How to Repair Spill Damage on an HP Pavilion Laptop

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A laptop that has been spilled on typically must be repaired. It is often fatal to your laptop if there is significant damage—the moment the liquid touches it, you need to clean it up immediately. Your laptop will short out soon enough if it contains electrical components or hardware. Spills can ignite your laptop in extreme cases.

How to Repair Spill Damage on an HP Pavilion Laptop

Step 1

You should immediately turn your laptop off and unplug the power cable and all devices. You should also close the display panel and turn your laptop face down. Disconnect the battery pack from the compartment.

Step 2

In the laptop’s bottom casing, take out all hardware devices. An HP Pavilion laptop typically has a hard drive, RAM, and a CD/DVD drive. Two or three Phillips screws are secure in place to hold each plastic cover to the hardware device. The CD/DVD drive is the only exception. You have to remove all of the screws from the bottom of the case.

Step 3

It would help if you placed your laptop face up with the display closed fully. It is advisable to remove your keyboard from any attachments. These are typically two or four Phillips screws on Pavilion laptops. Disconnect the keyboard from the motherboard by placing it flat on top of the laptop’s surface. You should now see the motherboard.

Step 4

It is necessary to disconnect the cable from the LCD screen and remove the screws from the hinges. It is then necessary to remove the LCD panel. You’ll need to remove three screws from the bottom of your laptop to remove the top cover. Remove these screws. Remove the top cover and disconnect any visible cables from the motherboard.

Step 5

If you spot any condensation or liquid on the motherboard and any removed hardware, dispose of it. You can clean the motherboard with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. You should avoid damaging your motherboard by using chemicals.

Step 6

The laptop and its removed hardware should be covered with a clean paper towel. Reassemble the laptop after letting it dry for about 24 to 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a laptop with liquid damage be repaired?

Suppose there is a significant amount of water under the laptop. In that case, it is necessary to keep it upside down. … The situation becomes more complicated and highly challenging when water is still present after 24 hours, so we recommend consulting a professional for assistance.

Can you save a laptop that got wet?

To remove excess liquid from the laptop, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. The keys, vents, and ports should be especially wet. The lid should be open as far back as it can go. You can drain the water from the laptop by turning it upside down over a towel.


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