How to Repair a Laptop That Got Wet

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You may spill your laptop at some point, but it keeps your business running. You do not have to be afraid of liquids and electronics, so long as you keep calm and act quickly. Your computer may still be able to work after spilling certain types and amounts of liquids.

Like other computers and smartphones, Laptops can be a significant hindrance to most entrepreneurs and businesspeople. This file may contain important information if you own an eCommerce business. You probably use your laptop even if you do not own an eCommerce business. The invention of laptops has simplified life and business. The thought of a day without the use of a laptop is not far from a nightmare.

How to Repair a Laptop That Got Wet

The fact remains that accidents can happen anytime, no matter how carefully you plan them or how organized your workspace is. It would help if you stayed cool and not panicked since this will make you unable to think clearly. If you spill water over your laptop, you need to act right away. Your wet laptop must remain calm to prevent further damage. There may not be too much damage or interruption if you dry out and restart your laptop after the liquid has fallen on it.

Shut Down the Wet Laptop and Unplug

It’s crucial to remain calm and act quickly! Turn off your computer if it becomes wet right away. The purpose of this step is to stop water from infiltrating your laptop while the motor is running, which will damage any circuitry which is still powered. It will help if you unplug all of your laptop’s connections as soon as possible. All USB drives, charging cords, mice, etc., should be disconnected right away. Make sure to unplug the battery from the underside of the computer.

It is possible to turn off your laptop by holding down the power button for a few seconds. It would help if you had the battery out and the cable unplugged. There’s no need to save anything or shut down the computer. Remove everything you can from your laptop. The first thing you should do is remove the batteries and memory cards. In the beginning, remove all parts of the laptop that can be removed easily. If you have a mouse, be sure to plug it out, as well as plug-and-play drives and DVDs. Your laptop should remain bare.

The laptop should now be open and on a flat surface. You want the screen and keyboard facing down as if it were a roof. The laptop might require surgery if it spilled a significant quantity of liquid. If you wish to do this, you’ll need a screwdriver to remove all the pieces from your laptop’s internal components and then you’ll have to inspect and dry each item. The act of doing this should never be dangerous. We are confident in your abilities. You can have it done by a local electronics technician or repair shop if that’s not possible.

Drain, Dry, and Reassemble the Wet Laptop

It is recommended that liquids are blotted and wiped away with paper towels. It would help if you flipped your laptop upside down in a V shape so that you can let out the liquid that has spilled inside, and it will move away from your laptop’s sensitive parts. It would help if you let it sit for 24 hours or until the liquid has completely evaporated before using, whichever is sooner. If you’re using a laptop, turn it off while it’s sitting. Having a wet laptop can make it worse. Never try to turn them on. It would help if you also made sure that any batteries or other components that you have detached are fully dry. Once you have opened your laptop, tighten all the loose screws.

In addition to removing the liquid from the laptop, let the laptop dry in the shade and a dry location so that the inside components of the laptop can also be dried. It would help if you did not use a hairdryer or any other drying machine over the keyboard. There would be no stains on your laptop if you spilled water on it. It may, however, cause corrosion to the parts if the spilled liquid was an aerated beverage. The sticky residue you get if you spill sweet liquids on the computer, such as coffee, juice, or soda (with added sugar). Computer keys can become stuck because of these liquids. It is possible to clean sticky keyboards, but if sugary liquid settling inside laptops causes them to overheat and burn, the parts inside may become damaged. The use of direct heat or a hairdryer should never be used on any broken or damaged gadget. The problem could result in static problems and would even be harder to fix.

Turn On the Laptop and Watch for Issues

In the final step, cross your fingers, say a small prayer, and start the system. If it works, congratulations! But be aware of potential problems. Utilize all your computer’s features, such as Bluetooth, the CD-ROM drive, and the keyboard. Some laptops have a wet keyboard, although they turn on. Spilling sugary liquids could cause this. Your laptop may need to have a keyboard replaced at a service center to solve this problem. Alternative options include purchasing a keyboard online and doing the installation yourself.

Get the Laptop Inspected by a Professional

A professional must inspect the laptop if it doesn’t start. Even before you took action to save the laptop, the liquid may have caused the damage. If you turn on your laptop, there is still a chance you will notice strange symptoms like strange sounds, a broken keyboard, distorted displays, and so forth. You should note any error codes displayed by the laptop and provide them to the technician when you have the laptop examined. The laptop may appear to function properly, but you should always remain vigilant. A professional examiner should always be consulted. Technicians can access internal damages on laptops caused by water.

 Important Precautions

Minimize the Damage

When you accidentally spill liquid on your keyboard, turn off your laptop right away. The more time the liquid has power, the more damage it will cause to your computer since it seeps into the circuitry. It is advisable not to save progress or close files. Just shut it down immediately. The battery on your machine must be removed once you unplug the adapter. There’s nothing good about a wet laptop that’s still receiving power as well as running.

Soak and Drain

As soon as you’ve shut down your laptop, remove the excess liquid from the keyboard by wiping it with a paper towel or cloth. You can drain the liquid from the laptop by flipping it upside down into an inverted “V.” Then wait until the liquid seems to have drained most of it. It would help if you allowed the laptop to sit open overnight to ensure any water droplets still inside could dry. It would help if you held off on turning the machine on until it was completely dry.

Disassemble and Clean

The sticky residue will develop on your laptop after a liquid goes into it, such as soda, juice, or coffee with sugar, dries. This will most likely stop your keys from working; the internal components will become overheated and possibly fail in the worst-case scenario. If you are comfortable taking apart your laptop, the sticky mess can be cleaned with some cotton swabs and alcohol. This is a time-consuming process, and one wayward static shock can kill a component as you work, so don’t try it unless you’re comfortable. In other words, if the repair is complex, hire a professional.

Watch for Issues

The notebook must be cleaned and dried properly before its power cable and battery are connected. Start your laptop and watch for unusual problems. You may need to visit a repair shop regardless since the liquid might have caused damage before you took action. Keep an eye out for strange behaviors and inform the mechanic if anything seems off.

Final Words

You can have an accident at any time! It is important to prepare and keep backups of all data in case your computer is damaged. The amount and type of spilled liquids will determine how long the system will be down. You could lose the entire contents of your laptop in a blink. A regular backup is preferable to such a big risk.

A gadget insurance policy is best in the long run. Additionally, you save on a trip to the repair technician by not having to revivify your laptop. Laptop insurance is affordable and quick. Your new laptop cost you a few hundred dollars, and you did not have to go through the hassle of buying a new one. To ensure your laptop’s security, it’s important to take precautions. You should ensure your laptop. You’ll be glad you did. Did your laptop or any other device experience liquid damage? Please leave a comment below. Tell us what happened!


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