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Hunter Assassin MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamond is an action base game that has good graphic and has impressive gameplay.
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Ruby Game Studio developed this game as one of their first titles. The name of this company may appear strange to you since it was founded only recently and only four games are listed.

The game puts you in the role of a military assassin trying to kill the target while avoiding being shot.

Almost every thug with an AK-47 will fire at you on sight and it is like a battalion of the Red Army. We have an excellent selection of games at Rubric Game. 

Hunter Assassin MOD APK 2022

In the Google Play Store, the game ranks among the top short games and is one of the top downloads.

The Hunter Assassin APK is essentially everything there is to know about it. If that wasn’t enough, we’re also offering you the mastered version of this game with unlimited benefits. 

The games Pixel Shot 3D and Gym Flip have generated millions of downloads and positive feedback.

They demonstrate the success of this publisher and demonstrate Hunter Assassin’s potential. A notorious gangster awaits you there and you must destroy him by yourself.

You are using a knife to kill them with a mysterious and sudden death when your enemies use guns.

A similar scenario would never happen in real life because no one would be so imaginative.

It is true that only in the game will you experience emotions you have never felt before. The game will transport you to this world of silence and death.

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Feature of Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Hide and kill the enemies silently

Your character is an alone assassin carrying one knife. It is only possible to kill your enemies by utilizing hidden corners in the dark during the night.

The only thing you need to remember is that you have to kill the enemy silently if you don’t wish to die in a lonely place.

Unlimited Diamonds and Everything

In Hunter Assassin’s standard version, diamonds and coins are hard to come by.

Some methods are available to obtain them including killing enemies, watching ads and completing stages.

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk is similar to hills of steel mod apk in that you get unlimited diamonds and coins. You can buy characters and items from the store using coins and diamonds.

You will also receive a VIP Membership which was previously charged to play the game. Download this mod from our website  Apkshines if you’re interested. 

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No Ads

All people want to get rid of advertising. This is because it destroys our gaming experience.

There is much debate on hunter assassin mod forums about how advertisements affect the gaming experience when they appear during gameplay and interrupt gameplay.

Using our modded apk, you can enjoy an ad-free gaming adventure with a Private Server which allows an ad-free experience.

Invisible assassin

A Hunter Assassin APK MOD becomes invisible. It will be elementary to kill without being noticed.

It would help if you used the darkness of night and enemy weaknesses. There will be no shots fired at you or any life points lost.

Once you are discovered, you lose one life point. When your LifePoint reaches, you die.

There is no requirement for keeping every point. Utilizing LifePoint strategically can help you pass some problematic levels.

You will receive diamonds after defeating an enemy. By using this unit, you can learn skills and unlock new assassins among other things.

Assassins with new skills are necessary to overcome later levels that will be more difficult.

In specific tactics, a fast or a stamina-rich character can be used. In my opinion, speed remains the most critical factor. There are a lot of advantages to the character system.

In addition to your impressive appearance, the speed and strength of your character have also been significantly increased.

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Action-Adventure game

Among the best Android action-adventure games is Hunter Assassin. You can play it on Android, iOS and many other platforms.

It has been downloaded more than 100 million times in just a year since Ruby Gaming Studio released it.  The Hunter Assassin’s traits are mainly responsible for this awesomeness.

This android game begins with an assassin and requires you to eliminate every enemy without informing anyone.

You need to hide and run fast before another army arrives and you must kill every soldier in secret. You can play this game and impress your entire mind with exciting moments.

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Enjoy the massive collection of challenging levels

In astounding form, this game provides a great deal of entertainment. Just like on a train, joy is all you need when alone.

That’s why Hunter Assassin APK has over 500 levels to challenge you. You can also upgrade the characters for a few diamonds if you wish to bypass the difficulty on each level.

It is called Hunter Assassin MOD APK. It’s a modified version of Hunter Assassin that includes all advantages that other versions don’t.

To overcome difficulties in getting diamonds and deal with the challenging levels, download our Hunter Assassin MOD APK.

Please go through the following sections for more details and also download Hunter Assassin MOD APK for more details on the traits.

Enjoy all the characters unlocked without purchase

The first feature is about to appear. Hunter Assassin is an in-app purchase game where characters are the only in-app purchase and all players earn diamonds only by unlocking characters and completing challenging levels.

Thus, Hunter Assassining APK MOD is ready to give you all unlocked characters, upgrades, and premium characters.

The offer entails free delivery of items over 5000.00 INR. The Hunter Assassin MOD APK gives you over 60% health and 30% speed! Download it right now.

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Experience the Ninja Assassin without VIP

Ninja Assassin’s superior upgrades including health and speed make him Hunter Assassin’s most dominant character.

Despite this, Ninja Assassin keeps sticking with its VIP subscription, paying $6.99 every week for an unlimited supply of diamonds and Ninja Assassin.

You do not have to spend this much money after installing the MOD since you will be able to experience this beast character for free due to the unlocked VIP mode.

Enjoy the ultimate interruption-free gaming.

Hunter Assassin still features like upgrading characters and double diamonds that require internet access to use despite being an offline game. The online ads are intrusive and very irritating.

You can stay up-to-date with all the updates, characters, and events because Hunter Assassin MOD APK is ad-free. This beastly game is available right now so don’t wait any longer.

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Bypass missions with endless diamonds

In Hunter Assassin’s, only diamonds serve as currency. Several tasks within the game can be bypassed when one has these diamonds and one can also purchase all upgrades instantly. This is a difficult task since getting diamonds requires a lot of effort.

The easiest way to get all the diamonds you want is to download Hunter Assassin MOD APK as it has unlimited diamonds embedded.


Hunter Assassin is not a graphically demanding game due to its simplicity. You always see the enemy’s area with many twists and turns in the background.

It can sometimes become boring for players. We think the characters and enemies are the only things that change. It is sometimes the simplest things that give the greatest joy.

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A construction site is where Hunter Assassin operates. This is an area with a maze-like arrangement of wooden walls and barrels. There is always a gun at hand in your enemy’s castle, ready to confront intruders.

The only way for a lone assassin to survive is at night when they can take advantage of the darkness and hidden corners to kill their enemies.

Furthermore, if you do not wish to be detected and shot, you should kill the enemy in complete silence. It is a difficult mission but do you feel confident using your knife?

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What’s New

  • Improved security of the game
  • Enhance the graphics
  • Enhance bug protections
  • Updated to latest version

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  • Easy to play
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free to download
  • No need to root the device


  • If you download from any illegal site, it may harm your security. So always use APKShines and ensure trusted and verified apps and games.


  • Always download Hunter Assassin MOD APK from a trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

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This document aims to give readers an overview of the Hunter Assassin Mod apk and the benefits it offers.

Download the apk on our website and play without ads. We offer high-quality and feature-rich Mod APK files. You can also download Slap King MOD APK.

Due to their challenging nature, Android games are challenging to use additional resources and add-ons.

As a result of technological advancements, everything is more accessible nowadays. A great recreation, Hunter Assassin MOD APK is also a free recreation with unlimited resources and all characters.

In the comment box below, you can ask any questions you have. Additionally, you can download it from the above link.

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