How To Made Over US$200k on Upwork via Linkbuilding

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Is your life stagnate and you lack next-level skills? Using a relatively new skill called Link Building, let’s talk about a friend who has earned millions of rupees (PKR). There is no formal education that can prepare you for it. It only takes a few weeks to learn if you focus and apply yourself. Here is the story of James Hale, an amazing individual. 

His Early Days & Challenges

The family of James is middle-class in Florida. In April 2013, he quit his job as a graphic designer in Florida. In addition to long work hours and big workloads, he also made a very low salary, so he quit his job. While he was trying to make it on the internet, he started selling products. Having nothing better to do than use his graphic design expertise, James signed up on Upwork, Odesk and started bidding on projects related to his expertise.

The man did not have the money to buy a powerful laptop, so he offered his services with a Pentium 4 desktop that was not terrible in speed but unresponsive in many ways. It was also difficult to find cheap internet with unlimited hours and stay online to look for new work. James remained optimistic, however. His work was grueling, but he persevered.

They say fortune favors those who are brave. The people we consider to be brave are those who are not low-key to the hardships of life and who fight to the end. The persistence we worked to realize our dreams sometimes caused me to sleep for only a few hours a day. There just was no escaping the burning desire.

Some Asif’s persistent efforts culminated by mid-2015. The project received a budget of $5,000. The response with unlimited bids took him three months. There was no doubt that this was something to celebrate. The experience boosted his self-esteem greatly. He never looked back after working on that project. It was primarily to support his family and make his parents proud, which was his primary motivation to get out of his current financial situation of despair and sorrow.

The first step towards a change in life can be the hardest thing to do, so he learned that you never want to permanently stay in your comfort zone. The only way to get a prosperous life is to lay down the very first necessary step. Unless you do, nothing will change.

In the end, he withdrew Rs.16000 from his online earnings after hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The experience was emotional, and he says it will stay with him forever.

In this new phase of his freelance career, he is providing quality services to his clients. His clients have paid up to $250k to him for Link Building services. The realization of a dream has been a real leap for an average guy a few years ago who was clueless.


I am still proud of myself for leaving the job even though we had failed. The internet was slow with 2G, and resources were limited, but we never lost our spirit. There was still hope for me. You have to be consistent to succeed. There needs to be that one particular moment that gives you a breakthrough. It’s the moment of your life, our friend.



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