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Are you facing the problem of getting slower on your computer or laptops? Do you want to know your computer speed? Don’t worry. We will teach you How To Check the RAM Speed of the computer or laptop to know why you slow down your computer. 

How To Check Ram Speed

There is more than one reason for slowing down the computer. If you are worried about how to check the ram speed of your computer. We provide you with details about it. So, if you want to upgrade your PC or laptop and what is the present state of your computer, then read this article to get mastery in it. 

How To Check RAM Speed

RAM is one of the computer’s main components that handle all computer tasks and completes them fastly. So if you are facing the problem of completing the task on time or want to make it faster by upgrading, you must know the present state of your RAM speed in your PC or laptops and then upgrade it accordingly. 

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How To Check RAM Speed in Windows 10

Suppose you are a window 10 user and want to know the RAM speed in Windows 10. Using the latest version of window 10, follow the given instructions and come out of this confusing question. 

  • Right-Click on the taskbar and select Task Manager 
  • Click the “Detail” option if your PC or laptop is in compact mode. 
  • Now, choose the performance tab
  • Tape on memory, and you will see the memory state on the top right corner of the window display. 

But if you are using the old version, you have to change some steps given below. Just follow each of them and know the exact RAM of your PC or laptop. You should also read How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

  • Press the Window key and R at the same time to open the Run Command pop-up box.
  • Type dxdiag and click on OK.
  • After that, there is a pop-up shown on your PC or laptop’s display screen, and you can see the memory easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access memory. It is the temporary memory of the computer and remains until the computer is turned on. If you turn off your PC or laptop, all the data in it will vanish. 

The RAM is used to speed up the computer or laptop and make the processing speed faster. It is called to be the short-term system memory. Furthermore, Ryzen9 5900x RAM is also much better than other traditional RAMs.

How much RAM do I have?

It is difficult to describe the RAM’s exact measurement because it is available on the market in different shapes, sizes, speeds, and capacities. 

How Much RAM Do You Need?

The RAM’s capacity is based on your requirement, but it must not be less than 4GB because this speed is not enough for a smooth working PC or laptop. 4GB of RAM is perfect for small office work and medium tasks. The 8GB RAM is ideal for heavy tasks like video editing, gaming, or CAD programs. 

Is faster RAM worth it?

Yes! Of course. But If you don’t have a heavy task to do, you don’t need to install faster RAM. 

Final Words

After reading the complete info article, you will be able to know about How To Check RAM Speed. This small PC tool helps to faster your work and does not stick you at any point. Choose wisely in picking the RAM, and you won’t regret your decision. If still, you have any questions in your mind. Let us know in the comment section. We will entertain your query ASAP.

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