How To Turn Off Laptop Screen Without Shutting Down

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All laptop users desire long-lasting battery life and high power. It is a major energy hog when the laptop monitor fails to turn off after shutting down the system. The off button, a shortcut, or a factory reset will not reset HP laptops. The following will show you how to turn off your laptop’s screen without shutting down your computer.

There are several methods in this guide on how you can turn off your laptop screen. Windows 10 laptops are the focus of this guide. One of the following methods will allow you to quickly turn off your laptop screen without having to shut it down. In the following article, we’ll provide you with seven ways to turn off the display on a Windows 10 laptop. You can use any of these methods for free. It would help if you did not close your laptop lid, which will usually put your computer into sleep mode. All right, onto business.

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How To Turn Off Laptop Screen Without Shutting Down

It is possible to turn off your screen on a Windows 10 laptop without having to shut down or put it in sleep mode. In the following paragraphs, we provide the best ways to do this.It isn’t easy to turn off a laptop screen, unlike desktop computers. As the most power-consuming component of your machine, the laptop’s display should be turned off if you are not using it. Sometimes there will be a “hotkey” to turn off the screen, but this is rare.

Using Settings and the power button it is possible

to change the power button on your laptop to shut down the display instead of shutting down the computer.

Step 1: Click Settings and choose Power and Sleep.

Step 2: Select Related Settings, followed by Additional Power Settings.

The third step involves changing the left-hand side of the power buttons. You will be prompted to open the Power Options dialog box when you click this button. Your laptop’s power button can be used to turn off its display. It can be powered by either the battery or the mains.

Using the script “Turn off Screen.”

There is a script available to download from the Microsoft Archive that turns off your laptop screen. This .bat file can be saved to your desktop. The .bat file will automatically turn off your laptop’s display when double-clicked.

Using the application “Turn off Monitor.”

You can download “Turn Off Monitor” here for free. In addition to double-clicking and typing in a shortcut, users can also trigger shortcuts using their keyboards. You may wish to pin this app to your taskbar.

Using the DisplayOff application

You can also turn off the screen of your Windows 10 laptop with the free app “DisplayOff.” You can download that app here. The method is similar to the way “Turn Off Monitor” worked previously. This file doesn’t require any installation, and you can turn off your display by clicking on it.

Using the “Monitor Energy Saver” app

It is also free to use “Monitor Energy Saver” to turn off your Windows 10 laptop display. Here is the link to download it. Your laptop will turn off when you lock it. In addition to “Monitor Energy Saver,” there are several other options available. As a result of turning your display off, you can toggle your Instant Messenger status to “away” so that others know you are not available. In addition, you can pause any windows applications that you have running when your computer turns off.

In addition, it automatically creates a shortcut on your desktop when it is installed, making it one of the more convenient free applications online. 

Using the “Dark” application

Dark will appear in your system tray when you double-click the shortcut. The application will now turn off your display when launched from your system tray. This application is available for free download here.

Using the “BlackTop” application

This tool lets you use a keyboard shortcut to turn off the screen of your Windows 10 computer using a keyboard shortcut. You can also turn off your laptop’s screen with Windows’ “Recharge.” utility.You can see BlackTop running in your system tray when it’s running. Turning off your screen while BlackTop is running is very easy. To use Ctrl+Alt+B, press the keyboard combination. You can download BlackTop for free here.

The process is so simple for Linux users that one line of code is all you need. Using the best command is a top preference for the X server, in this case, to turn off the laptop screen. In addition to being compatible with Linux operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, and Fedora, this set code also supports Windows operating systems, including Windows XP.

Some applications that can be used to turn off laptop screen

The fact is that many computer users do not feel comfortable using their power button for two different purposes at the same time. “Is our computer old?old?old? This is a common question we receive. Regardless of the model or the age of the machine, there is a way around this. There are simple tools you can use. Below are two examples:

Turn off monitor

It’s a small executable that turns off system screens very efficiently. This tool does not require installation. The zip file should be double-clicked to shut down your computer.

Turn off-screen

The tool turns off the system screens via a shortcut. The tool is available from Technet and is in Windows. To start it, double-click the icon after installation.


You can turn your laptop display off free with these seven great methods. The methods are all free, and they work very well. Your laptop screen should be turned off when not in use. This will help you conserve energy since your display draws the most power. Your computer can be run even when you are not viewing the screen. However, no special button is provided for this. The problem with closing the lid of your laptop and entering sleep mode or shutting it down will now be eliminated. You can turn off your laptop screen using any of the methods we’ve shown you.


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