How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

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The laptop computers, like many others, broke down. The laptop or computer deteriorated over time. You can restore it by following these steps. Where should you start if the device won’t turn on? There are several ways to fix the problem.

To turn your system on and access your user files, you can follow one of the methods below. Several methods to achieve this include using an external Windows keyboard, Enabling the Wake-on-LAN feature in Windows, opening the case, and fixing the motherboard button. You must proceed slowly to use the methods so you won’t encounter any problems and resolve your issue without a problem.

How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

The experts who teach turning on a laptop without the power button typically recommend opening the chassis to complete the task. Still, we will show you methods for doing it even without opening the lid and, in some cases, turning on a laptop with the keyboard.

Use an External Keyboard

The chances are that you have already connected your laptop to an external keyboard. A computer that does not have a functioning power button could be turned on this way. There is usually a power button on external keyboards as well. In other words, if you have your laptop set up so that it can connect to your external keyboard via Bluetooth, then you can use this keyboard to turn it on.

Your keyboard and the laptop you use will both play a role in this. A Mac keyboard, for example, will not be able to perform this task. If the keyboard performs this on your Windows laptop, you will need to have granted it access already through security settings. In some cases, the external keyboard might not work, so try it if you have one.

Please turn it on when you open the lid.

There might be a way to make this happen by fiddling with your laptop’s settings. To turn your computer on, you do not need to use your power button. You can open the lid, and the computer will turn on. Some cases might make this possible, but sometimes this isn’t always feasible. You must already have turned on your laptop for this solution to work. This function will allow you to shut down your computer if your power button is broken, but your computer is still powered on.

Get your power button fixed.

The advice may not be exactly what you are looking for, but you will need to get your laptop’s power button fixed eventually. The cost of repairing your power button is not that high, and it largely depends on what needs to be fixed. The clips holding the button in place should be pretty cheap to replace if they have just come loose and the switch isn’t functioning properly. A more expensive option may be to replace badly worn or damaged clips. It will be necessary to replace them. You’ll need a laptop to accomplish this. The disassembly of a gaming laptop or an animation laptop is likely to be a lot more straightforward than the disassembly of a Macbook.

How does a power button work?

You should learn how a power button works if you experience a power button issue with your laptop. When you don’t have a working power button on your computer, this is very handy. A laptop’s motherboard is in charge of all of this. You are connecting the circuit when you press the power button since two points are connected. There is probably a problem with one of the connection points in your power button, which perhaps explains why it isn’t working


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