How To Take A Screenshot On Laptop

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Capturing the screenshot of the important data is crucial to preserve it to get benefits for later use. It is an easy, fast, and quick way to capture the screen of your laptop display and save it offline. We will guide you here on How To Take A Screenshot On Laptop.

How To Take A Screenshot On Laptop

Taking the screenshot is not the Laptop’s actual task, but it is the most useful skill to capture the screen to record for later use. It is helpful to show the errors or bugs to your mate to resolve them. There are different ways to take the screenshot on the Laptop.

Let’s discuss each tool in detail.

Take Screenshot With Keyboard Shortcuts

The easiest and quickest way of taking screenshot on a laptop is by using laptop shortcuts. Just press the Print Screen and PrtScn Keys at the same time. These keys will capture the entire screen and save it to the clipboard. After capturing, you can easily paste it onto paint, word, or any other app.

Suppose you want to capture just the active window, press Alt and PrtScn simultaneously. The screenshot will copy to the clipboard, and you can save it to your file. The only limitation of this method is that it can capture the complete screen or window. If you want to take a screenshot of the selected area, you have to use another useful method. If you have a MacBook then you must read Tips For Protecting Your MacBook.

Take Screenshot With Snipping Tool

Another useful method of taking screenshots is the snipping tool. It is the built-in tool of any laptop that is equally helpful in taking the screenshot and editing it. Follow the below instructions to take a screenshot with the snipping tool.

  • Type Snipping Tool in the search box and click to open it.
  • After open, click New to capture the new screenshot.
  • Take the crosshair when you want to start the screenshot and drag it to the required screen—Press ESC to cancel the process.
  • Tape on the Save Snip to capture and save the screenshot. You can save it into PNG or JPEG format.

Take Screenshot With Snagit

The best alternative to capture the screenshot by using an app is Snagit. Snagit is a screen capturing program with image and video recording features. The interesting feature of Snagit is that you can edit the screenshot by using its advanced editing tools. There are numerous benefits of laptops in every field. It becomes equally important for students, office workers, and every industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the screenshot?

A screenshot is a method of capturing the Laptop or computer screen or any other electronic devices that are displaying. It can be stored for later use or sent to your mate to get help or share some important information. In short, It is some image captured by the device that is visible on the active screen.

How do you take screenshots on laptops?

Press Print Screen and PrtScn Keys at once to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Another way is to press Alt and PrtScn key to capture the active window.

Final Words

We have comprehensively guided you about How To Take a Screenshot on Laptop. Some easy and useful methods have been described. Follow these instructions to get benefits and save the screen or to share it with your friends.


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