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The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game is an open-world action adventure. If you want to spend your spare time full of joy and fun the GTA San Andreas APK download android 2022 is the best game for you. In addition to being one of the most successful game series of all time, Rockstar Games launched the most successful game series in history. A game called GTA San Andreas MOD APK is available to download.

Gamers all over the world like the action-adventure game San Andreas. You can get android full version APK + OBB + Mod. The game was first released for PCs and Windows, in addition to Playstation, Xbox, iOS and Android.

GTA San Andreas MOD APK 2022

In addition to its wide-open world, numerous tasks, and missions, this game is one of the most popular action games on all desktop platforms. The website lets you play basketball, shop and customize your GTA SAN Andreas CJ (Carl Johnson) whether you want to be a firefighter, doctor, policeman or taxi driver.

GTA San Andreas MOD APK

You just have to click on the above provided link for GTA San Andreas free download android 2022. As an open-world game, you can explore your virtual world. The open world of GTA allows you to explore freely. It is a direct download link for play gta san andreas free. You will love the game.

GTA San Andreas Download

In addition to the three large cities and some smaller hamlets, the whole San Andreas cities can now be explored. You can also play like a gangster and steal any car you want, motorbike, bicycle, and do explosions, get any gun and buy houses to save your game. Do you like these games too? You can download Grand Theft Automobile right now. All fans of game titles like this will enjoy the impressive graphics, survival elements, sandboxes, an impressive arsenal of weapons, and a choice of vehicles.

The second mode involves completing missions found on the map. The gta san andreas game lets you complete various missions or do everything you would do in real life as you wish. You can enhance your experience by using cheats. You can learn more on the cheat gta san andreas page. The first mode allows the player to ride for free.  You are taken to the next mission after completing the previous one.

Features of GTA SAN Andreas MOD APK

The PlayStation 2 released Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in 2004. They released an Xbox version and a PC version a year after that. In just a few months, the game became the best-selling game for Sony’s PlayStation 2. A few years after the PC version was released, the Mac and mobile versions were also released.

Background Story

In the year following Carl Johnson’s five years in Liberty City, his brother Sweet contacted him to say their mother had been killed. He threatened him during this time. In addition to threatening Carl with prison if he didn’t cooperate, Tompney accused Carl of murdering a police officer. The old gang members, Leder and Smok, reunited with Carl when he returned to Grove Street, his hometown.

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The day after Carl left, Sweet Johnson informed Karl that the Grove family had lost a lot of land. Many sites belonging to the Balas Gang and the Mexican Gang were lost after Karl’s actions reduced the number of drugs traded on the street. The police stopped Carl as he left the airport. A corrupt policeman, Thompney, went on vacation with him.

In the crucial moments of the battle, Smoke and Leder rebelled and turned to corrupt police officers and Balas. This led Karl to decide to move back to Grove Street. The Grove family was not the only one exiled; Karl and Sweet were also arrested. Las Vegas was Carl’s second successful location after Los Angeles and San Francisco. As part of the mission, Carl was able to kill Leder and Smoker, two criminals and finally, the corrupt police soup.

In 2007, after Sweet’s release from prison, the location was robbed. The pair revived the gang. Their gang is now the most powerful in San Andreas GTA because of their revenge.

Game Maps

The game contains Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, three major cities. There are three major cities in the game where the player can freely roam, accept missions and make friends in. Players can sneak into cities by swimming or grabbing planes. You will also find railroad tracks in some cities. There are lots of people using public transportation and rail lines.

The streets and railways are flat, and the seaside and island places resemble the prototype city in layout. Highways connect the three major cities. In addition to frequent weather changes, there are several natural phenomena in the three major cities including fog, day, night, rain, thunder, lightning, etc. The cities have excellent educational opportunities, medical resources, and public safety.

Combat System

There are two ways to participate in this game’s combat system: you can fight when there is a mission, or you can fight without a mission. It has a good battle system. There are no surprises. There are combat missions in the game. After the mission, the battle begins. As a result, the battle is deemed over once the corresponding enemy is defeated or the corresponding goal is achieved. Your life amount remains the same for everyone. Your weapon will damage the enemy. As a result of the player’s lock settings, the game’s combat skills, weapons and wrestling skills are more mature. For instance, you can use melee weapons such as fists, baseball bats, and bunkers to destroy the enemy in gun battles.

Mission system

There is no other way of accomplishing this. The game’s main objective takes about 100 hours to complete. The game features side quests and free-to-play elements. As well as talking about the protagonist, the game includes optional side missions, making it more playable and liberating. The game has a lot of tasks. The details needn’t be explained.  Your decisions can affect the outcome of your mission.  For a protagonist to be successful, controls must be applied by the player and the protagonist.

The protagonist’s hard work in each city can affect their reputation. The weapon store where to purchase some weapons before starting some tasks. You must complete this task at the designated task point. The player can pursue their interests in any way they’d like, and side quests are independent. Although not vital to the game, a protagonist’s decisions can still impact whether the mission is successful. This game’s main goal is to drive Karl’s bicycle until corrupt police officer Tommy is killed. As the plot develops, the middle of the story changes. It is not possible to choose a difficulty level or play mode.

GTA SA Mod APK Features

This game will become easier for you with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Mod. You must complete many missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK. By killing the locals or completing the missions, you collect money. However, The majority of players lack money. You can then spend the money on items of your choice. This is where you can download the free mod version of Grand Theft Auto Vice. This version includes unlimited money and bullets for free. If you want to enjoy online gta san andreas then download it now.


Three cities are included in place of the notorious Liberty including Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas (modeled after US cities). The plot of this game is based on real events such as the battle between the Bloods and Crips gangs, the 1992 riots, or evil drugs in the United States.


Two policemen calumniated CJ after returning home to attend the funeral if he did not complete illegal missions. Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson gave up crime following the murder of his brothers in 1987, leaving Los Santos. The criminal lived in Liberty from 1987 to 1996. It devastated his family and put his friends in danger when he found out five years later that his mother had been murdered. To cope with his situation, he formed gangs, controlled the entire street, and searched for the person who killed his mother.

Customize Cars Like A Boss

You can customize the color, the wheels, the engine, shock absorbers, etc., of your vehicle, based on your preferences. Moreover, You can upgrade and customize the appearance and accessories of most vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In short, GTA SA APK MOD provides the features to customize or design your own car.

The Graphics And Music Evoke Chases

In this part, the music quality has significantly improved over its predecessor. The mobile sandbox game has good graphics. It has crisp, high-resolution images. The game simulates three cities with shopping malls, banks, and plenty of people. It seems like a realistic simulation. The songs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas aren’t just repeated repeatedly; they’re selected at random from radio systems and restaurants. The classical music in the game is very good.

High resolution and Phenomenal Graphics

The enhanced light effects are in addition to the enhanced color palette and realistic character models that come with high-quality graphics designed for Android use. Various options are available. Controls are also available. In a game like this, a player can feel the weather of various days, for example, the cool breeze on a cool day or the hot weather on a sunny day.

Cloud Saving Option For Androids

The GTA San Andreas Mods APK appeals to you, but you have low storage on your Android device. In this case, a hack allows users to save the game online on the cloud, automatically saving their progress. Members of the Rockstar Social Club can also play across all mobile devices using the cloud saving option.

Easily Accessible Control Options

A game has superb control options allowing for a wide range of multilateral tasks. The android screen allows for easy management of moves and actions. A gamer can choose three different control schemes, depending on how comfortable he feels using the buttons on the screen. For example, the game will automatically set a target for you when shooting.

Extra-ordinary Realistic Features

This game has many realistic features that Rockstar Gamer Publishers have added. You can see blood, fire effects, and heat effects. The presence of a real-life setting accompanies the sound of explosions and gunfire. The moment characters become angry or scared. They show their change in facial expression.

Languages Supported

It adds a variety of languages to GTA San Andreas. For example, the language combinations you can choose from including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian.

Sound and Music Effects

It has been a surprise to gamers to hear how well-voiced characters converse with each other when playing Rockstar Games. As gang rap lovers, fans and other music enthusiasts, the game’s realistic display makes it even more attractive to gamers. Its realistic display attracts more and more gamers. The iconic voice of CJ, the gangster in GTA 5 SAN Andreas influenced many gamers. So, keep your eyes open for an adventure involving an underworld gangster.

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What’s New

  • Improved security of the game
  • Enhance the graphics
  • Enhance bug protections
  • Updated to latest version

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There is a lot to explore in the open world of the game. In many ways, Vice City is similar to its predecessors, such as Grand Theft Auto III. The mafia usually travels to places the game requires, gets open contracts with other characters, robs cars, kills people, etc. The police will arrive if you cause casualties or disturbances. You can also play without the mafia. There is no restriction. You can also download GTA Aan Andreas iOS version for free from Apkshines.

The game’s missions should open up new storylines if you complete them.  We personally spend most of my free time walking around the city, stealing expensive cars and exploring the sights. You enjoy attacking people or embarrassing the police. A gunfight will erupt on the streets. Don’t be reckless. A higher level of wanted will involve task forces and the FBI. There are also ways to break into houses and steal property. In this game, this is an effective way to make money.

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GTA San Andreas MOD APK Screenshots

GTA San Andreas MOD APK screenshots


  • Easy to play
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free to download
  • No need to root the device


  • If you download from any illegal site, it may harm your security. So always use APKShines and ensure trusted and verified apps and games.


  • Always download GTA San Andreas MOD APK from a trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get GTA San Andreas Mod apk Unlimited everything?

The ability to spend countless amounts of money and shop unlimitedly for free without paying any money. You can get unlimited access to all tools, vehicles, ammunition and health in GTA San Andreas Online. There are many gta san andreas hack and cheats available to achieve this. A good example is Lucky Patcher, which adds custom patches to games. You can download gta san andreas cheats for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What did it mean to get GTA San Andreas mod apk all missions complete?

You can complete all missions of GTA San Andreas Mod apk for free using the hacks and cheats described above. You can find top-rated cheats in its game for free by visiting the above-discussed links; parkour, kick of hell, riding a horse, climbing walls.

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Well, we have described all the features of GTA San Andreas MOD APK. You can only buy the game if you can’t afford the $7 in the Playstore. We have also provided a link to the Google Playstore for those who want to purchase the game. If you can afford this game, we recommend buying it from the Playstore. You are free to download this game if you are among those who cannot afford it. We recommend that you purchase the game if it interests you and you’ll be supporting its developer. We’ll now see what you need to do to install the game.


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