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Guardian Tales Mod APK is an epic game with lots of premium features in which you have to collect different warriors to enjoy the gameplay
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It is the best RPG strategy game in its category and is developed by Kakao games corporation. There is worldwide popularity for this game. Millions of people download Guardian Tales MOD APK game.

The graphics in this game are gorgeous. In this puzzle game, you can build explosive bombs with heavy blocks and solve the puzzle.

A player takes on the role of a soldier who sacrifices his life to protect the kingdom. This means defending it against the enemy forces.

Guardian Tales MOD APK 2022

It’s a role-playing game where you need to protect the whole world and are initially an inhabitant of a simple kingdom.

The goal of the game is to teach your hero survival and combat skills and equip him with weapons.

You can only succeed with this method which involves saving the world from different types of enemies.

In addition, you can make adventures easier by assembling a fantastic team of heroes to fight for you. This game is visually appealing and sounds excellent.

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You can play Guardian Tales unlimited gems with friends or other players online in this multiplayer game with simple gameplay. The game can be downloaded for free.

This game is unique in many ways. It has an intriguing plot. You must protect Canterbury from its enemies as the guardian.

You can explore some interesting places and Takedown your enemies as a renowned guardian. Impress your friends by showing off your astounding skills.

You’ll have a lot of fun. You can get unlimited money and gems with the Guardian Tales MOD APK.

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Features of Guardian Tales MOD APK

Games have a lot to love about Guardian Tales. Here are a few features we have included to familiarize you with them.

A Game of Strategy

In Guardian Tales APK, players have to decide whether they want to attack or defend their tower on each level.

Before it gets dark and the sand runs out, players can make a limited number of moves.

It is crucial to building a kingdom with fire, iron, water and wood generators so they can readily produce resources and attack nearby enemies.

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Strategic Combat

You will enjoy all the exciting features of the game. You can prepare different combat tactics with your team of heroes which will consist of three.

Before creating a team, take the time to view their fighting styles and skills carefully. It would help if you had the strongest and most intimidating team to win the game.

Solve Puzzles

You will be faced with different strategic situations in the game. You must complete different tasks at each level.

Using explosives for exploration is a fun way to find objects and discover new paths within the game.

Its unique gameplay will prevent you from feeling bored. Self-learning, enjoying, and evolving with each level.

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Hard Work Pays Off

The answer is to upgrade their generators. Upgrades to the fire can provide a higher output of resources but they require more time.

They must take a risk when upgrading their iron generator to produce more iron per round because they cannot see what’s coming next. Sand and wood generators are no different.

A World of Wonders

You can roll a positive or a negative number on the attack dice. Players receive ten extra sand if they roll an “8”, but five sand if they roll a “1”.

In addition, players can try to find either wooden or stone chests, play bonus rounds where all three dice are rolled at once or even uncover a gold mine where pearls can be found to purchase unique items.

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Challenging Dungeons

You will be able to walk through dungeons and solve puzzles just like in the Resident Evil 3 APK.

Moreover, You will come across a challenging boss near the end of the dungeon. There is no need to be afraid.

You must try to defeat the evil, take the lead, and lead the game. Be the one who destroys your enemies.

Customize Your Base

In the game, the base can be customized. You can make it fun, ridiculous, serious, or exciting in any way you’d like.

You should make sure that the base is comfortable, convenient, and easy-filled for all people as it will be a safe place.

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Saving the Kingdom

There are only three chances per game for a player to save their progress so wise use of them is crucial.

Players can strategize as much as they like since the full version of Guardian Tales APK does not set a time limit.

Online Multiplayer Support

Through Game Center’s online multiplayer capabilities, friends will be able to compete against each other for the ultimate prize of saving their kingdoms.

Item System

Some games allow players to purchase items before starting a level that will grant them particular abilities such as immunity from fire, enhanced defense, receiving pearls on a “5”, enhancing the production of specific resources and so forth.

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

You can lower your drawbridge on some levels if you want to let enemies in. It’s riskier to do so since there’s no way to know what enemies await at the end of the round.

Having too few moves in their arsenal could make their game impossible or worse and they could lose all their progress.

A strategic choice like this requires careful planning and a lot of strategies and only the best strategists can make it.

Enemies Galore

The four enemy types players must avoid are ghosts, goblins, archers, and giants. In a battle, players need to strategize based on their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses to win.

The only weapon that can kill ghosts can be a ranged weapon, like an ice spell or bow and arrow. Stone towers are too strong for archers, as they can only attack long-range.

Despite their slow movement, giants do the same amount of damage regardless of the type of tower they strike.

The roamers are not very numerous but their attacks are more damaging than other enemies.

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More Enemies

You will also have to deal with those annoying bees that fly over and surround the towers.

They aren’t as easy as they seem. Don’t let opponents encroach on your resources or you could lose some.

Many Modes to Play

You can choose between three modes in Guardian Tales, ordinary, complex and endless.

There are 50 levels in standard mode and 25 in hard mode each with a unique twist and challenge.

There are also bonus rounds in hard mode. In endless mode, players compete to survive without dying for as long as possible.

You lose all your lives when you run out of lives. Players must think carefully before executing moves in this mode because there is no time limit.

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Impressive and professional graphics are used in this game. Every color combination, detail, and character stands out.

Guardian Tales’ graphics are mesmerizing and refined and they can make or break the quality of a game.

Players will surely be impressed by them. A more enjoyable gaming experience will result.

Free To Download

You can play the game for free so you do not have to pay anything. A free download of the game is available on our site.

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What’s New

  • Improved security of the game
  • Enhance the graphics
  • Enhance bug protections
  • Updated to latest version


You can choose a hero at the start of the game. The knights come in two varieties.  After choosing your character’s personality, choose between Polite, Passionate and Aggressive.

Write your character’s name after choosing your personality. The gameplay is straightforward. Your knight moves by tapping the arrow buttons.

The simplest way to clear your path is to destroy a wooden drum or box blocking your path. You can attack your enemies using the sword button.

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You must dodge your opponents’ attacks and attack at the right time. Moreover, You have an unlimited number of items and weapons at your disposal.

The weapons available are one-handed, two-handed, bows, and gauntlets. The weapons each have unique abilities and damage the enemies in different ways.

To get more inventory room, you must buy diamonds. You should also purchase consumable items that are helpful in gameplay.

In addition, You can choose from hundreds of heroes and make your hero look even more unique by wearing different costumes.

You can buy costumes with diamonds. As you complete missions, gather and use items to become better at the game.

Use upgrades to make killing enemies easier. Progress through levels to become better.

You can chat with NPCs and learn about the story by tapping the chat icon. Take a look at unique places and locations.

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Your city needs protection from monsters in scary and dark dungeons. You can earn rewards by killing giant bosses.

Save Canterbury from all hostile creatures and enemies. It is your responsibility as a hero.

This game lets you play online with friends and other players. Take part in epic PvP battles. You will have to gather three heroes to defeat your opponent.

Go to the Guild House to gather your team. Furthermore, you will enjoy it more if you play with friends.

You can show off your characters to your friends and other players. You can earn diamonds by playing events, completing challenges and completing quests.

This game’s primary currency is diamonds. Your diamonds will increase as you reach new levels and you will be able to buy more costumes and weapons.

A superb gaming experience is waiting for you with Guardian tales MOD APK.

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  • Easy to play
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free to download
  • No need to root the device


  • If you download from any illegal site, it may harm your security. So always use APKShines and ensure trusted and verified apps and games.


  • Always download Guardian Tales MOD APK from a trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mod for Guardian tales?

You can download Guardian Tales for free and with a crack from here.

How do you get free Guardian gems in tales?

The mod file for the game allows you to obtain more coins and gems. The file is free to download.

How do you get a heroin guardian tales apk?

You can view multiple characters on the game’s home screen by clicking on the tab books for both male and female characters are present.

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This game is an excellent choice for adventure game lovers. You won’t get bored playing this game. You can do a lot and enjoy it as well.

If you are interested in playing an android game, you should download the Guardian Tales mod apk since this app is for Android users.

The game is free to play just like you would on a smartphone. You can play it on your phone because it’s simple and easy to play.

The app is fun to play when you’re bored. Guardian Tales is genuinely one of the best adventure games thanks to all the excellent features.

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