How To Make Money By Staying At Home

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A stay-at-home mom will be able to earn money from home in a variety of ways with this informative guide. Here are the best ways I’ve found to earn money while staying at home – this list shows how I earned 5X my engineer salary from home. Learn How To Make Money By Staying At Home.

How To Make Money By Staying At Home

I have either tried all or most of the suggestions below with friends and family or have tried them myself. It’s possible to earn income at home with these legal methods. The people who believe moms can’t be successful haven’t observed women like Joanna Gaines, who started out as a blogger and turned into a superstar.

How To Make Money By Staying At Home

With a little bit of focused effort, the right job below can potentially bring in $10K a month. We are looking forward to it! Actual numbers: We use the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed, and Payscale sites to pull the hourly rates and statistics. You’re in good hands!

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75 Ideas How To Make Money By Staying At Home

It is hard to find a way to reconcile the desire to spend time at home with your adorable babies while at the same time hoping to contribute to the family dynamic, too. Isn’t it awesome if you could earn money while at home with your kids and take care of them too? When you are experiencing mixed emotions, it can be difficult for you so as to help your family as well. Why must you choose between what you want and what you can do?

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It is possible! And I’m living proof. Compared to working as a full-time engineer, I’m now earning five times what I used to make and staying at home with my kids full time. The three little ones who live with me are 20 months apart.  By taking my courses, I have helped thousands of other moms create profitable blogs, many of whom are earning $1,000 to $20,000 a month. Though blogging is my favorite way to earn money online, there are also other legitimate ways to do so. Putting my background into perspective, here are some ways I have earned money from home.


  • A dog-walking fee of $5 per walk applies.
  • A commission ranges from $10-$100 for affiliate marketing.
  • $19 per package for stock images.
  • Get printables made for $9 each.
  • Items sold on eBay/Craigslist range between $10 and $100.
  • I have written and sold seven ebooks, at $7 each.
  • Opening courses cost between $9 and $97.


  • Services offered: $15.00+ per hour for virtual assistants
  • Monthly revenue of $1000+ for direct sales businesses
  • I charge $65+ for articles written by freelancers
  • 10 dollars per course for painting classes.
  • Proficient proofreaders earn $15+ per hour
  • The price for a drawing journal spread is $20 each.


Something incredible can be created and sold to someone halfway around the world!

Just remember…

Making money from home is becoming increasingly common. The influencers,, bloggers, freelancers, Uber drivers, Instacart shoppers, etc. are driving the economy.  Thus, even as you’re a busy mom, you can build your business while the kids are at school or when the baby’s sleeping! It’s okay to say, however, that many of these jobs are great for stay-at-home dads too! My husband also works at home – well, we are both work-at-home parents. And it’s amazing! Additionally, if you want to earn some extra income from home or retire your husband completely, continue reading because I’ve done it myself, and so can you!

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70+ Ways to Make Money From Home as a Mom

These remote work for moms can be part-time or full-time, and any of them can lead to an immediate cash flow. Think about all the side hustles and remote work it takes to establish yourself. You can make extra money from home in several ways, but these are 75 of the best ways for stay-at-home moms to make extra money. Let’s see what staying-at-home moms can do to earn money!


No one is surprised this one took place at the number one spot on my list. It has enabled me to raise my children at home and earn a living that supports our family. We paid off our debt with the help of blogging, and my husband retired at age 30. Seriously, I started blogging for financial extras, and my first dollar from affiliate marketing was a success.

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Initially, I felt like I was tossing spaghetti against a wall – it was tough and I wanted to give up. Even though I didn’t give up completely, I kept writing blog posts. While I gave up on some days of the journey, overall I did not lose out.  As my passive income grew, it became substantially more than I needed to cover my trips to Target. I then introduced digital products as revenue streams and everything just exploded and good money started flowing in.

It was then that I realized I was no longer just a hobby blogger, but rather a business owner.  By starting a blog, you will have the opportunity to create your own online business instead of searching for an online job. While working as a stay-at-home parent you can start earning a living by blogging. You’ll eventually have two income streams if you stay focused and things start picking up! We can offer support and help, as well as create. You may use that knowledge to create something truly amazing! 

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Virtual Assisting

The best part about working an hour a day in this field is that you can help others with their business needs during school hours.  Virtual assistants are a great choice for people who want to gain a variety of skills. Creating infographics for someone or taking pictures they need in order to manage their email can help you help them virtually. You can help them with whatever is taking too much time in their business! A virtual assistant role is an excellent stay-at-home mom job. 

The following tasks are included, but not exclusive to, virtual assistance services:

  • Management of social media
  • As a Freelance Writer
  • Skills for Graphic Designers
  • Editing and creating blog posts
  • Affiliation Marketing Optimizer

A few hundred dollars per month could also be earned by getting a job within a week. Increasingly, people are turning to virtual assistants thanks to the growth of online businesses.


What is freelancing? Freelancing is where you can find clients and provide services. Freelancers also enjoy the flexibility of choosing the projects they wish to work on, so they can take time off to help with their children. From this type of remote job, you can choose how much extra cash you want to make each month. It may be good for you to become a freelance writer if you love words! Some of my friends earn $2 per word, which amounts to $2,000 for a 1,000-word article!

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It is absolutely normal for a new mom to become a photographer once her sweet bundle of joy is born. It is something so many new moms take up as a hobby. You may find out that you have new photography skills after you practice with your own child for a few months. My friends hired me at 80+ per hour even though I am not a professional photographer to take holiday photos for their family. The photography business is a great part-time job for moms since you can take on shoots when your schedule permits.

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Make Printables

If you have a passion for creativity and graphics, I’m totally jealous! Thousands of mommy bloggers will be begging to make use of your printables, so stay on top of the latest trends and create the most creative printables for your blog! Digital products, such as PDFs or printables, are hot sellers. Those interested in creating printables for sale might wonder what kind of items they can make. Here are a few ideas:

  • Printable Worksheets for Homeschool
  • Trackers for your workouts
  • Downloadable budgets
  • Worksheets on Personal Finance
  • Calendars and planners

Find out what else you can do in the afternoon with these 11 printables! The possibilities for adding a printable creator site are endless! Software such as PicMonkey or Canva makes it easy to make beautiful printables. Printables offer bloggers a way to promote their site and are also used to grow their subscriber list.

Online Course Creation

Teachable, which is a platform that combines all the tools for courses, make it easy to create online courses. The first 100 video lesson course doesn’t have to be the most expensive, you can start with a small mini-course that’s surprisingly profitable. Many people are more likely to sign up for a low-cost course providing a quick gain than a more expensive course that takes longer.

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You can easily turn a few online courses into a complete business – and even earn extra income as a result. My recommendation is to start with a blog, create small digital products that help build your business and then dive deep into online courses.  It came slowly at first, but it eventually led to more and more business. I didn’t have to search an employment board for odd jobs like mystery shopping or taking online surveys.

Social Media Manager

Is Instagram, or Twitter part of your daily routine? Do you like connecting with others and posting interesting content? Are you eager to land a job in increasing demand? So hiring a social media manager is an easy win. It’s not only fun but also rewarding to work as a social media manager as a dad with a newborn! Starting with smaller local companies and picking up clients will give you the best chance, but you could also pitch your services to an influencer or company of greater clout.

Sell Ebooks

Why not consider creating your own ebook? Using resources such as Amazon to sell books can be a great way to earn a little extra money. With digital books, there are no costs for overhead, nor storage issues, unlike with physical ones. No fancy publishers are needed – you can publish an ebook yourself through your website! There’s no need to have a fancy publisher!

Gigs on Fiverr

If you want a lot of varying little work from home jobs, it’s possible on Fiverr, where there’s income potential that adds up to a lot. There are millions of stay-at-home jobs you can do if you check out the website.


You need to be a grammar ninja to proofread others’ work! If you’re good at spelling and punctuation, you could make a lot of money proofreading.

Infographic Maker

Then you may be suited for a career in infographic making if you love graphs and charts and all things pretty (ha, see what I did there? )! Infographics are so easy to create that people will pay up to $80+ for them. Guess what? They’ll pay you more! PicMonkey, Canva, and PowerPoint are the types of software you can use to create an attractive infographic in just an hour.

Advertising Fees

If you have a popular website, you could be paid advertising fees for all views of your ads on that website.  When your site has high traffic, it’s the perfect strategy to make money since it has no other means of monetization.

Open an Etsy Shop

Crafty moms, get to work! If you are skilled at making crafts and want to make some money, sell those items to the public!


You can make money from home by selling melt-in-your-mouth cookies when holidays and birthdays are approaching. If you have this talent, promote it to others since everyone wants those yummy sweets. Starting a small catering business can allow you to bake special cake recipes, cupcakes, keto-friendly cookies, Whole30 snacks, etc.

There is a bakery near where I live where I typically buy $4+ keto cupcakes. Let that sink in for a moment. Catering is a rewarding work-at-home job for moms. You’re already cooking three times a day anyway, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of the latest nutrition trend.

Direct Sales

Would you be interested in selling ice to an Eskimo if someone told you that you could do that? If so, direct sales could be a good money-making idea for you. MLM, also called direct sales and multi-level marketing, can be a profitable income opportunity at home. MLM companies such as Mary Kay Makeup, Cabi Clothes, or Beaty Counter can provide you with a business model you can start right away. If you like using the products and love Beautycounter, this is a great opportunity to get free or discounted products and help others at the same time. Here’s my first check from Beautycounter.


There are always parents seeking daycare help at any given time so that they can work or go out. Whether you run your own daycare or not, this can be an easy way to be earning money at home. It’s the best job you can do at home with a baby, to babysit two or three more because you’re already taking good care of one. Her first child was due a few months ago, so she made several thousand dollars as a result. For moms who want part-time work from home, this is an ideal position.

Data Entry

You can do this work-at-home job online for multiple businesses easily and from the comfort of your home. Additionally, it is flexible to your schedule and can be done at random times.


It can be quite lucrative to learn how to dropship effectively.  You don’t have to store inventory either

Wedding Planner

Have you still got memories of your wedding day? Ah, back in the days before motherhood hit, it was all about the dresses, your big day, and all the attention – and suddenly, you were never the center of attention again. Are you interested in reliving that beautiful moment through someone else? It can be a very rewarding experience for you as a mother! It may even become one of your favorite jobs!

So how do you become a wedding planner?

  • Here you can get formal training, with online courses available too!
  • – and gain experience by attending Many Weddings – Whooo Hooo!
  • Decide what type of wedding you will have and make yourself stand out.
  • Grow your business by promoting your services!

If you’re a wedding planner, you could even add a little thank-you book to your customers’ photography package to remind them of their most beautiful (and expensive) day. Do weddings become repetitive over time? Being around people in love all the time seems like the perfect job!


Working from home as a customer service representative is easy if you have a quiet workspace and great listening skills. His side hustle was doing it!


The ability to teach online has made it possible for many people to do so. It isn’t necessary to physically attend school in order to instruct. It was a sweet deal to be a college kid teaching English to two little Korean children in college! $25 per lesson is a sweet deal for a college kid.


Your free time may be better spent sharing your love for an instrument with someone in your community.


It might make sense to make some money from home by walking the neighbor’s dog if you’re already pushing your child in a stroller around town.


You’ll always find different companies looking for voiceovers, so try your luck online.


Having your own salon from the comfort of your own home is possible, provided you have space. Your family and friends will be delighted that you are their go-to professional for all their hair styling needs.


A job that involves booking vacations sounds fascinating also! Interacting all day long with excited people about a getaway also sounds like a fun work environment.


There are always companies and others looking for great employees, so if you are skilled in locating them, you will be able to receive high pay.


It is possible to tutor others who need assistance in school subjects in person or online. Skyping distance students is also an option.


How do you make money off your words? You just have to put them on paper (or online) and you’ll start earning money. A good article can bring you between $15 and $1,000 depending on the work involved. Content for influencers, bloggers, sales pages, guides, brochures, blog posts, social media posts – any type of business needs written content. As you can see from the graph above, Google Trends indicates greater demand for content writers! Your content will be paid for! It’s also a great job for a mom to do since she’ll be able to take time to tend to her little one.


Have you ever learned your grandmother’s famous Italian recipes at the breakfast table? Have you tried sugar cookies with all the ingredients? You might be a new mom who makes organic baby food. You should also read How To Turn Off Laptop Screen Without Shutting Down


Love to research, find ways to assemble information, and tell a story? Copywriting may be the perfect path for you! Whenever kids grow up, moms naturally begin to develop a skill: selling. Eventually, it seems, you turn into a salesperson, urging your kids to put on their shoes or eat their vegetables or do their homework. But the first priority is that you should know What Is a Laptop Used For?

A copywriter uses those selling skills to market your products. The subtle difference between copywriting and content writing is that copywriting focuses primarily on selling. It’s not always easy to sell something as opposed to just educating. If you’re a mother who’s developing sales skills, copywriting is a great career choice. It’s also good money!

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What speed can you type? The medical field is always seeking more workers with the skills to type a large number of words per minute!

How to become a medical transcriptionist

  1. The GED or a High School Diploma is what you need to get a job.
  2. You may obtain an Associate’s degree, but it isn’t mandatory.
  3. Consider earning a CHDS or RHDS certification.
  4. Typing fast is the key to success
  5. Examine your knowledge by taking the CHDS or RHDS
  6. Take advantage of the flexibility of working from home!

Although medical transcriptionists need to go through a few additional steps, it’s a flexible job that’s perfect for moms.


Do you like sewing? Are you good at mending and altering clothing so that it fits even better? You could open a local business as a seamstress or you might start a lifestyle or fashion blog to share your talents. Several hundred dollars per month could be brought in by the local business, but a blog could grow to something far more lucrative. Blogs are great work-at-home jobs! Here’s how one mom fashion blogger makes six figures. Jeans, slacks, and dresses frequently need to be hemmed and sewn so there are many people looking for seamstresses!


The videos you see online may not start out in this perfect state. However, if you have the right editing skills, you may be able to find a lucrative work-from-home opportunity. As a child, I loved watching home movies with my brothers and sisters, and I believe we played Cowboys and Crooks together. There is a huge market for video editors, even if it isn’t the most profitable. Editing videos is a time-consuming and intricate task, so businesses are willing to pay for it! Your ability to work from home and earn well depends on how many clients you have per month.


As an expert in your field, if you enjoy teaching others, you might want to consider contracting your training to companies in your spare time. This could provide supplemental income for yourself and your family.


Bookkeepers are organized and have everything in a row, so if numbers are your thing and you like to have everything in order then this is a great career choice for you. Is there any previous finance experience on your resume? The financial records of a business can be kept by a virtual bookkeeper.


There’s probably a lot of stuff lying around your house that you could sell for cash. You can take pictures of these items and upload them to sites like eBay while your kids are napping in order to see how much money you can earn. The friends I was talking about have both made over $100,000 flipping products from flea markets. Wow! They have three small children. If Melissa and Rob can find the time to do that, surely you can too! Moms who stay at home can earn a lot of money with this! I have earned some money from selling items around my house from time to time.


Your busiest month might be tax time, but you have more flexibility for the other months of the year! It’s great to have clients regardless of their number or size.


Despite the fact that it may seem strange, what many people actually pay for is an ironing service. You simply drop off your clothes, and once you are finished, you pick up them. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! People simply hate doing it, which is one of the reasons why it’s a common task. My mom watched TV shows while ironing my father’s shirts while listening to the show, and, as a result, they were happy to pay someone else to do it for them! Creating a business to pay your mortgage while doing what you love is possible! You may not make as much money as those moms on the internet, but you will be able to live the life you desire.

How to start an ironing business

  • Aboard and iron are needed
  • Get expert tips on ironing by watching this video
  • Please ensure that your contact information appears on the advertisement.
  • Provide delivery and pickup services at an additional cost.

That’s a great mom! You have your own ironing business!


Scrapbooking offers many opportunities in several areas: you could instruct others on how to create beautiful layouts, sell your art online, or even offer your services! Keeping in mind, if you’re creative enough and willing to put in the work, you can make this into a fun, affordable work-from-home job!


Teaching arts and crafts to the people in your community is a great way to channel your inner artist because children and adults both enjoy creating, they just need guidance sometimes in order to make that happen. There are several ways to do this: either host a painting lesson at your home through a YouTube channel or blog or create your own online course to drive traffic.


Everyone loves event planning, right? What a great way to earn money from home by planning events for others! 


Demand and market for cakes, cupcakes, and cake designers and decorators exist always, and if you have the necessary skills to do this type of work, the work is very desirable.


I have spent up to $20 per page for journal spreads created by people I know who love doodling in their journals; they know you’re creative and have lovely handwriting!


This sounds interesting, one of the world’s largest employers offers flexible work schedules – and an opportunity for moms to become Amazon shoppers. 


DogVacay offers pet sitting and dog walking opportunities for those who love both two and four-legged babies. If you work hard, you could earn $1,000 per month! Kids can do this job as my mother-in-law did it with my husband when he was 4 years old.

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