How To Connect Your PS5 DualSense Controller To Your PC

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Games can be played on the PS5 using the DualSense controller, easily connected to a PC. The advantages of a keyboard and mouse are evident, especially when playing first-person shooters, but some games work better with a pad, and Sony’s pad is an excellent option. A great controller for PC is the PS5 DualSense controller. It is super comfortable to hold, and it is nice to get some extra miles out of a gamepad when you can. Additionally, if your PC is on your living room couch rather than a workspace with a keyboard and mouse, it can be convenient to use a controller to play PC games. Your PC must support Bluetooth for the controller to work wirelessly, and a USB-C to USB-A cable will be needed if you plan to use the controller. 

Your PC may also have a USB-C input and a USB-C to USB-C cable. It would help if you kept in mind that the Adaptive Triggers on your DualSense PS5 controller won’t work on the vast majority of PC games when you use it. Recent updates to Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition has added full support for DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, in addition to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There is a possibility of further development of The DualSense controller, creating excitement for PC owners who prefer Sony’s newest controller. 

How To Connect Your PS5 DualSense Controller To Your PC

How do I use a DualSense controller on a PC?


It is a snap to set up this part. Using USB Type-C to USB-A cables is the easiest way to connect the controller to your PC (or Vice versa if you have a Type-C port readily available). There is no DualSense that comes with the PlayStation 5 console; it is sold separately. A shame! You can connect a cable, plug it in, and be up and running in no time.


The DualSense would work better with Bluetooth if you had an external Bluetooth adapter (or a motherboard built with Bluetooth). The next menu will contain its first item which will say ‘Bluetooth.’ Click it. The computer will search for available devices. Press the Windows key and type “Bluetooth” in Windows to open the Bluetooth and other devices menu.

The Bluetooth devices list will show ‘Wireless controller’ within a few seconds. Click on it to pair it. Several games recognize DualSense through DirectInput, which allows you to rebind the controls. In today’s world, many PC games rely on the newer XInput driver for Xbox controllers, so that DualSense will be somewhat limited without some help.


How do I set up the DualSense controller in Steam?

The Steam Platform officially supports DualSense since November 2020 and has been continuously improving since then. To make your DualSense work on PC, you should probably use Steam. However, you can use it in games that don’t use Steam. You can connect the DualSense with Bluetooth or by wired connection to your PC. Start Steam and click on the Big Picture button to display Big Picture Mode. The DualSense controller will appear on the right. This function of Steam automatically assigns keybinds to use the Triangle as Y, Square as X, etc.

The Calibrate option tweaks joystick sensitivity, and Preferences offers possibilities for naming the controller, configuring its rumble capability, and configuring the lighting of the touchpad and LED strip around it. If you want to customize the layout or gyro controls of your DualSense controller, make sure PlayStation Configuration Support is selected. You can start Steam controller configuration mode by pressing the PlayStation logo button on your controller in any Steam game when you have that button chosen.

In addition to selecting button bindings, you can enable the touchpad to perform left- and right-clicks in its sill (for gyro aiming) and also customize the gyroscope if you wish. In addition, it is possible to configure Action Sets and Action Layers for completely different keyboard shortcuts and switch between them in-game on the fly. The player can use a gyro control in GTA while flying in a plane by pressing one key each time they enter. You can leave this screen alone, though, if you want to use this DualSense just like a regular gamepad.


How do I use the DualSense controller with non-Steam games?

It should be possible to use the DualSense with almost anything, even emulators, on the Epic Games Store if you own a game there. Reintroduce Steam as soon as possible. You can add other Windows executables to your Steam library by selecting the ‘Add to library’ option and using the Steam overlay. You can add any game you own from Steam’s ‘Games’ menu. From that menu, you can list all games on your computer. As a result, you’ll probably be able to add fun and play with a controller since Steam acts as an intermediary.

DS4Windows is another option.

The DS4Windows tool has been updated to offer DualSense support for games that aren’t run on Steam. Once you connect DS4Windows by USB or by Bluetooth to your computer, press The LED, and the battery on your game controller can be replaced. There are games with controller support that can be run on DualSense and DS4Windows.


What games use the DualSense controller’s features on PC?

All games support DualSense without the need to use Steam. All of Windows’ games do not help the DualSense driver as Windows uses the generic DirectInput driver. Steam Input’s greatest utility, however, is in games that use Microsoft’s XInput driver. In less than a year from its release, games will support the PlayStation 5’s unique features.


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