JioSaavn MOD APK 9.2.1 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

JioSaavn MOD APK 9.2.1 (Pro Unlocked) for Android – The JioSaavn Pro APK is a music listening app that consists of millions of new and old songs and podcasts and also offers an unlimited free calling facility with tons of premium features. Just download the app from the link provided above and unlock the premium features for free. You will not experience any advertisements during the use of Jio Saavn.

JioSaavn APK is very popular in India with around 1.2 million subscribers. The features that increase its popularity are the video calling facility, social media, and unlimited data usage plans. Streaming of various Indian music from Bollywood, the UK and other regions has been made possible by this partnership.


JioSaavn Pro APK 2023

JioSaavn was developed by the developers of BODVOD Network in 2007 and its CEO is Rishi Malhotra. It is the product of the most popular company Jio Saavn Jio and Rishi Malhotra is the owner of this music streaming app. They have many operators working behind this app to improve the system and make it successful.

Jio Saavn 8 GB Mod APK is the most popular telecom company in India which has a huge music library and consists of a huge collection of songs. It is not just a song provider app but is now updating its system and is now marketing e-commerce and telecom services.

It is quite easy to use and you can listen to music and radio with many premium features for free. You can also download music to enjoy later.

JioSaavn Pro APK

It has all of the premium features. Since the beginning of 2018, Jio Saavn has had 1.2 billion users from almost all economic segments including business, education and entertainment. This is now India’s most popular telecom operator surpassing BSNL.

Unduh APK JioSaavn Pro

JioSaavn Pro APK MOD supports more than 15 different languages and most of them from the Indian different states languages. It includes Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri and Canadian. It features a library of millions of audio tracks, radio and podcasts. You will be able to find music that flatters your mood since there are 6 to 8 different moods like Happy, Sad, Blessed and so on.

There are two tiers of Jiosaavn membership services. In addition to unlimited ad-free music, offline music downloads, exclusive content and HD audio quality. There are a few membership plans available for 100% free. However, these memberships can be subscribed to 99.90 INR per month or 399.00 INR per year.

JioSaavn Pro MOD APK

There are more than 19 million subscribers in India to this amazing music-listening app. The pack offers unlimited voice and SMS with Jio ads for 30 days and offers 100% free voice and SMS (SMS) with FDD libra. People in India are very fond of using this app on their devices to enjoy a variety of entertainment options. As a result, telecom operators are more motivated to provide us with better services due to their simplicity.

Its latest version lets you enjoy streaming music to the fullest extent. This app includes songs from singers around the globe such as English and Bollywood, Hollywood and other areas. Indian music is becoming more and more available through this app. You can also listen to offline songs with its app if you wish to do so. But once you begin your internet connection, you’ll be able to download and listen to them. Then you can listen to those songs offline.

Fitur Jiosaavn Pro MOD APK Download

In addition to all the features available in the Pro membership, it is completely free. On our website, you will get a completely unlocked version of JioSaavn and enjoy live-streaming music without paying a weekly or monthly subscription. Moreover, it has many amazing features and all of them are mentioned below:

Original Content

Jio Saavn Music & Radio app provides Android users with exclusive and original content that can only be found on the app. It has millions of content creators who often create unique content and make it available to you. When you open the app, you will find three options including Music, Podcasts, and Jiotunes. To support any featured artist, you have to click on the artist and it automatically sorts the songs by artist. You can also search for your favorite artist to listen to the songs of a particular artist.

Massive Audio Content

The JioSaavn Music app will offer Android users a wide variety of audio content including music, podcasts, Jiotunes and live radio from India. It offers tons of options. Your favorite artists and songs can be searched easily through the app. You can find hundreds of podcasts covering a wide range of topics plus an amazing variety of radio stations.

JioSaavn Content

Sing Your Favorite Song

With JioSaavn Music & Radio, you can sing along to your favorite songs. With the Karaoke mode available, you need to enable lyrics.

Music Quality

In addition, you can listen to high-quality music at 320kbps with complete detail, richness and power. You will also enjoy mobile apps more if you have good headphones. In addition, it also offers Android users a Hi-Fi system called Sonos to enjoy better sound quality when selecting songs.

Offline Downloads

Streaming platforms like YouTube have an offline virtual download feature and you may already be familiar with it. Based on this feature, you can save a virtual copy of your favorite streaming media which means you can only access it through the Streaming app. You can download unlimited audio files of any language, religion, and category and enjoy them offline at exhausting times. Our advice is to download the songs when you are in the range of internet availability and enjoy them when you are out of internet range.

Compatible With All Devices

The best feature of JioSaavn is that it can support all Android and iOS devices and run smoothly on them. But you need to have a stable internet connection to listen to music or online radio. It is also possible to stream music to Alexa, Chromecast, Google Home, Airplay, and other devices that impress many people.

Get Premium Music for Free

JioSaavn is a paid app. This means you need to purchase a subscription to enjoy its content. But don’t worry! We have come up with a Modded version of JioSaavn that gives you every premium item for free. So enjoy unlimited music with just a tap on your palm. Our website provides a free and unlocked app for Android users so that they can listen to their ultimate music collection anytime. You need to download JioSaavn Music & Radio Mod APK from our website.

Jio Saavn Pro APK

Ad-Free Entertainment

It would be nice if JioSaavn users could get rid of online video ads and banner ads. There are tremendous ads in between every song you listen to on the free version. No one likes ads while listening to their favorite music. The pro version offers unlimited ad-free entertainment to remove all barriers between you and your favorite music. You can stream millions of songs without interruption on this new app.

Superior Suggestions

Since everyone wants to listen to music in their preferred genre, suggestion tools are usually included in streaming platform comparisons. User searches and streams filter and organize songs in such tools. So, the auto-suggestibility feature provides a list of songs that should be played in parallel. Using this app will not be boring and you don’t have to explore new categories to find new songs.

Moreover, this app also has an AI feature that works in the background and provides songs according to your interests and fashion. You can also use other alternatives like Spotify to enjoy music.

Safe & Secure

Like other apps, this app does not break your security and is 100% safe. So enjoy the songs without worrying about the leakage of your precious data or any other type of doubt.

What’s New in Updated Version

  • Offline usage features added recently
  • Easy to use
  • Works smoothly without ads
  • Improves music quality

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JioSaavn Pro apk can run only on 2 GB RAM and 8 GB storage space devices. The android version must be 4.4 and above. If you want to enjoy lag-free and smooth music, try increasing the RAM to 4 GB and storage space to 16 GB.


JioSaavn Pro APK Screenshots

Video Guide


  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Huge collection of songs
  • Ensure quality music
  • Bug and Ad Free


  • It takes more data so you need to have a good and large internet connection for online music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of JioSaavn Pro APK?

Rishi Malhotra is the CEO of the Jiosaavn music streaming app.

Does it consist of premium features for free?

Yes! If you download the Jiosaavn apk from the download button above, you will get access to premium features with the unlocked jiosaavn app.


A convenient method of enjoying quality music has emerged in online music streaming. Several new apps have emerged for mobile platforms in response to this technology. Jiosaavn Pro package comes with exclusive and premium features but costs 99 INR per month and 399.00 INR per year. Jiosaavn Pro APK is a recreated version of Jiosaavn that offers some features of the paid subscription for free as well as allowing you to share the app with friends. You can use its modded version to access the hottest South Asian and international music. However, the app also offers playlists, podcasts, and radio features designed to keep you and your friends entertained at home and at parties.

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