How A Women Exploring Multiple Source of Income

The name of my company is Elizabeth. In my story, we share my experience growing up in a middle-class family, experiencing both happiness and sadness during my journey. Most middle-class girls aspired to become medical doctors and live fulfilling lives. The medical field is my only goal, and we never plan to leave it. To enroll in a medical school, we had to take an entrance exam.

How A Women Exploring Multiple Source of Income

The rejection was sadly disappointing. That failure crushed me. It was only ever something we had imagined myself doing in the future: becoming a doctor. we broke down and became depressed after it was crushed into pieces. So did I. The most painful incident we have ever experienced happened along with this setback. It was the passing of my father. This caused me to lose hope. The situation changed completely.

I was confronted with the truth of life. Children no longer have the protective shelter and support of their fathers. We were experiencing my emotional breakdown simultaneously with the pressure of being the eldest daughter. To overcome my loss, we decided to act as a responsible, reliable elder in my family.

Road To Self-Discovery :

My search for financial independence and freedom led me through books and sometimes the Internet. The more we pursued this ambition, the more it disturbed and stimulated me. The phone was a brand-new world to me. The internet was nonexistent at home. Internet bundles were purchased with my pocket money to stay connected. By avoiding the cafés, we saved money on drinks. There was more thirst inside than outside.

As part of my education, we listened to lectures on financial independence and completed coursework on Digiskills, Coursera, and Edx. The notes we took remain with me today. This changed my way of thinking. My work search now relies upon Facebook, Google, and YouTube. It was obvious that I’d been completely blind to this new way of searching. The experience is merely a new world, honestly.

Starting My Writing Career :

The writer within me was found after exploring and trying out different skills. Regular writing became part of my life. We wrote over 300 articles on social and development issues for national and international sites and newspapers in the last two years. The first books we wrote were with other writers. After earning some money, we also wrote to my readers to try my luck.

University Life :

In addition to my studies, we prioritized extracurricular activities when we applied to the university. The experience improved my public speaking skills and my interpersonal skills. In the beginning, we started networking, attending events, and participating in activities. This meant stepping out of my comfort zone and chasing my dreams. New connections have been made, and we are now sharing ideas. Our university has taken on numerous new initiatives. Our book sale, stationary sale, etc., are just some of them. The “Networking” process was crucial for generating income.

Activities Alongside Writing :

The Pakistan Leadership Program was launched with friends from my university after the Pandemic when everything was closed. The rooms we had were converted into classrooms since we lacked offices. The school and college fellows we trained were taught career development and leadership using online classes.

The Rohingya camps of Bangladesh were also taught basic digital literacy by developing an online WhatsApp course. A prestigious international startup community named Startup Grind awarded me its bull award in March. A mandate from the Ministry of Ontario recognized me as an instructor in April 2021. The trip marked my first trip to North America. Additionally, we opened a YouTube channel about personal development and social media during this time.

Gaining Financial Freedom:

This is a detailed list that will give you a sense of how we made money from multiple sources.

1- Using Facebook & LinkedIn for Jobs:

In addition to making my social media profiles professional, we posted my work on social media platforms and relevant educational platforms. To fulfill my goals, we looked for people within my field and connected. To do so, we joined online social media communities that relate to my work. In this regard, we would point out that my favorite websites are Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, we spent half an hour every day searching for new jobs in their job sections. It was sometimes possible to qualify for good opportunities for contractual work. Sometimes it was difficult.

2- Mentors and Ideals:

We need to follow the people we need to copy, but true mentors and ideals who can inspire us. They motivate us to improve ourselves to become better individuals constantly. In addition, we continue to search for excellent performers and people who have a good reputation in their fields. In the same way that a good student would follow their teacher, we add them. You achieve your goals faster if you follow the success footprints of your mentors.

Pro Tip about Mentors:


You can learn lifelong when you’re open to it. The ability to follow mentors and learn from their journey helps you learn a great deal. These mentors share a large range of opportunities as well. The right option can be life-changing. This network helped me interact with some opportunities. The Startup Grind program was one such opportunity.

3- Becoming Online Tutor :

A pandemic forced everyone to go online. This caused me to teach online. The Internet consists of many sites that offer online teaching services like reply and has been an increasing number of international schools going online. It is possible to find a part-time or full-time job on LinkedIn that allows you to connect with global communities.

4- English Speaking Practice :

English is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, but we are afraid to make mistakes in it.Learn English and overcome fear by joining an online toastmaster’s club. Everyone knows each other here, which makes learning fun and easy. If you say what comes to mind, grammar experts will correct any errors. Since we began writing, my vocabulary has increased immensely.

Connect with them, make international friends. The majority of people will not notice grammatical errors as long as they get the message across. Additionally, you are likely to get hired because of your expertise, which creates new financial opportunities.


In the end, we want to share with you the best lesson I’ve learned in my life that every story does not start with smiles, but once that happens, God takes over and allows you to take every level on your journey. Do not give up. Keep going and discover who you are. You must remain in the game till the end, regardless of how many disappointments you receive. It would help if you grew as time went on in life. We should strive to become better every day. My opinion is that the only way to create better and new opportunities is to open up and leverage your unique talents.


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