How to Charge a Chromebook Without the Charger

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Keeping your electronics charged is essential for their maintenance and continuous use. The charger for your phone or laptop is likely not to be with you. Because there are many emergencies, it is advisable to know how to charge your device without a charger whenever possible. If you want to set your Chromebook in an emergency, you just fled with your charger, or you are traveling without it, you should know the best ways to do that. Here are some tips.

How to charge your Chromebook without a Charger

There are several methods for charging your Chromebook without a charger. The methods listed forward are subject to some limitations, so make sure to read the text thoroughly.

Use a USB-C Cable to Charge Your Chromebook

You can charge a Chromebook using a USB-C cable instead of the original charger. It’s not as simple as it might seem since you’ll need a Chromebook with a USB-C port as well as a charger that would support Power Delivery. This method allows you to charge your device while using it. However, one prerequisite must be met. As for the power source on your Chromebook, you will need to check whether it supports USB-C. You can do so by clicking the “Power” tab in the “Device” section of your Chromebook’s settings. If you do not select a power source once finished, the Chromebook won’t be charged. In this case, you’re in luck since your device may be able to handle the additional power.

Power Banks to the Rescue

Charge your smartphone’s battery with a portable power bank while on the go. In addition, a power supply is available for charging Chromebooks. The Chrome OS must be fully assessed over a long time, as this is a low-power method of setting the device. You can also charge the Chromebook using your phone, but there are some limitations.

 The phone must provide both power and charge, meaning that it cannot take control while it can also deliver power. In addition, you must use a USB-C cable to power your Chromebook. It’s fair to say that the battery on the phone cannot be compared to the one on the Chromebook, even if you’ve checked all the boxes by now. In other words, your phone’s battery will die sooner than you think, but it may give your Chrome OS a few minutes longer than it otherwise would.

Use a Universal Charger

You can also charge your Chromebook with a universal charger you might already have. The chargers work with everything from Chromebooks to smartphones to laptops and desktops, but the charging quality is compromised.

Try Your Car Charger

Despite how difficult it seems, extreme measures are necessary when the going gets tough. The Chromebook might have come with a DC power cord intended for a car. You may find it useful if you are experiencing difficulty with your car charger. The only option you have is to sit in the car for a few hours while you wait for your replacement charger.

Prioritize Getting the Original Charger

There are, as you understand, some ways to do it.


Without the original adapter, charging a Chromebook can be a challenge. This article provides tips to help you successfully achieve the task. In an ideal world, you should maintain the Chromebook’s charging port. To ensure that all the alternative methods you use to charge your Chromebook are suitable, do a little research before using them.

It is possible to mix things with some laptops and harm them. You must use the right items and make sure the correct connections are made if you use a non-original battery to charge your Chromebook. You must follow these guidelines very carefully, as failure to follow them can lead to a breakdown or even a fire. we will answer your question about charging a Chromebook without a charger. Please leave any other questions you may have in the comments section.


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