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A noble mission awaits you in the Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK action game. You will need good combat skills if you are present all over the globe with a mission map for long enough. Helicopters are used to carry out missions worldwide, allowing players to survive and return as heroes. You are an absolute nightmare to the enemy if you fight with various weapons. Find an explosive at the end of each battle to ensure no weapons are left behind. Using this mod, you will free many hostages and receive bonuses, although it doesn’t make a lot of sense. In this part, the title Major Mayhem continues. You’ll manage to kill many enemies as the skilled soldier Major Mayhem. Thanks to its incredible and marvelous features, the game is truly unique and enjoyable.

Your first enemies and bullets will greet you as soon as you arrive in enemy territory. Keeping them safe from damage is as simple as hiding them behind a tree or wall. In Major Mayhem 2, you will see many locations constantly changing, from warships to forests to every place where criminals subsist. You must fight to eliminate evil from these locations, though they don’t have to be good. It is never dull to play these characters. Can Major Mayhem 2 be enjoyed in other ways? After downloading Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK, you will have unlimited features including gems and money and all weapons will be unlocked.

Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK 2022

You can attack by clicking the screen. Though Major Mayhem 2 has action-packed gameplay, it is entertaining. Rather than aim accurately, the player needs to fire once at each enemy to kill them. It is easy to mistakenly shoot a hostage if you attack too quickly after taking out enemies. You do not lose your primary mission but forfeit part of your bonus. A particular bonus will be credited to the player if the hostage is successful. Military rank determines a person’s character. Quick and agile when things get dangerous. The opening screen of Game Major Mayhem 2 shows you two things including characters and weapons.

Features of Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK

Before downloading the game, let’s dig down to the most exciting Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK features and increase your craze to play it wildly.

2 Different Fighting Gameplay

You can choose to play Major Mayhem 2’s story mode or survive. The story mode allows players to travel to many planets in the universe. There are increasingly challenging quests you must complete without getting wiped out. The players have to rescue hostages in survival mode, but they will face attacks. There are a lot of enemies attacking at once, preventing them from hiding.

Change For Character

You can choose male or female characters in Major Mayhem 2. You can combine a variety of costumes and hats. The following are the most popular ones including Pumpkin Hero, Jungle Cammo, Santa head, and Major Claus. There is a choice of homogeneous or heterogeneous combinations. Consider a Santa Claus hat with a Halloween-style outfit.

Updated Version

A significant update to Major Mayhem 2 brings more great features to support the player’s battle instead of just limiting them within the framework. This is why it is essential to log on each day and complete your assigned tasks. The other rankings and tournaments you earn will reinforce your hard work. The offline feature will not stop you from enjoying the game. You can earn rewards by completing 150 different missions!

Hidden Features

Players will go up against hundreds of different enemies in the adventure world of Major Mayhem 2. There is a chance to be ambushed on any terrain. You’re responsible for protecting hostages in more than 150 orders. There are over 50 levels to uncover the landscape. Five battles against the boss will pit all of their powerful forces against you.

This game looks fantastic, with its colorful graphics system and exciting activities. A music option is also available. Take time to view the collection of quest medals before starting. Did you find it yet? It’s time to start collecting! The game is suitable for professional shooters despite being a simple action game. Use your shooting skills to defeat your opponents.

Latest Opportunities

It is also great for exploring new lands and for making discoveries. It is possible to fight and run faster in every famous location, including a jungle, a city, and a volcanic eruption. Players need to complete the quest chains in their mailboxes to collect the highly prestigious mission badges. The series is sure to be thrilling.

Special Weapons

There are always special weapons available in a battle of heroes. You can use more than just guns in Major Mayhem 2. In addition to bows and arrows, darts can also be effective weapons in some battles. Other weapons can also be highly effective in destroying enemies. Then shoot a single bullet to take out an entire army. Among those advanced weapons are quadzillas, chicken cannons, and plasma rifles. The store displays many cheap weapons as daily items for players to purchase. Players can open Mayhem 2 MOD’s super cases unlimited times to get valuable treasures. Three types of excellent instances are available at different prices.

You are fighting a lot of bad guys in Major Mayhem 2. To save innocent people, you must destroy them all. It offers a wide variety of weapons, many exciting missions, and intense combat. The only way to restore peace after downloading Major Mayhem 2 MOD is to eliminate a potent evil attack. This gun makes any campaign easier by opening up a series of modes. The number of rankings in survival mode determines the competition. You can practice your robberies and street fighting skills in offline mode. You can also master sniping. Do you have any experience with it? Let’s have a blast participating in this thrilling adventure.


There is nothing complex or tedious about Major Mayhem 2. Since it features new gameplay, there are improvements over Major Mayhem. The game has many fun features as well. This is a game that you won’t get bored playing which will keep you entertained for hours. This game has excellent gameplay. It has so much to offer. There are different locations to explore and enemies to kill. You don’t have to move manually. The character moves automatically if you tap an enemy.

It is easy to kill the enemies in this game. There is only a lot of tapping to do. There will be enemies that you must eliminate quickly. They will also shoot at you in the head. The game offers a variety of outfits, weapons, and power-ups for you to select from. You can unlock new clothes, weapons, and power-ups during the game. This makes the game more enjoyable and more accessible. You can wear various hats and clothes. You can choose from many different styles. These unique clothes will make you look fabulous. The pleasure of playing with other garments and hats is much greater.

The game supports handguns, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, plasma rifles, and many other weapons. They can all cause significant damage. By completing levels and purchasing new weapons, you will unlock more weapons. The coins you earn will go toward buying new weapons. Earning cash is increasing as you complete challenges. There is no learning curve to this game.


A mod for Major Mayhem 2 is still needed. In addition to the existing game modes, the makers plan to add extra missions, challenges, new characters, costumes, power-ups, and innovative guns. The game’s makers plan to upgrade the entire game in this way, so one can find himself more addicted to it for its brilliance. They created the best mobile gun shooter to make the game more entertaining. You can also play Free Fire or PUBG after downloading from Apkshines.

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