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If the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the country, what are your options to make money? In addition to making money online after Coronavirus has passed, you may wish to discover ways to earn money. In the following article, we share 21 easy ways to earn money online; the latest version of this article would like you to click here to see even more exciting ways to make money online in 2021.

This website specializes in helping people travel and live abroad and has compiled a list of 50 creative ways to earn money in retirement. Information filled with tips on art galleries, tour guides, and how to enter the craft beer revolution is a good profit tip: what you learn applies to anyone who wants to make money online. The editors of state there is something for everyone, regardless of skill level, no matter what you accomplished in your past or what you currently do.

As Jennifer Stevens of International Living points out, the list is vast but not comprehensive. This website allows visitors to get a brief overview of the options, says Stevens. The website includes an extensive discussion of how ex-pats abroad finance their lives. There are times when it involves online work, for example, writing or drop-shipping. The company may offer in-person services like managing a consignment store or wedding planning. There is no doubt that online opportunities provide a great deal of flexibility. There is, however, one important point worth mentioning. A lot of entrepreneurs tell us that starting a business overseas is much cheaper and easier than doing so at home. Working from home online – or even traveling using this skill – can be very rewarding.


The Savvy Retiree editor Jeff Opdyke, a contributing editor to International Living based in Prague, says it’s up to us to decide how to live.In addition to causing untold damage, the researcher believes Coronavirus may have some benefits at work, despite its deterioration. The global economic crisis illustrates the extent to which so many workers can work on the go instead of in cubicles. Those companies that recognize that great savings can be found by letting workers work from anywhere are likely to grow in number in a post-Corona world. As an alternative to cubicle farms, workers may work from home, a coffee shop, anywhere. The workers will be more motivated as a result, increasing productivity.” PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE ADVICE

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It is important to realize that even if you’re working from the comfort of your home now, it might eventually lead to living and working abroad and living the dream. So what’s Opdyke’s advice? Work hard and try to be productive. Overproduce. Therefore, you will have some leverage when all of this is done to convince your boss to try work-at-home opportunities. we assume you enjoy your work-from-home schedule, of course. It’s not for everyone. You have a great opportunity in this crisis to shine, so your bosses take notice if you feel the same freedom we do.”

The following 17 ways to make money online are suitable for anyone who wants to move to another country, or who wants to work from home in this current climate of co-op, or who needs a career change. A resource like this is invaluable during these economic tough times and beyond. Then, we have three money-making ideas from International Living that we dream about doing once things begin to normalize. Your career can be boosted by photography right now.


 Sell Your Photos

You could become a photographer or possibly work in an area that needs images. According to International Living, stock photo websites have a wide variety of photographs covering almost every subject you can imagine. So how do they work? There are numerous databases where photographers can upload their work so magazine editors, designers, and organizations can buy pictures. In addition, stock websites offer the benefit of selling photos more than once, so even if you do nothing, you’ll earn money. The following photography sites are worth a look: Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images.

 Create How-To Videos

According to International Living, the site has become the go-to source for many video courses and guides in recent years. An article published in the United States describes how one real estate agent earned $100,000 by using YouTube. Instructing can earn money by charging a subscription fee or by password-protecting content for paying subscribers only. Click here to learn more. Put the same keywords in the title, description, and tags for your video as you did for YouTube.

 Become a Copywriter

Whether you live in Latin America, Europe, or on an island in Greece, you can earn a high income regardless of where you live. Write for hire. International Living says there are countless opportunities in the copywriting industry. The freelance copywriter lifestyle benefits from earning a living in U.S. dollars but, at the same time, living wherever you want. A resource for copywriter jobs and tips from Express Writers.The teaching of English can take place anywhere or online.


 Teach English

It might not come as a surprise to you. As a native English speaker, you already possess the most valuable qualification that can increase your chances of earning an international income wherever you are. Several resources are available for teaching English online, including, TeachAway (for children and adults in China), and iTutorGroup (for Taiwanese children and adults).

 Turn Your Interests Into a Podcast That Pays

International Living says podcasting doesn’t need to be difficult. A laptop, a microphone, and free recording software are all you need. The best way to make podcasts is for them to run once a week and be short. It is possible to make money from podcasts in various ways. For instance, sponsored shows can promote your products and help support your business. NPR has information about sponsorship.

 Set up a Content and Web Development Business

Is it your skill to develop websites and content? Online tools make it easy to create beautiful websites for anyone. Examples include WordPress, Weebly, and Joomla.Work from anywhere with translation.


 Become a Translator and Interpreter

What is your second language? All foreign countries with ex-pat communities are in need of interpreters and translators, and places, where English might not be the primary language, are especially in need of them. Translation and interpretation are also available online. You can find several resources here to learn how to become a translator or interpreter, including Welocalize, which ranked first among the top 20 companies for remote jobs in 2020.

 Try Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is something you may have heard of. A seller who doesn’t have an inventory does this type of retail. In contrast, customers order items from you, and you have them ship them directly to them. This means your products will never go bad, or you will never have to worry about managing stock,” International Living advises. Using an online selling platform like eBay or Amazon, this method prevents you from having to buy in bulk and hope to recoup your investment. Shopify has a helpful article on drop-shipping that explains the concept in more detail.


International Living advises entrepreneurs to establish their tutoring services to establish a comfortable and flexible lifestyle. A tip: Offer discounts to clients who refer your business. “Tutoring is a great way for students to learn anywhere.” According to International Living, word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool. You can apply for professional tutoring jobs at as well as find online tutoring jobs at

 Become a Freelance Proofreader

Also, proofreading online can be a lucrative business. According to International Living, most translation agencies will pay a proofreader 25% of the price of the translated document. “A five-page standard business document will cost about $75 to translate from English to Spanish. A proofreading job, which takes about an hour, will pay you anywhere from $18 to $20. There is a lot of information on Mediabistro concerning proofreading, including how to become a proofreader. What is your typing speed? Is transcribing of interest to you?

 Type for Cash

What is your typing speed? You can type out an audio transcription by listening through headphones. Your pay as a transcriber depends on how fast you type. The payment rate for transcription services is based on audio hours (the length of the audio file) rather than working hours. It depends on the quality of audio, background noise, accents, and speed at which people speak depending on the amount of time it takes you to write a transcript.” A transcriber can typically finish an audio hour in four hours if they type 75 to 100 words per minute. You can hire freelance transcribers through the service

 Create a Money-Making Blog

What are your areas of expertise? Write a blog to share your knowledge. Can you provide information on luxury travel or budget travel? In what ways are your skills relevant to travel? Are there any activities that you recommend? To attract a loyal audience and make money with your website, getting specific will allow you to do so. Wix and Squarespace are also options for hosting blogs.

 Tap Into the E-Book Business

You can make money selling ebooks. Kindle has instructions on how to make your own (you can follow them). In addition to licensing them, you can also upload printed books. If the author chooses to take advantage of online publication rights, they are paid approximately 8-15% of net sales as royalties.

 Set up an Online Course

Also included in the course creation process are tutorials, PDFs, videos, and e-books. The information can be sold online as passive income, and people can take the course at their own pace and ask questions in the group. You can create an online system using your skills, experiences, and knowledge with LearnWorlds’ help. 

An online life coach is available.

 Become a Life Coach (or Even a Travel Coach)

The process of life coaching requires people to think critically and be creative, so they can concentrate on both their personal and professional goals, advises International Living. Many of these training programs also let you build a website once you complete the training. In addition to helping people overcome their fears, build self-confidence, set goals, and develop success-oriented habits, life coaching can also help build self-esteem. If you are qualified, you might consider specializing in travel. See how a travel writer became a coach here.

 Become an Audiobook Narrator

As a means of entertainment, audiobooks are gaining in popularity. International Living comments that smartphones have resulted in a boom in the industry. As a result, narrators are in demand.” On this site, you will find advice about becoming an audiobook narrator.

 Internet Research and Surveys

If you are a web surfer or take surveys online, you can make good money while doing so. International Living recommends Internet research for a part-time income of $1,000 a month or more. Qmee lets you earn money if you click on search results. Add it to your browser. Qmee surveys and brand reviews also allow you to earn cash. You can also take surveys on SurveyBods, Survey Junkie, and Valued Opinions. Can small rewards be made while on the go? By listening to music and simply doing tasks, travelers can earn up to $600 extra a year with Current. 

Plus: 3 Travel Jobs that We Dream About

 Farming and Living Off the Land

It is recommended by International Living as the most fulfilling lifestyle choice. The US might dismiss it as too hard and too expensive, but there are places overseas where you can live off the land without too much effort, and you can make money as you do so. You could start a vegetable garden to feed your family and make money at the market. Then again, you could manage a lot of lands that produce big profits.

  1.  Run an Ecolodge

An increasing number of nations are learning about the pleasures and profitability of operating ecolodges. “Their goal is to fund their life of peace and nature overseas through ecotourism. And they’ve found that some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations are affordable.There are many eco-lodges in natural areas that cater to tourists seeking a wild vacation, and they can be built anywhere.

  1.  Try Cheesemaking

Cheese is a favorite of many people. In addition to being a satisfying hobby, cheesemaking can also make you money. There is a high demand for good cheese in certain ex-pat havens in Latin America.“


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