How to Take Apart ASUS Laptops

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The same is true for most computers, as well as Asus laptops. Your computer will likely malfunction if you don’t clean the hardware components properly. You might also need to upgrade the hardware on your Asus laptop occasionally. This can only be achieved by disassembling the laptop. It is challenging to work on your Asus laptop since it is compact, so there is not much space to move around. We will describe here about How to Take Apart ASUS Laptops in a comprehensive way.

How to Take Apart ASUS Laptops

If you have a laptop and no matter about your experience then you must have some basic information about laptop. We are providing you with detailed research on How to Take Apart ASUS Laptops.

Step 1

You should shut down your laptop and remove all peripherals. You should close the LCD screen and place your laptop face up. The front of the laptop should be facing forward. There should be a cover for the battery at the top of the bottom casing. You need to pull out the battery cover by removing the locking tabs. The battery should then be easy to remove from the compartment.

Step 2

You can remove the bottom housing of the laptop by removing all hardware covers. Then, you may reinstall the bottom housing. The procedure will vary based on your laptop. The majority of Asus laptops have the hardware connected to the computer at the bottom. The RAM, wireless card, and modem could be accessed from the laptop’s bottom.

Step 3

The laptop should be oriented so that the screen is fully open. There are two locking tabs behind the top row of keys that you must remove. You should hold the keyboard edge up and place the palm rest on top of it by tipping upward to remove the keyboard, connect the ribbon cables to the motherboard and then remove the keyboard.

Step 4

There are screws on the laptop that hold the metal cover of the motherboard in place. Remove those screws. Connect the trackpad cable to the motherboard and disconnect it from the trackpad assembly. You need a small, flat-head screwdriver near the laptop’s bottom, just beneath the trackpad buttons. In addition, You will need to pry off the top enclosure by going around the circumference of the laptop. You will need to disengage the LCD hinge from the casing. The laptop’s upper case should be removed with care. This will reveal the motherboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do first before you disassemble the laptop?

It is necessary to remove the battery before disassembling it. You will need to hold down the power button for 10 seconds before removing the battery. As long as the system is not fully powered down, I continue pressing the power button several times.

How do I force open my Asus laptop?

You can thoroughly restart the computer by unplugging the AC adaptor and holding the power button down for 20 seconds. Moreover, You can reboot the computer again from there. You can then try to boot the computer with another AC adapter with the same voltage. If a different AC adapter fails to work, reseat the RAM.

Can I use a hairdryer to clean my laptop?

IMPORTANT: Do not touch the laptop case or any other part of the laptop with the hairdryer. It could cause static electricity and damage the laptop. You can also clean the insides of desktop computers with vacuum cleaners.


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