How Does a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover Work

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding Apple’s new MacBook Air and MacBook keyboards. Some people complain about the noise they make when typing, but there’s a much more serious issue with the ultra-thin butterfly mechanism keyboard. The key will no longer function if even a little bit of dust gets lodged under it.

It would help if you kept your MacBook Air’s keyboard in optimal condition since it is one of its most important components. The computer wouldn’t function without it! You can also get a MacBook Air keyboard cover for other reasons besides protecting your keyboard. Learn why you should get a keyboard cover for your MacBook Air to maintain its appearance and functionality.

How Does a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover Work

The MacBook Air keyboard cover acts as a shield between you and the outside world (and between the keyboard and all of the hardware that makes it click and clack). There are some crevices between the keys and the aluminum top casing on Apple keyboards, making them an ideal place for dust, lint, and debris to accumulate. As soon as something enters your keyboard’s mechanism, it is very hard to get it out. The canned air can work sometimes, but it isn’t always available, and in some cases, it causes more debris to lodge under the keys. The canned air sometimes works, but it is not always available. The longer you leave something stuck under your keyboard, the more likely it is that it will cause permanent damage to your MacBook Air.

The greatest advantage of a keyboard cover is that it makes it almost impossible for anything to trap underneath your keys. The silicone material used for the keyboard cover of the MacBook Air is water (and even air) proof, ensuring that dust won’t find its way under the spacebar. Your new MacBook Air keyboard may not be able to permit you to type spaces between words. Is this a concern? A keyboard cover for a MacBook Air is a great idea for that reason.

You may also need to repair your keyboard if you get something stuck in your keyboard and can’t get it out. The time you spend on it may also be expensive. There is no loaner program for Apple keyboard repairs, which can take several days. You must give your MacBook Air to Apple so it can be repaired and returned. You can now protect your MacBook Air keyboard for much less money and easier.

Other Benefits of Getting a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover

There are several reasons why you should buy a keyboard cover for your MacBook.

To Protect Your Keyboard From Dirt and Minor SpillsYou can take a MacBook anywhere you go, so most people buy them. In addition, dirt, spills, and accidents are more likely to happen to them. In addition to protecting your Mac from major spills, such as water and oil, keyboard protectors can also protect you from minor spills, such as splashes. You can keep crumbs, dirt, and oil out of Mac’s crevices when you eat while using your Mac or doing other activities that could get dirt on your hands.

To Tune Down Keyboard Clicks

In addition to insulating sound, the material reduces unwanted noises that MacBooks make. This is bad news for people who appreciate crisp keyboard clicks. This might be a good reason to get one if you have a noisy roommate who keeps you up at night or if you have to work in the wee hours of the night.

It’s Easier to Clean

The keyboard cover makes cleaning the crevices easier, even when you use compressed air to spray out debris. It is very simple to remove, soak in soapy water, air dry, and then put back on your MacBook. You can also read about Best MacBook Case Features.


It Protects Your Keyboard From Wear and Tear

A keyboard protector will prevent the wear and tear of your keyboard so that you can keep it in great condition. This will prevent the backlight from being exposed to texture wear and delamination.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

The keyboard protector can make your Mac look eye-catching. There are numerous styles available. You can choose from solid colors or gradient colors. There are also ones with larger prints to assist those with issues seeing.

  1. It Doesn’t Cause Overheating.

The use of keyboard covers may block the vents on MacBooks, resulting in overheating. A MacBook’s vent is underneath the keyboard, not on the screen hinges. The keyboard protector won’t cause the laptop to overheat.

Stand Out from the Crowd

You can also get a MacBook Air keyboard cover for its purely aesthetic qualities. You are likely aware that Apple products all look pretty similar, regardless of the colors available. The black keyboard is on an aluminum frame. The design is pretty, but it is rather useful and does not match everyone’s style! You can customize your MacBook Air even without adding a case with Kuzy MacBook Air keyboard covers that come in many colors and designs. You will stand out with your custom keyboard cover in a sea of silver and black.

A Quieter Keyboard is a Better Keyboard

 You can’t beat the sound of clattering and clicking in a crowded coffee shop. It’s the same thing in open offices; many people are typing away on MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs to prove (or at least to prove) that they’re getting stuff done (or at least typing). If you don’t find the sound offensive, it can be annoying to those around you. Your MacBook Air is also likely to be quieter with a keyboard cover installed. The silicone material is not just a barrier; it also acts as a sound insulator, effectively quieting the clicking and clacking of the new MacBook Airs and MacBooks.

Protection Without Sacrificing Thinness

The Kuzy MacBook Air keyboard cover offers excellent protection without adding bulk to your device. Compared to other laptops and even other Apple computers, the MacBook Air features an incredibly thin profile. In the beginning, a great computer was introduced in a small package, and everyone was blown away. In addition, the newest 2018 MacBook Air manages to be thinner, lighter, and smaller than its predecessor! It is important not to get anything bulky for your MacBook Air when you get accessories. This keyboard cover for MacBook Air is so thin. You won’t notice it’s there. The device’s lid closes flush, so the device is as slim as the day you bought it!

Keyboard Covers Are Much Easier to Keep Clean

The MacBook Air keyboard is a pain to clean. The keyboard on a computer is one of the dirtiest parts since your fingers are constantly touching it. You can remove the MacBook Air silicone keyboard cover and completely disinfect it by soaking it in soapy water. You can use this method to keep your new MacBook Air germ-free.

Downsides of Using a Keyboard Cover

The keyboard cover should be chosen based on several factors.

It Leaves a Mark on Your Screen

If the MacBook lid is closed, some keyboard protectors reach the screen when thick and high. As a result, oils and dirt transfer into the screen. In most cases, the streaks disappear when they are cleaned with a damp cloth. Thin covers do not touch the screen as well.

It Reduces Tactile Feedback

The process of typing with a keyboard protector takes some practice: the thicker the keyboard protector, the slower your typing speed and how comfortable your typing will be.

It Can Damage Your Screen

The thin design of most MacBooks leaves very little room between the Retina display and the keyboard. As well as making MacBooks difficult to close properly, thick keyboard covers can cause damage to the display.

It Can Obscure the Keyboard’s Backlight

There are keyboard protectors that have printed letters and symbols that cover the backlight, making them opaque. This makes nighttime typing difficult.

So, Who Even Needs a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover?

A MacBook Air keyboard cover is a necessity for every MacBook Air owner. A big reason most people buy a MacBook Air is its portability. The laptop is easy to carry around. The increased productivity also increases the chances of keyboard spills or lint lodged beneath a key. Your new MacBook Air should feel comfortable and confident when you use it. It would help if you didn’t let fear of ruining your keyboard stop you from doing something great. A MacBook Air keyboard cover guards your device as well as your peace of mind.


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