How to Write a Perfect and SEO Optimize Blog Post

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Blog writing requires a lot of effort. Bloggers all strive for perfect blogs. There will be some flaws, though. Many bloggers strive for perfection in their blogs. Moreover, This article presents my 20 Best Tips on How to Write a Perfect and SEO Optimize Blog Post.

Since I was in college, blogging has been one of my greatest passions. Writing blogs is not the only aspect of blogging. When it comes to writing a perfect blog, many things need to be thought through and considered. The following article will reveal the top 20 tactics that I use to write a successful blog.

How to Write a Perfect and SEO Optimize Blog Post in 2021

As a result of my top 20 tips for writing blogs, it ranks in Google search engine’s top results. Individuals typically write blogs, but they aren’t ranked among the top results of Google search. With that explanation out of the way, I will share my top 20 tips for writing a great blog post that is search engine optimized.

Choosing an Eye-Catching Heading for your Blog Post

You need to create a good title for a blog post if you want it to be successful. Your blog should have a catchy title. Headlines or subtitles that offer an opportunity for readers to be drawn into your blog post. Your blog post’s heading must be eye-catching for that purpose.

Visit the market’s store and observe the heading of the articles they use and how eye-catching their headings are before borrowing a publication, book, or newspaper. According to this data, you should optimize the headings of your blog posts. Here you will find examples of eye-catching headings to assist you in choosing a suitable one for your blog post and understanding these headings.

Using Long-Tail Keyword Headings and Subheadings

Your target keyword must consist of at least 6 words to be considered a long-tail keyword. Keywords with long-tails are more effective. There is no problem ranking the long-tail keyword in the Google search engine’s top ten results.

Your blog post should contain long-tail keywords, so search for those. You can find Long-tail keywords using the tools. There are HREF, SEMRUSH, and UBERSUGGEST, for example. A minimum of 10 people must also search it regularly each month. Google’s search engine makes it easy to rank a website on the first page.

Research First for your Blog Post

An ideal blog post requires a lot of time and effort. You should conduct data collection research for your blog post to write quality and quantity content. To gain access to the top-quality points, you have to look at the different blogging posts on Google’s top results that are already there.

Research and data collection are important for creating a high-quality blog post. It is a great way to meet new people and understand the perspectives of others. A blog post of good quality relies heavily on data collection and research.

Make a Plan for your Blog Post

There is a plan for every goal you wish to accomplish. Plan your blog posts carefully before you publish them. It is essential to plan out your blog posts before writing them. Would you please make a list of all the items you plan to include and exclude in your blog post to plan it correctly? Planning makes it easy to understand a blog post.

Think Before you Start Writing your Blog Post

It is essential to plan your blog post before beginning it. You must start from there, and you must end there. Write catchy sentences and sentences with clear paragraphs at the end of your blog posts so that your readers will take the time to read them. Simple language is ideal for blog posts so that your readers can understand them.

Use a Few Paragraphs of the Introduction of your Blog Post

The introduction of your topic should be brief enough that readers can get a general idea of what you will write about and the context in which it is discussed. It will clearly express the main point of your blog post, and it will give your readers a good impression of what your blog post is about. The amount of time you spend on your main point should not exceed 30% of your introduction. You can get a bunch of advantages of internet in education, health and other field of life. 

Categorize your Blog Post

You categorize your blog posts before publishing them. It makes your readers’ lives easier. The category of a blog allows people to identify it easily. Thus, They can easily find blog posts about their interests. As a result, your blog will look more professional. 

Readable Paragraphs

You can judge the perfection of your blog post by how easily your readers can read and understand it, and it all depends on what paragraphs you use. There should be no more than three paragraphs and one idea per paragraph. Your readers may become confused by multiple-topic paragraphs. Keeping your paragraphs concise will aid your readers in understanding and reading them.

Engage Readers in your Blog Post

Blog posts that engage their readers most often are considered perfect. A perfect blog post can be easily read and understood by readers, which is why your blog is known for being a perfect blog post. It’s not a perfect blog if it leaves its readers confused and bored.

Ensure that you write a blog post that is easy to understand and that your readers will not get bored as they read your work. Your blog post should engage your readers. Write (I and you) so people can see that you mean it. (Like two people having a conversation). Your blog post is engaging to a large number of readers.

Use Headings and Subheading in your Blog Post

Your blog posts can be improved by using headings and subheadings. The objective of a blog post is to make it easy for your readers to understand your writing with headings and subheadings. Identify the relevant headings and subheadings in your data set and analyze them. Your blog post will also rank higher in Google’s search results if it has headings and subheadings. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), headings and subheadings play a significant role.

The original content of your Blog Post

Your blog post must contain your original content for it to be successful. Google can’t support copyrighted content. You should never include content taken from other websites in your content. You must create original and highly relevant content.

The content on your website can be penalized by Google if it is not original and plagiarized from elsewhere. It is because copying and pasting content from another’s blog post is illegal. In addition, it will not be ranked high in search results on Google. Writing your original content is crucial to your blog’s ranking and quality.

Use Pictures and Videos Media in your Blog Post

You should write blog posts that your readers can understand. Before you listen, a single image can tell a thousand words. Your blog posts should include some pictures or videos related to your content. Visualizing the text will allow the readers to understand easily. There should be a few pictures on your blog post.

Use Number and Bullet Points in your Blog Post

Your blog posts should include numbers and bullet points. Using bullet points and numbers will simplify reading and understanding your blog post. In a significant paragraph or sentence, bullets and numbers help break it down into small, easily digestible sections. There is no problem reading bullet points and numbers in blogs. Readers can easily remember this.

Length of your Blog Post

Google searches based on the length of blog posts to rank them in the top search results. Google also notes a blog post’s length. Most experts recommend 500 words for a blog post. I believe your blog post should contain a minimum of 1500 words. You can also rank high in Google’s search results by keeping your blog post length in mind. In addition, the content should belong for the ranking to be high.

Use SEO Description for your Blog Post

A few lines of SEO description should accompany your blog post so that you can rank it for your targeted keyword. To rank in search engine results, it is essential to include relevant information in your posts’ descriptions. Plugins such as Yoast SEO can help you achieve this. Use the Yoast plugin to write your post’s description and add snippets to it.

Make a Small Permalink of your Blog Post

Also, you may want to consider the permalink when ranking your blog for the top results. Small permalinks include the keyword heading in half of the blog posts that Google prefers. In your blog post’s permalink, you need to remove blocking words. A permalink should be set up to block words such as is, are, and, etc. are not present. The main keyword of the blog post is included only as of the main keyword.

Use Internal and External links in your Blog Post.

Besides linking to the other websites, your post should also contain internal links to your other blog posts. The authority of your blog post can be increased a little with external links from authority websites, and it helps be ranked better.

We usually link to Wikipedia externally. Links to other posts on the blog are internal links. Posts are included so users will be engaged. You also want your readers to be able to read your related blog posts.

Add Featured Image to your Blog Post

An attractive featured image will draw attention to your post. Users are usually attracted to your blog post by the featured image. Blog posts with featured images perform better on search engines. A search engine-friendly post can be made by doing this. Additionally, a featured image attracts more readers who came to read your blog post.

Conclusion of your Blog Post

You need to conclude your entire blog post in your blog post. In conclusion, you summarize the content of your blog post, which helps the reader decide whether to read it or not. It’s important to know how helpful your post is to them. Your post can teach them that.

Your blog post ended with a conclusion that influenced the readers. They will come back to your blog if you give them a reason to do so. And gives your blog post an excellent impression of how helpful it is for them.

Remove Spelling and Grammar Mistakes from your blog Post.

Be sure to proofread, check, and fix any spelling or grammar errors at the end of your post before publishing. Grammarly can help you with this. Using Grammarly, you can find and fix all your spelling and grammar errors.

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This article highlights the Top 20 Tips for Writing Great and SEO-Friendly Blog Posts in the year 2021. The information in this article should prove very helpful to you and help you to learn a lot. In the comment section below, you can ask me any questions you may have about this post. Please expect a response from me shortly.


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