How To Take Screenshots on Chromebook

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Chromebook is rapidly increasing in this modern digital time, and the number of its users is still increasing with more instant. Taking a screenshot on Chromebook is difficult for the new users due to its different laptop structures. To come out of this problem, we guide you about How To Take Screenshots on Chromebook.

How To Take Screenshots on Chromebook

The layout style of Chromebook is a little bit different from Windows or Mac. Similarly, some keys are different from other computers. So if you know the basics of the key combination, you can easily capture the screenshots. Use the following steps to take screenshots on Chromebook.

Step 1:

Screenshots can be captured on Chromebook by pressing the Ctrl +Show Windows key at the same time. You can see the Show Windows key on the top line with a rectangular shape and two lines on the right side.

Step 2:

Furthermore, If you want to take the screenshot of the active screen’s specific area, then press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows keys at once. The crosshair appears and drags the crosshair corner to the required capturing area. The selected area will be shown highlighted. After capturing the screenshot, it will show some options to copy into the clipboard or save it into the download folder.

Alternative Tool For Screenshot on Chromebook

Well, there are some alternative tools also available that are pretty useful in capturing the screenshot. Different Chrome extensions are helpful to capture the full screen or a specific area of the screen. Some extensions are mentioned below.

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Lightshot is pretty easy to use and mostly applicable Chrome extension for taking the screenshot in Chromebook. Just click on the extension and drag the mouse to select the screen’s specific area that needed to be captured. It is easy to edit, download or save, or send to the cloud.


FireShot can capture the entire screen and save it in multiple formats. It comes with the feature of sending these screenshots directly via email.

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Benefits of Screenshot

Screenshots have numerous advantages in our daily life. A variety of reasons are mentioned below.

  • For sending error or bug messages or notifications
  • Show screen lock to your friends
  • Capture your few moments before deleting the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take a screenshot on a Chromebook easily?

There are two easy ways to take the screenshot on Chromebook. Press Ctrl +Show Windows key to capturing the entire screen and Shift + Ctrl + Show windows keys to capture the display screen’s specific important area.

Where will the taken screenshot save?

The screenshot taken from the keyboard is saved into the download folder into your Chromebook, and it often saves in the PNG format.

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen on Chromebook?

Press Ctrl +Show to take the screenshot of the entire active screen on the Chromebook. After capture, It will save into the Chromebook download folder in PNG format.

How to capture the part of the Screen on Chromebook?

Press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows keys simultaneously to take the screenshot of a specific screen on the Chromebook in the PNG file. It will save into the download folder on your Chromebook device.

Is there any alternative way to capture the screenshot on Chromebook?

Yes! There are many alternative tools available to capture the entire or specific screen on the chrome browser. You can easily edit these screenshot and save them to your Chromebook or send it via cloud or email.

Final Words

We have guided you about How To Take Screenshots on Chromebook. We have described easy and effective way by keyboard shortcuts and also some alternative ways like chrome extensions. Follow these instructions and make as many screenshots as you want. If you still confuse about asking more about it, ask without hesitation. We will solve your query as many as you can. If your laptop dropped into water then you should read How to Repair a Laptop That Got Wet.


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