How A Guy Flipped Gadget Reporter for $6500 in 10 Months

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Dreams do come true. ”””””” These lines are familiar to us throughout our days, but we notice that in our case, we hear them more often. The dream is a reality. we freelanced in 2013 when we had no skills, no investment, and no moral support from family. In the beginning, we couldn’t figure out where to begin, soweI remained interested in this field on and off. It was unclear what to do.  

How A Guy Flipped Gadget Reporter for $6500 in 10 Months

In addition to skill training, we have often taken on projects. In the past, we have failed and learned by trial and error. We started a small affiliate website business with no resources (money, time, and content writers). To hire content writers, we placed ads on social media forums. The following day,weI was contacted by Mr. Imran, and we decided to expand the business together. 


A Facebook group devoted solely to freelancing and e-commerce gave James and me the idea to build an Amazon Associates Website.In October 2020, we registered the domain and started the website. Investments, management, and human resources posed many problems. The team of content writers, developers, and graphic designers at our company has a wide range of talents to solve the problem. The company was low on investment and couldn’t pay staff salaries every month.

In developing the “Learning plus Earning” business model, we came up with a way to educate newbies so they can polish their skills and gain hands-on experience. In this case, Facebook ads were put up in groups devoted to freelancers and e-commerce. Messages poured in from all over our nation. At first, there was one WhatsApp group for all members. The process proved challenging. The purpose was to facilitate grouping, and those groups were divided according to their abilities, interests, and aptitudes. The classes were conducted using Zoom. 


Every member (management plus members) devoted their hearts and souls to Gadget Reporter. It was a 24-hour effort for me. our friend and we held meetings and worked endlessly for 24 hours straight. A series of Google algorithms updates in 2021 forced us to devise proprietary content strategies. The content writers employed these strategies by updating the content regularly. Thanks to action-oriented plans and frequent content upgrades, the Search Engine Algorithm Updates did not affect Gadget Reporter’s search rankings.


I had difficulty communicating with the members with different attitudes, abilities, interests, backgrounds, languages, and cultures. However, we did not let our problems deter us. Our perseverance and patience paid off, as we did not give up because Allah (The Most Gracious and Merciful) rewarded our hard work. 

Many newcomers in Pakistan face difficulties due to where they come from. The Internet connection can be a problem in some neighborhoods and small towns, while sometimes the electricity goes out. In addition to managing their household tasks, many were housewives. This shows their dedication. Passion and dedication are essential for success. Success stories all share one element in common. Good and Evil exist in every universe, and ours is not an exception. Good characters have positive energy, while Evil ones emit negative energy.

I agree…

When we are positive, we are productive. Team members work with a progressive mindset and a positive attitude. The Digital Family started the project with a positive outlook, but some people brought negative vibes to the table. They defamed us because of their insecurities. Their attempts to undermine us proved fruitless. 

Skills & Opportunities

Students learned a variety of skills from the course work, including content development and software development, graphic design and search engine optimization, as well as social media management. They also have the chance to earn a living on top of gaining training. They receive a split of the earnings. Our job was to manage and develop the content while the writers provided well-researched, SEO-optimized content. 


The Gadget Reporter began showing up in search results within one month of its launch by Allah Almighty with our collective efforts. By Jan 2021, the content had earned $13 in revenue. By just one month later, Gadget Reporter exceeded $250. The day the articles were flipped, 90% of the 10 top searches appeared when they were converted. There were over 1,000 keywords in the full-ranked content. The website for gadget news closed on Flippa at $6500. This is not the end of our journey. There are ten months left. After this accomplishment, we plan to launch new projects together to train newbies and be a helping hand during a challenging time.


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