Make Your Content More Relevant in Search

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Creating content, using social media, and buying online ads are all basic methods to market a business online. These methods are all known to your competitors as well. In order to stand out, you will have to put in more effort. Small business owners offer a few new tips on how to stay on top of your online marketing.

Make Your Content More Relevant in Search

You need to make sure that people can find your content marketing easily in order for it to be successful. Search engines play a key role in that. More information on how to optimize your content for search can be found in this article by Marcia Riefer Johnston of the content marketing institute.

Avoid These Common AdWords Mistakes

Online marketers have used AdWords for years. While there has been some progress since then, many advertising campaigns have made costly mistakes that have reduced their effectiveness. Find out how to avoid some of those deceptive tactics in this article by Susan Wenograd in Search Engine Journal.

Create Processes for Regular Web Maintenance

A well-designed business website does not end once it’s created. A website needs to be updated regularly. Creating processes can help you achieve this. Process Street offers a checklist for doing so by Benjamin Brandall.

Make Your Business Happy with These Landing Page Benefits

Take your online marketing skills to the next level. Why do you think landing pages are necessary? Consider it again! Landing pages are more important than you might think, according to Mike Allton of the Social Media Hat. There were also comments on this post from members of BizSugar.

Learn the Art and Science of Retargeting

Companies can gain more repeat customers by retargeting their online ads. The process is complicated, however. Patrick Kuehn and Daniel Ripes offer tips on retargeting in their Target Marketing post.

Implement These Marketing Automation Workflows

It can take a lot of time to market online. However, certain processes can be automated to increase effectiveness and save time. Mary Blackiston points out seven marketing automation workflows you should use to save time in her recent post for Success Agency.

Use These Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Success During the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, it is possible to boost holiday sales with special holiday promotions. A huge part of your marketing strategy can be affiliate marketing. Weiss shares a few affiliate marketing tips for holiday success in this post by Marketing Land.

Boost Retention Rates with These Customer Support Hacks

Marketing online has more goals than just attracting new customers. Keeping current customers requires retention strategies as well. Sam Hurley’s Post Funnel article offers some helpful hacks for customer service. The post also features commentary on BizSugar.

Avoid These Common Blogging Mistakes

Over the past few years, businesses have increasingly used blogs to promote their products and boost revenue. However, others may still be starting out with blogging, making them more inclined to make mistakes. Here are a few tips from Erik Emanuelli on how to avoid common blog mistakes.

Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy with These Platforms

While online marketing has undergone changes in terms of tools and platforms, email remains a powerful means of communicating with clients and potential clients. Megan Totka’s post for SMB CEO may provide some helpful insights regarding email marketing strategies.

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