Gravity Rider MOD APK v1.20.1 [Unlimited Money] 2023

Gravity Rider MOD APK v1.20.1 [Unlimited Money] 2023 -Gravity Rider MOD APK is a racing and adventure game that provides the opportunity to explore the high mountains using different and modern motorcycles. You are open to choosing the type of motorcycle and the track on which you can ride and perform various stunts.


Gravity Rider MOD APK 2023

You can perform various stunts on the road and compete with your opponents. You have to change tactics to stay clear of your opponents and win the race. When you reach the mountain, you have to control the direction of the bike to stay safe from bike damage.

Gravity Rider APK MOD

Features of Gravity Rider MOD APK

There are various features present in this game. Let’s explore all the features one by one.

Bike Customization

Bike customization is the most interesting feature of this amazing race. You can choose the bike of your choice openly. Apart from that, you can also customize it to improve by increasing the power and changing the color and design of the bike.

Different Modes

The latest version of gravity rider comes with Quick and Career Modes. You can play either of them by choosing before starting the game. In fast mode, you have to race against multiple players and complete them. One difficult thing about this mode is staying next to all the other players. Another difficult thing is that you also have to overcome and pass various difficult obstacles. In Career Mode, you learn many things to make your game better. You will learn how to make your races more skillful, how to ride the bike on difficult tracks and what obstacles you encounter. In a way, this is the learning mode in this game to make you a Pro Player.

Different Actions

The wide variety of actions present in the game makes it more interesting. If you know the nature of the bike, the driving skills, and the type of track, you can perform better in the game. While performing stunts is important, it is most important to maintain the balance of the bike while performing them. As well as you perform stunts and maintain the balance of the bike as much as you earn rewards.

Plenty of Obstacles

Obstacles are a feature that increases the interest of the players. No matter which mode you are playing, you will face various obstacles that you have to avoid to continue the game.

3D Camera

The 3D camera is another interesting feature with which you can see the nature of the track and the opponents coming behind you.

Unlimited Money & Gold

In the Gravity Rider APK, you will get unlimited money and gold. Every time you cross an obstacle, reach high mountains, balance the bike or win a race, you will earn unlimited money and gold. You can use this money and gold to upgrade your motorcycle or buy bike skins.

No Ads

In any game, Ads are the most annoying part to avoid. In the modded version we provide, you will never experience any ads during gameplay.


The graphics of the gravity rider apk mod are clear and vivid. You can easily judge the distance of opposing players and obstacles on the track. You can even clearly see the opponent chasing behind you.

What’s New in The Latest Version

  • Updated version
  • Improved graphics
  • More customization options added
  • Smooth controls
  • Impressive sound


Gravity Rider is a popular bike racing game that can run on at least 2 GB RAM and 8 GB phone storage easily. The android version should be equal or more than 5.0. Also, it has more than 10 million downloads on the play store.


The gameplay of the gravity rider apk mod is quite simple. Select your preferred likes, choose a mode and start the game. When you start the game, you have to monitor a few things like speed, controlling the bike, keeping the bike balanced, avoiding obstacles and moving alongside your opponent. You will be given different tasks on each track that you have to complete.

You can face many mishaps while completing the tasks like breaking or crashing the bike or damaging your health. There is no 100% guarantee that you will complete the task on the first attempt, rather you can fail. But trying again can lead you to success. Every time you complete a task and level up, more adventures are ready to be explored.

“Keep Enjoying, Keep Playing”

Gravity Rider Gameplay Screenshots

Gravity Rider Gameplay Screenshots


  • It’s 100% free to use
  • You can play offline
  • Easily track opponents who are chasing you


  • Need an internet connection to download the game

Preventive Measures

  • Must download games from trusted brands
  • Never access illegal links

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download the gravity rider mod apk from Apkshines?

Yes! It is 100% safe and secures to download and install gravity rider from Apkshines.

Is it free to play gravity rider mod apk?

Gravity rider mod apk is 100% free to play if you download it from Apkshines.


We have fully covered “Gravity Rider MOD APK”, its features, requirements, pros and cons. Just download it from the button above and enjoy.


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