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The latest version of New IMoba 2022 APK provided by the Apkshines provides you the opportunity to unlock all favorite skins for free
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There is no doubt that most online gamers use cheating tools. This helps them modify relevant games in a fun way. A similar response has been seen from Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

A competent developer created the New Imoba 2022 APK. Baseball players become as good as expert players with a minimum of sweating.

New IMoba 2022 APK

It is with great pleasure that we share the latest app, IMBA 2022 APK. This MLBB cheat is what brought you here.

You can read our review of this app if you are not familiar with it. The following article should answer all of your questions such as what is IMoba, how to use it etc.

New IMoba 2022 APK

The reality is that if you have played Mobile Legends before, then you know how hard it is to compete with players who have strong skins, weapons, and moves.

This method does not require any in-game currency, diamonds, battle points,or real money. The developer ensures that it is only for entertainment purposes.

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The game doesn’t have too many restrictions. You can change it if you are the know-how.

New Imoba 2022 is the newest, most innovative and powerful tool in anti-bans, freebies and safety.

The developers of this game are passionate about creating mods for it. Bangmamet is one of the most popular.

We need to invest more time or money to be able to win from them. It is not only our responsibility to discuss problems but to find solutions as well.

We’re thankful to ML’s new MOBA injection called New IMoba 2022 for solving our problem.

You can download this app from APK Shines(Part 55). If you’d like to learn more about this app, you can read our article before downloading it.

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What is New IMoba 2022 APK

As the gaming industry grows, injectors and mods will become more popular. New IMoba 2022 unlocks new features such as the drone view, costumes, skins, weapons and more for Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

The BangMamet replacement for NIX Injector, Mythical Glory Injector and I-Moba Bangmamet was created by BangMamet.

There are many new features in this updated version (part 55) that will allow you to enhance your profile and gaming experience.

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Features New IMoba 2022 APK

It is possible to inject these objects into MLBB without spending capital. You no longer need ML diamonds, gold, battle points and other currencies. The following cheats are available.

Unlock All ML Skin

The most important and high-value ingredient is the gameplay whether altered for the better or the worse.

It will be easier for you to win the game if you have more choices regarding ML Heroes and their Skins. Costumes are completely free.

  • Free skin for fighters, assassins, mages, shooters, tanks, and support
  • Some avatars can even wear 8+ outfits
  • You can also undo actions with the backup feature
  • Furthermore, this edition includes 54 Painted Skins and a Remove option

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Unlock Battle Effects

In the game, each battle effect serves a different purpose. The ability to leverage these effects will make you a better player. A good example is:

  • This ability of your avatar to return to life after dying or being damaged by the frontiers is called Effect Recall. There are 35+ others such as M1 Glory, Blazing, Carp Wind, and Christmas.
  • There are a variety of effects respawn animations in ML that appear differently in different locations. Titles like Super Descent, The Arrival of the Sword, and the 2019 M1 Glory are on the list.
  • You can download Effect Elimination as well. In addition to examples such as Starlight, Calamity, EVOS M1 and KO, the New IMoba 2022 application includes many additional applications.
  • You will receive notifications about different aspects of the game. Download it for free now

More Cheats

The More menu provides access to additional features. They all contribute to your professional development.

  • You are now able to use Battle Emotes by enabling Analog Custom MLBB
  • you’ll be able to use all the background themes

Chatting with friends is easier with emoticons. The other three elements allow you to customize your gameplay. This allows you to display your abilities. You will become more valuable this way.

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Custom Maps

You can use maps to kill your enemies effectively. There are two ways for you to achieve this. Be sure to follow the given instructions to make the most of them.

  • Imperial Ultra HD Map
  • in Night Mode

Unlock Drone View

Mobile Legends may be unique in this regard. Aerial views, as well as the horizontal view, can change the game entirely.

Views from the top allow you to choose where you want to go. At present, these are the available ranges.

  • Gain two, three, four, and five times more drone views.
  • Your tablet can also display them.
  • In addition, clicking Delete, all drones will let you delete the entire drone range.
  • Drones can only be used thrice per day. Seasons.

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What’s New

As we are using the newest version, we must inform you of the recent improvements to the tool. These are the features it includes. This will result in extra benefits for you.

  • The addition of Android 11 is needed
  • Along with 2 Hero Upgrade Skin 1
  • Increase the compatibility
  • Easy to use Interface

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New IMoba 2022 APK Gameplay ScreenShots

New IMoba 2022 APK Gameplay ScreenShots


  • The applications can be downloaded directly from the third-party website in the form of the app archive you need.
  • The download takes a short time, and there is no review to wait for.
  • Your memory card/system memory will contain an APK file after downloading. You can then uninstall and reinstall the app without downloading it again.


  • Google does not check third-party apps that users download from third parties. This can cause your phone to be harmed.
  • You may have a virus-infected on your phone that steals data or damages your device.
  • You will not usually be able to update your apps automatically since they do not have access to the Google Play Store.

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  • Always download New IMoba 2022 APK from a trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

How To Download & Use New IMoba 2022 Injector

All MLBB injectors apps follow the same downloading, installation and injection procedure, so if you have ever used earlier versions of this app, you won’t need any previous experience to use it or inject.

The following tips and guidelines will enable you to navigate this new tool smoothly and easily if you are a first-time user.

We believe all visitors to this page will understand the tips and guidelines written below, regardless of their level of English proficiency.

  • You can download New IMoba 2022 APK from the download button above.
  • The app will load after a few seconds.
  • You will receive the APK file within a few seconds. Locate the “Unknown Sources” option in the settings of your smartphone.
  • Once it opens, manually install the APK file you just downloaded.

We’ll help you get the application installed. Once the application has been installed, open it.

A password or account is not necessary once the application has been installed. The app’s menu will then be available to you directly.

Touch your finger on the cheat you want to inject, and the cheat will be selected. Therefore, the process will be the same when you inject another cheat.

When you use a new cheat, deactivate the old one first. This is the whole injector app injection process.

It’s great to see that these injector tools are easy to use. As we are doing in MLBB, we hope you will also be able to use it with the same skill.

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New versions of the application offer better performance and offer new features than the original versions, as we all know.

The new IMOBA 2022 APK is the first injector application for those Mobile Legends players who believe in their greatness, use third-party tools, and appreciate their support.

You can now download our app if you are satisfied with its safety, non-nature, and quality performance.

Our team delivers a modified app that unlocks various locked items. You could get the winner’s position without wasting hours on games if you had unlimited gold, diamonds, and other advanced resources.

You will receive more power, speed, and advanced weapons throughout the game. The players might not be able to access these advanced resources.

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