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Neo Monsters, the latest game with gameplay similar to Pokemon, is a very popular game known to millions of people worldwide. The game is beautiful, both in content and in features. This game takes place in a world where monsters are caught and trained to become stronger. In this game, you are a trainer. In this article, we will guide you about the latest version of NEO MONSTERS MOD APK.

Like Pokemon, the game involves collecting, hunting, and fighting monsters. Both Resonant and ZigzaGame produced the game. For a high position on the rankings, you will face extremely intense and difficult matches. It is available on mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. There is no cost for Google Play, but it costs 6k for the app.


The game puts you in the shoes of renowned collector and trainer Hector Finnegan. Since he is a well-known figure, the prince also knows him. In the aftermath of meeting the prince, Hector Finnegan was suspected of the murder of both the prince and his mother. Using your ability to train animals, you must escape the village with your animals and solve the mystery with them.


A little while ago, there was a big world called Neo Monsters. Following the destruction by the First One, the Verosia Empire was reborn from various archipelagos. They took the best fighters of each island, trained them for battle, and then used them as monsters to fend off the giants. A young Prince and his widowed mother ruled the kingdom of Verosia after the king’s death.

The story revolves around Hector Finnegan, one of Veronica’s great animal trainers. The Monster League attracts thousands of spectators each day to watch Athlon play. The Prince invited him to meet him because of his reputation at the palace. An inexplicable crime happened on Hector’s first day at the palace, the murder of a prince and his mother. It was Finnegan who was the most suspected suspect. Find a solution to the case by putting your animal training skills to work while you explore across the kingdom.

2D Graphic

The graphics in Neo Monsters are classic 2D, but it has an intuitive interface. The main screen during a match has two sections, one for each team. The game can be seen clearly in this way.

Some Highlights

It will take you approximately 60 hours to explore all six mysterious worlds set out by the producer. When you raise a variety of vegetables on your farm and train them every day, you’ll be able to grow as many vegetables as you need and feed them more food.

Gameplay consists of turn-by-turn battles and evolution monsters which allows for creative strategies. In addition to putting their enemies to sleep quickly, your monsters also use the Dreamhunt strategy to sap their strength.

Multi-Player Gameplay In NEO MONSTERS Game

The goal of Neo Monsters is to collect and train various monsters as pets that will grow into the most robust creatures. Growing foods suitable for each type of monster is the key to raising them. Power comes from food. If the monsters are mature enough, they can be crossed.

In the game, you can find a large number of monsters. When your monster reaches a certain level, you earn training points. In addition to attack and defense: health, agility, and defense. You will fight 16 monsters in each battle, four of them simultaneously. You will maximize your maximum power by collecting more monsters on the adventures.


It’s impossible to catch animals anywhere unless you train your countless collectible monsters and diverse evolved species. Moreover, 140 online quests will test your skills, and you need to strive to reach the top of the leaderboards to win more players. In every match, the interface is divided into two sections to make it easy to view the game variables in detail and plan strategies accordingly.

Also, players can compete for rankings by inviting their friends to the match. Additionally, you should choose the right weapons and use a strategy that suits the monster because each has specific characteristics. You can win the battle or lose. The 2D graphics industry regularly updates many of its features. This will make the game even better for players. You can check it out immediately by downloading it.

Latest Features

The game now allows you to open up to ten friends’ chests at once, instead of one friend at a time previously. Changes and choices are now more flexible. Moreover, Neo Monsters also added an entirely new timer. This makes it possible for players to control the fight time in real-time. You can tell when time has elapsed when you can deliver decisive blows.

Training & Fighting

A Neo Monsters game resembles a training or fighting game in general. There are two things that the player needs to do alternately and complement one another. The game starts with 16 different worlds to hunt and gather monsters. Train them, and then send them to gigantic and minuscule tournaments worldwide. You constantly have to test your patience in these actions due to numerous difficulties and challenges.

Ince Huge Property

You learn your uncle has suddenly died in anxiety, Athlon. The only property he owned was the monster farm. The only member of the family without a family was you. Therefore, you will inherit the property alone. Congratulations! Congratulations! Good luck! Have you got any good ideas about what to do with the farm? You could become the best monster trainer!

International Of CUTE MONSTERS

They are lovable and charming, even though they wear the title of Monster. You can catch thousands of them here. The colors and images of each monster are different. In addition, they have hidden strength and combat energy that must be explored and promoted. You are the hero of this world, the hero of monsters.

Synchronicity In Language Skills

You must create your army of four members or customize it, depending on the requirements of each battle, before you engage in battle. It determines whether a match will end in victory or defeat. Coordination among each member’s activities plays a major role, along with the strength of each member. And your ability to control and arrange sometimes makes the difference. Warrior placement can turn losing situations into winning ones.

Undefeated Strategies

What are the secrets to becoming a powerful army that is invincible? Neo Monsters suggests a few strategies. There is an almost absolute way to knock down your opponent in an instant using Time Strike, a simple but effective method. You can also lull your opponent to sleep with Time Strike. You make them fall into a dream or wait for them to do so, then you drain their energy with the Dreamhunt treasure.

Explore the World

There are travels everywhere around the fierce spanking. Each world has its unique features. There are many different worlds, and it is great to immerse yourself in the romance of the scenery. Magnificent mountains, waves on the sea, and vast fields abound. This place hosts famous monster competitions and holds many other tournaments. You can gain recognition by competing here.

Universal Team

In more than 140 different online missions, the warriors show their combat skills. Despite its use for testing, it gives out cool loot after every win and pass. Loot upgrades your skills as well as your monsters’ capabilities. To become champion, six space tournaments must be completed in 60 hours.

Double PVP

Furthermore, you can engage in single battles in addition to 4v4 battles with 16 armies, even the strongest battles. As a result, you’ll fight against a wide variety of opponents. You may face friends, or you may face strangers online. Participation in the weekend events allows you to earn many attractive rewards.

Strategy build

Build a powerful army by selecting monsters. Make sure the monsters are trained to be strong warriors. 16 monsters maximum will work as a team to defeat the enemy. In every decisive battle, there must always be a strategic battle plan. Defending, attacking, and staying healthy and agile determine the strength of an army. Determine the weak points of the enemy to defeat them. You will also have a lot to do with the outcome of each battle. With hundreds of skills at your disposal, you can combine destruction with your army. The next time they fight, they evolve monsters to make them more powerful.

Championship Tournament

You will fight for the championship title in tournaments spanning over 60 hours of action as you battle multiple opponents. You’ll travel to several different islands and dungeons. The islands will hold tournaments. It would help if you led each monster into confrontation and not give the opponent the chance to counterattack. It would help if you used the appropriate tactics according to the battle. It would help if you conquered prizes at the end of every match. The key to victory lies in the combination of skill, strength, and coordination. Finish all PvP stages successfully. Play against opponents with superior skills.

Monster training

Begin by assembling a whole army by using the refined ingredients and monsters. You will have to raise them as pets. They need healthy foods that help them grow. To develop combat skills, players must train. In addition, monsters must also increase their attack stats to level up. This allows them to produce monsters with greater destructive power. It will also take a long to hatch eggs to create a new species. Leveling up will also increase training points. Don’t let any enemies harm you while accompanied by a large force. This game is available in many countries across the globe.

How To Play Neo Monsters

A player in such a game finds and collects the strongest animals, caring for them like a pet, like in Nexomon or Pokemon. It is very similar to other animal games that to participate in the Monster League, you must prepare your animals by choosing and training them. If you plant the right food for each species and feed it to them, they will grow, evolve at a certain level and rise in power. By crossing between two species once they are adults, you can produce a new species with parental powers, such as Fire and Lightning Skills. The process of breeding eggs can also be very lengthy.

A total of thousands of animals are available in Neo Monsters, categorized in different ways and with different powers and stats. Your monsters will earn training points when they level up. You can increase your level by improving one of four stats: attack, defense, health, and agility. Players play 4v4 matches against other players and the AI in PvE and PvP modes.

In an epic battle, you can line up to 16 monsters. When playing a turn-based game, you need to adjust your strategy to suit your strengths and those of your opponent. In addition to playing online, you can also play offline with this game. You’ll receive money and experience in the game as you complete 200 tasks.

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