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Perhaps you’re looking to create a second source of income to have extra cash on hand? What if you wish to replace your current job? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a way out? If you’d like to generate income online for any reason, there are many options.

It is important to keep in mind that some of those methods can be malicious, and there are many scams or illegal activities out there. Find out how to make money online with over 35 different ways that actually work below. It is possible to use a variety of techniques, including those that involve creating your own website, but you can also use those that make use of existing platforms’ built-in audiences.

How to Make Money Online With a Website or Blog

You can earn money from your own website more easily than through most other online methods. Your niche is the thing that attracts visitors and then you sell products and services to them. Among the resources here are guides to affiliate marketing, selling physical products, courses, and much more.

Make Money Online

Learn how to make money online using these different methods.

1. Make Money With an Awesome Blog

Most people create blogs as an outlet for their thoughts or as a means to express themselves. Many bloggers succeed in making a decent living from their blogs, and some even turn their blogs into successful businesses, like the Huffington Post. While not many bloggers will achieve these numbers, if you play your cards right you might actually have a good chance of making money with your blog.

You should be thinking long-term. If your writing and skills development, as well as your website’s traffic increases, then making money is definitely possible.

These are some tips you should keep in mind if you want your blog to make you money:

  • A wide range of topics is available, such as health, finance, relationships, hobbies, or personal growth.
  • The best possible source should always be created on any given topic
  • Understand SEO and how to be found in search engines
  • Make yourself known to popular blogs and other influencers

You can follow these tips to get started. Having a trustable blog with lots of traffic will give you many opportunities to monetize your site, such as:

  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Selling your own courses and products
  • Selling affiliate products

2. Start an Affiliate Website

In affiliate marketing, products are promoted via reviews or recommendations. Your commission will be paid if someone purchases the product after clicking your link. Though affiliate income sounds like a relatively modest source of revenue, some websites earn multi-million dollar salaries just through affiliates.

The New York Times purchased Wirecutter for $30 million because it was so profitable. There’s also Lucieslist, which provides product reviews on baby products, and Outdoorgearlab, which reviews camping and hiking gear. In order to create your own affiliate marketing website, you should use an affiliate program relevant to your niche. Affiliate programs are offered by Hostinger for instance to bloggers with technology and computer blogs.

A website such as Bitcatcha, for instance, reviews hosting services, VPN tools, and site builders. Whenever it recommends a product, it includes an affiliate link in the post. Once you join our Affiliate Program, you’ll have access to the Affiliate Marketing Dashboard where you can monitor your affiliate marketing campaigns. In addition to having marketing materials at your disposal, you can also use banners, ebooks, and infographics to increase sales.

The cost-effective plans offered by Hostinger help guarantee a high conversion rate, but you can always increase your profit. In this regard, you’re able to ask your dedicated account manager for advice and suggestions. Whenever you need help, they are willing to assist.

3. Build an eCommerce Website

WordPress and WooCommerce, which are often used as platforms along with eCommerce solutions, have contributed to the explosive growth of eCommerce sites in recent years. Creating an eCommerce store is a great opportunity if you’d like to deal with tangible products.

There are two different methods of running a successful online store:

  • Creating unique physical products to be sold to a niche group of consumers
  • The practice of purchasing cheap trending products made in other countries, having them repackaged, and then reselling them at a higher price.

However, this approach often requires a lot of labor, development, and testing and requires a lot of passion for the product. However, such successes with stores such as SkinnyMe Tea, Beardbrand, and Ratio Coffee show you can develop an eCommerce store that has amazing results.

Your first online business might require you to take a riskier approach. If that sounds too risky, then you may want to resell popular overseas products. Using this strategy, you will source popular products from marketplaces like AliExpress, repackage them, then sell them in your own storefront.

You should not only think about the products but also about how your products will be shipped. Shipment and order fulfillment can be handled by you personally. The manufacturer will handle it for you. Alternatively, you can use a popular method known as drop shipping.

4. Resell Web Hosting

You can also make money online by reselling hosting. In fact, you can find Hosting24 offering this service. Reseller hosting lets you run your own hosting brand and is essentially a way of getting your own dedicated server. It allows you to:

  • Provide hosting services with cPanel
  • Limit the amount of disk space or bandwidth you can have available to your application.
  • Use WHM for convenient account management.

Due to cPanel’s prevalence as the most popular tool for managing online accounts, new users will be attracted easily. A team of internal administrators also supervises the server’s availability and uptime, ensuring consistent performance.

Rather than worry about the technical aspects of server management, you can concentrate on user acquisition. Any questions you may have will be answered by a dedicated support staff 24 hours a day. When it comes to reselling web hosting, it will be easy if you are already familiar with how it works. Putting in enough effort might make you one of the leading web hosting companies.

5. Create a Digital Course

Today, digital courses are everywhere, so if you have knowledge that is valuable to someone, you could make some money.

As an additional way to create courses, BitDegree offers instructors the opportunity to become instructors. Thousands of eager people are eager to learn something new. It’s an excellent opportunity to share your skills and expertise. You can create digital courses in a variety of ways, from simple PDF downloads to self-produced videos that have multiple hours of content.

A very rewarding plan could be to create an online course. Because you are in control, the money you can earn may be unlimited. In addition to integrating digital courses into blogs, eCommerce platforms, and even affiliate marketing sites, Digital courses are very adaptable.

A good way to determine your course topic is to poll your intended audience if you are interested in creating a digital course. They often know exactly what they want to learn and what they will pay for. Using Learn Scrivener Fast, writers can easily learn everything they need to know about Scrivener. Michael Hyatt’s blog comments gave Joseph Michael the idea to create this course. Today, it generates an income of six figures.

6. Create a Membership Site

Membership sites are relatively simple to implement and have exploded in popularity lately. This can only be done with some sort of audience already in place.

The self-development blog of Mark Manson, for example, has been extremely popular. In addition to online courses, videos, and additional commentary for articles, he offers a membership portion on his site. He is a great artist, so this is a good deal for fans.

You already have a large number of visitors to your website because they enjoy what you write and how you present yourself. Your website can be configured to offer premium content in a membership section. Obviously, the offer won’t appeal to everybody who visits your site; however, your committed fans will find it irresistible.

It depends on what type of website you run and the depth of content you are planning to offer in your membership site. For more information, please visit our guide on how to use WordPress to create a membership site.

7. Sell Advertising Space


Advertising is common on sites with content, as we have all seen. It is not uncommon for ads to interrupt the content, but sometimes they blend expertly into it.

Normally, you can monetize your site with ads only if you receive a large amount of traffic. Your traffic could increase if you take advantage of this scenario, earning you some additional money. While compensation depends on the network, you’ll usually be paid per impression or click, depending upon which is higher.

You can choose from a variety of ad networks. You probably know the most about Google AdSense. Once you’ve applied for it, you can start publishing ads on your site. If your traffic doesn’t reach millions of visitors per month, the Adsense payout won’t be high. Several other advertising networks exist, including Ezoic and Media. In both cases, there is a site evaluation and approval process. In addition to this, these networks can provide you with assistance in optimizing your advertising revenue.

It is also possible to sell advertising on your own if you do not wish to work with an ad network. The benefits of this strategy can be quite substantial if you have a dedicated audience. If you run a sleep optimization site, for example. It may be more cost-effective for you to sell ad space to large mattress companies instead of using the advertising networks above. A sponsored post is also an option. Sponsored content is sponsored content that companies pay you to create and post on your site. The premise of Buzzfeed and Millo can be seen on these sites.

8. Sell Your Services

You can make money online quickly by selling services from your website. It is possible to approach the matter in two ways:

Create an Educational Blog and Offer Your Services

Develop a blog devoted to a specific topic, filled with useful information. If you have a blog about woodworking techniques, and you have an email list and traffic numbers that are decent, what are you going to do next? If you want, you can create an information page about your woodworking lessons on your website, whether they’re offered in person or through other means, such as Skype.

Create a Basic Website and Pitch Your Services

Another option involves setting up a WordPress website solely to promote your business services to businesses and individuals. You might want to become a freelance writer. First, you need to create a website. Then, you will need to describe who you are, what you offer, and show some of your work.

Once you have a service business up and running, begin generating leads through guest blogging, podcast interviews, or cold outreach. You can combine the two methods for great results when you’re looking to expand your service-based business.

9. Create a Subscription Job Board

You can make good money with job boards by making your website more relevant to job seekers. In a nutshell, recruiters searching for talent in a particular niche post job listings on your site and your audience applies for the job. Archived jobs can be priced at a premium, or visitors can subscribe to the job board for a monthly fee.

A small amount of traffic is necessary for this type of website to be successful. Unless you provide them with qualified applicants, no company will pay you to post a job on your website. For example, let’s look at the ProBlogger Job Board. Here, companies and individuals will pay a fee to post a job listing on the site. Then, it’s entirely free for anyone to access and apply for the job. Since ProBlogger is an authority site with a large audience, businesses who post a job will get hundreds of applications for each listing.

A solid audience is imperative when building a job board that is aligned with companies in your industry.

10. Create an Online Directory

Despite being less popular than they once were, online directories can still prove profitable. Their job board functions similarly to the one above. People will instead pay you to be listed in the directory, instead of posting jobs and getting access to the job board.

The listings are quite valuable if your site is authoritative or receives a lot of traffic. You might run a website that focuses on web design and development. A good amount of authority and quality content contributes to your success. You could offer web developers and agencies the opportunity to buy listings on your website.

They will gain a strong backlink, as well as traffic that they can use for their business. The subscription fee for listing in a directory is usually charged monthly. The top listing of businesses in the directory could be charged a premium fee to encourage more people to look at their listing.

11. Sell Your Website

A website that is sold can be an extremely profitable way to earn money. It can be a profitable option for your site depending on its nature. You can generally expect to sell your site for 12 to 30 times what you normally receive monthly. The percentage depends on various factors, but in general, you can expect to make between $25 and $200K.

Factors that will affect the outcome include:

  • When was your site created?
  • It is important to have high authority.
  • The number of visitors to your site
  • What is your profit margin?
  • How are you diversifying your revenues?
  • You should have a steady income
  • The growth or stagnation of your website

Look carefully at the Empire Flipper listings to get an idea of what sites typically sell for.

Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

It is possible to generate passive income online without having to create a website. However, you might be surprised at how easy it is to enter the online market without a website.

12. Publish Kindle Books

Despite the self-publishing revolution, now might be the best time to pursue your dream of writing books as a living. The self-publishing industry has made it possible for anyone to earn a living through books. There is a lower barrier for entry, which also means greater competition, and this increases the likelihood of success. But, you can increase your odds by writing the best book possible, and satisfying reader expectations.

When you self-publish a Kindle book, you’re responsible for every aspect of the publishing process. This means you write, edit, format, create a cover, upload it to Amazon, write the description, and market your book. These tips will help you become a successful self-published author:

  • Find a niche that has a strong audience, one that’s not too competitive but is still successful in the book market.
  • Hire a professional editor and write the best possible book.
  • Make sure your book covers and descriptions are of high quality – these two elements work together to help you sell books.
  • Focus on dominating a given market by publishing your books as a series.

Writing great books and building a list of loyal readers is entirely in your hands. The more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll encounter to make money.

13. Email Marketing

Imagine how many emails you get every day in your inbox. Most of them are probably newsletters that you subscribe to. Some you can’t wait to open every day, while others make you wonder how they got into your inbox. Niche email newsletters can be a great way to reach a specific demographic of consumers and build a long-lasting business. Million-dollar businesses such as theSkimm developed their markets through daily newsletters.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to be difficult to start your own email newsletter. Innovative platforms like ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp, and Aweber make it easy to do so. Here’s the process for you to follow:

  • Determine the niche you want to cater to, and the type of email you want to send.
  • You have to select a mailing service provider.
  • Traffic to the landing page should be driven
  • Make sure that list receives emails regularly.

To build customer trust, you want to send emails every day so your customers will open them. As soon as you build an email list of people who open your emails, there are multiple ways to monetize this list, including:

  • Digital products that you can sell.
  • An online course for members
  • Sending affiliate offers to your subscribers
  • The sale of sponsorships

14. Freelance on Sites Like Upwork

Many freelance websites provide clients with the opportunity to find someone with your skills. Demand for freelancers has never been higher. It is crucial that you find a niche to succeed on these platforms. For instance, it is a bad idea to advertise yourself as a generalist. Because of the high level of competition, you’ll want to position yourself as the only solution for a particular type of client.

You need to create a profile, create relevant samples that demonstrate your skills, and pitch right away, no matter what niche you are in. Freelance to Win (FB2W) is a site dedicated to helping freelancers become highly paid—if you’re serious about making a living through platforms like Upwork, then you’ll want to watch the videos there.

15. Buy and Sell Websites

A house with investment potential can be likened to a website – you buy it, make some improvements, and then sell it for a much higher profit. However, it is important to understand there are risks involved in the process. Do not invest money in a site you cannot afford to lose. It’s easy to make a profit by buying and selling websites:

  • If you discover a site that is undervalued, you are looking to improve. For this, check out sites such as EmpireFlippers, Flippa, and We Sell Your Site.
  • You can learn more about the site’s revenue, traffic, link profile, and the real reason why someone is selling it by doing research.
  • Purchase the site if all looks good.
  • The site should be optimized to attract more traffic and earn more revenue.
  • A better profit can be made by selling the site.

Here are some articles and success stories from Hostinger users to help you advance your knowledge of the process:

16. Sell Web Design Templates

A chance to earn a steady income whilst doing something you love can be yours if you have a talent for designing templates yourself. If you’re interested in exclusive and non-exclusive web design templates, TemplateMonster, for instance, is a great place for you to start. It offers a flexible pricing structure that lets you set the price and decide what you earn.

There are categories such as PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, VirtueMart, etc. where you can upload your products. The company also offers its affiliates a lucrative affiliate program. When you refer a new customer to TemplateMonster, you earn a 30% commission and a 10% commission on all future sales. 

Joining the affiliate program allows authors to maximize their earnings. They can earn up to 95% commission on their sales – 65% from their products in the marketplace and 30% from affiliate commissions. Alternatively, you can look into marketplaces with longer histories such as Themeforest and Webflow. They may have stricter commission policies, so it’s best to choose a marketplace based on your needs. Take a look if you think it will be to your liking.

17. Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name can also be purchased and resold, just as you would a website. Relist the domain names using tools like Just Dropped. Wait for buyers and auction them off for profit. It has been estimated that some people are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with this exact strategy.

Final Thoughts

The methods I’ve just described will enable you to earn an extra couple hundred dollars each month or start a whole new career. You shouldn’t let the list overwhelm you, but take into consideration your current skills and finding one of the opportunities on the list that would be a good fit. In order to succeed in any endeavor, you will need persistence and dedication. Though you may not see results right away, perseverance and dedication will lead you to success. Do you know of any other online income opportunities we forgot to mention? Feel free to share them in the comments below.



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