers design a comprehensive syllabus.

Basically, the syllabus informs teachers and students about what subjects will be covered in each course and what has to be studied next. By designating a good syllabus, the teachers can be relieved of a lot of problems associated with teaching English.

4. Conversations sessions Between Students and Teachers

It is extremely challenging for many of the students in the University to learn and speak the English language fluently since most of them are not native English speakers. Parents teach their children their mother tongue or the language they are native to.

It is not necessary to follow a syllabus and grammar rules before speaking the native language in order to form sentences and correct words. Talking to their parents can help them learn this. It is necessary to speak and converse a lot when learning the English language. Conversational sessions between students need to be organized by the teachers.

This is more comfortable for students to start conversations with their friends and fellow students. They are learning and practicing the language, as well as practicing English. A tutoring program is also used in most successful institutes to learn the English language along with conversation sessions.

5. Teaching Through Games

The most popular activity among students is playing games. By playing and making fun of it, it motivates the students. In addition to playing games, learning and teaching can also be stimulated by them. There are many educational games that students can play in the classroom. In order to build vocabulary, games are very helpful. A game is played in which the missing words are placed in different kinds of sentences. It helps build a lot of vocabulary.

It is important that students know the types of words and their meanings, as well as their placement in sentences. During the study of the English language in the classroom, teachers should engage students in games.

6. Managing the Rules of the Classroom and Time Table

Classroom rules and timetables should be set by teachers, and students must follow them. Rules and discipline are essential to learning the English language. During lectures, students are required to turn off their mobile phones, not speak with other classmates, arrive on time for lectures, and do their homework on time, as well as submit the homework to their teacher. The student who broke a rule was fined. Parents should be contacted.

7. Arranged Motivational Sessions for the Students

Motivation is needed by students in every field to reach their goals and take steps towards success. There are times when students are distracted from their goals. Motivating speeches and other activities will be provided to them. The teachers should organize motivational sessions at least once a month for their students so they remain motivated to learn English

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