GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.30 Download Latest Version -GBWhatsApp Pro APK is the latest version of GBWhatsApp. In many ways, WhatsApp Plus is the best version of WhatsApp as it offers many great features including the option to customize the look of WhatsApp Pro and maintain the status quo. This app provides so many features and has no limitations for pictures, videos, contacts, documents and even Broadcast messages. It has all the advantages but does not add storage space to your device or use additional memory for cloning apps.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.30 Download Latest Version

The whatsApp messaging app allows sharing of various content, including videos, photos, audio files and more. You can use this mode for free, and it provides more privacy. If you haven’t used it before, you should definitely give it a try. The app can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes. The download and installation process will be guided for you.

You can install GBWhatsApp Pro Apk on your device if you want to use WhatsApp with some additional features. The external app provides capabilities not available elsewhere including visit topics, hidden metrics, app blocks, tenants, and sky limits. WhatsApp has just been updated for Android devices, adding features like hiding double ticks, redesigning, setting online status, and allowing other users to access your account.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK 2023

There is no doubt that this is one of the best WhatsApp mods available. This mod is not available through the Google Play Store, but you can download it from other app distribution sites. You can download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk from the link above. GB WhatsApp Pro Apk download 2022 is already available as a WhatsApp MOD. In addition to the great mod features, GBWhatsapp has also satisfied thousands of users.

The features and functionality of the GBWA Pro MOD APK are similar to other WhatsApp MODs, with the addition of some additional features. WhatsApp users know that this mod supports multiple accounts and does much more. Some features can be upgraded to improve the user experience. Some new features have been added to the current version of GBWA, while the older version has become more stable.

The functionality of GBWA has been improved. It will be a few days before the new update will add many new features. GB WhatsApp Apk WhatsApp download has many benefits for your smartphone. Take advantage of multiple accounts by downloading GBWhatsApp Pro Apk. This app offers many other benefits. It allows you to use multiple accounts simultaneously. You don’t have to worry about using a second WhatsApp if you are an entrepreneur.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK For Android (Anti-Ban)

We still have a few things to discuss, such as media sharing, choosing a media player, auto-reply messages, hacking messages, locking chats, and backing up and changing languages. It might get support for other languages soon. Last but not least, there is no need for root privileges to run this app. Currently, this android app supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Hindi. The download link above will help you download GBWhatsApp Pro APK.

Features of GBWhatsapp Pro APK

This mod has the following top features. You can check them out.


It is always boring to use the default fonts. The latest version of GB WhatsApp 10.20 download consists of different and interesting fonts. We now have access to various font styles. In the first run, downloading the available fonts may take longer. In this first instance, you have to be patient. After installing the fonts, you can select the style of your choice.

Instant Messaging

This app is similar to the official one but with some improvements. The maximum number of characters that can be typed in a message has been increased in this version of WhatsApp. You can send any message regardless of its length. You can share photos, videos or documents with your contacts. Also, you will not be limited to what type of files you can share; you can share anything.

Deleted Messages

The deleted icon will still appear in your chat even if the sender deletes the message. The icon indicates the recipient deleted the message. It is possible to delete messages for everyone in the official version. This will prevent the recipient from seeing the deleted message. Recipients of WhatsApp messages can see the sender’s deleted messages in the GB version.

Deleted Status

Deleted statuses are no longer visible to users, but if the GB version is installed, anyone can see the user’s status as long as they have GB. Comments can also be made on posted statuses. This means that the poster will no longer see the status posted by the user, nor will they be notified subsequently.

Hide Status

The official WhatsApp has a feature to hide statuses, but this enhanced version of WhatsApp allows you to hide the statuses you see from other users. Gb WhatsApp Pro 2022 settings allow you to hide your status so that users don’t know that you have seen their status.

Last Seen

The last time you were seen should be set as desired. The set time and date will be visible to your contacts. In short, you can hide the last seen option in GB WhatsApp pro download. What time has it been since you last saw me? If you don’t want your contact list friends to know? You can choose the last scene yourself. Your GB WhatsApp settings allow you to set the time and date manually.

Message Delivery

You have the option to set preferences for message delivery status. It is up to you whether or not to inform your contacts that you have seen the message they sent you. The checkmark is gray after a message is delivered and blue after a message is viewed. For GB WhatsApp, you can set your delivery options. The checkmark can be turned off manually by toggling the settings. It is possible to set the emoji in the tick position. You can also download ML Skin Injector and VN Video Editor Pro from Apkshines.


GB WhatsApp download 2022 has more stickers and GIFS than the official WhatsApp. Emojis come in a huge variety. GB WhatsApp is different from the official one regarding GIFs and stickers.


You can set the wallpaper to any solid color you like in the official version, but you can only use the same image for all contacts. In GB WhatsApp, you have the option to set a unique wallpaper for each person you have added to your contact list.

Message Scheduler

You can send birthday wishes to friends and family on birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. You can fill the scheduler fields with text and select the time, recipient and date of the message. Now it’s time to send. GBWhatsApp Pro latest version download has a message scheduler that you can also find in third-party apps, you don’t need to download another app if you use GBWhatsApp Pro. You have already scheduled your messages. The Message Scheduler is located in the 3-Dot Menu.

Spying on WhatsApp Web

This program does not require major hacks. GBWhatsApp Pro APK allows you to access the web version of Whatsapp on your smartphone. Monitoring the activities of other WhatsApp users is as simple as this. The official Web version of the program can help you spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s account.

Privacy Mod

This GBWhatsApp Pro app for Android has many privacy features. It has some basic privacy settings and some advanced options. You will also get some privacy mods in the GBWhatsapp pro 8.60 download.

Under the General category, you will find this.

  • It’s been a while since Pause was seen
  • View Status in Hidden Mode
  • Revocation-prevention

Under the Contacts category, you will find this.

  • Protect yourself from blue ticks
  • Hidden second and third ticks
  • Turn off the blue microphone
  • Recordings are hidden
  • A mask has been applied to this typing

Under the Group category, you will find this.

  • In the contacts category, you will also find similar settings.

Change the Main Background

Status, chats, and calls can all have images as backgrounds. You can load images or photos from the gallery by clicking the Load from gallery option. You can also remove this option to continue with the default style.

Themes and Customization

There is full compatibility between the Premium version and the original GBWA theme. You can be sure of this. GBWhatsapp Pro app features perfect customization features. There are many themes available that you can sideload from our Theme Store. It can do a lot of things you didn’t know it could do in terms of customization.

File sharing

It is possible to share up to 10 images with WhatsApp, and videos and documents can even have file size limitations. On GBWhatsApp, users can send up to 100 images at a time and videos of 50MB. You can share up to 100MB of uncompressed audio files with your outhit contacts simultaneously. You can also download GB Whatsapp and YoWhatsapp from APKSHINES.


You can schedule birthdays, meetings and broadcast reminders. Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send a message or scrambling to send it at the last minute.

Anti-Deletion Messages

No more worrying that people will delete the messages you send them. You can read deleted messages like they still exist when using this feature.


In addition, GBWhatsApp places high value on privacy. In addition to hiding the last viewed status, users can also hide the blue dot on the listened recording and prevent others from knowing when they check their status. This is in contrast to conventional WhatsApp, which displays messages from others.

What’s New

  • The official GBWhatsApp Pro Apk prevents malware from infecting your device.
  • The app offers many free themes created by its users
  • It is possible to run two instances of WhatsApp simultaneously: Original WhatsApp and GBWA.
  • In addition to copying your daily stories or statuses, pictures, quotes, and videos, GBWhatsApp can also add videos.
  • The file size of the apk, videos, images, and songs is larger than normal WhatsApp.
  • The hidden message icon in GBWhatsApp allows you to hide messages.
  • GBWhatsApp Pro Apk allows you to hide your online status.
  • The maximum number of photos you can share at once is ten.
  • You can customize emojis in the GBWhatsApp app and make them available to all users. How much fun is that?
  • GBWhatsApp Pro Apk allows you to add an unlimited number of stickers.
  • Your imagination is the limit! Download it now.
  • You can change the app icon in the menu and notification bar.

GBWhatsApp Pro screenshots

GBWhatsApp Pro screenshots


  • You can download various apps from the website. You can choose between different versions of the app that suit your needs.
  • The download is instant, so you don’t have to wait for the review process like in the Play Store.
  • You will download the APK file to your memory card or system memory after downloading it.
  • WhatsApp banned mudded apps that linked to the official app in the past. With many users using modified versions of the app, WhatsApp seems more comfortable and confident about its policy.
  • However, it is possible that GBWhatsApp could be blocked soon.


  • It is not unusual for Google not to check apps downloaded from third-party sources. As a result, your phone may be damaged.
  • You may get viruses from APK files that damage your phone.
  • You won’t see automatic updates in your apps because they generally don’t have access to the Google Play Store.

Preventive Measures

  • You must have a stable internet connection to upload statuses, send or receive messages, any audio or video.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK

This property protects the user. Apps can always be downloaded from this website if they are not available on the Google Play Store. You can find “Unknown Sources” under Settings. You can then enable “Security.”

  • The download manager will appear on your Android device after downloading GBWhatsApp Pro.
  • Installing the operating system is simple, and all you need to do is quickly boot it on your Android device.
  • You will see a pop-up with options on your mobile device. The pop-up takes a few moments to appear.
  • Then, click the “Open” option and go to the page on your mobile device once you have completed the download and installation.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK For Android

  • It is possible that you need to enable ‘Unknown sources’ in your Android device settings > security > unknown sources to be able to install APK files. You can do so by following the steps below.
  • You must follow the instructions inside.
  • Install this fantastic app, run it, and you will be blown away by its features.

GBWhatsapp Pro APK For MAC

GBWhatsapp v14.00/v8.40 does not let users delete messages after sending them to you. All deleted messages can be read like they are still using this feature.

How to Use GBWhatsapp Pro APK on PC

This is the version for Android, so you will need to use a computer emulator to install it on your PC. Blustacks, NoxPlayer, Android Studio, etc are some excellent and easy-to-use emulators. It is easier and more convenient for me to use NoxPlayer and BlueStacks because they are free.

How to Install GBWhatsapp Pro APK on PC

  • You can find the download button above.
  • Right-click the APK file, then select Open with -> Bluestacks/Nox App Player once the download is complete.
  • If you open the emulator and select ‘Import From Windows,’ the emulator will grab the APK and install it on your PC.
  • You can use GBWhatsapp Pro by running it, following the instructions, and clicking the play button. The app will launch in the Android emulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you guarantee 100% safety for GBWhatsApp Pro App?

Our site allows users to download APK files directly from Google Play if they wish to download them from APKSHINES.COM. If they choose to download these files directly, we cache them on our servers. The cache will contain APKs that are not on Google Play.

Does installing APKs from APKSHINES.COM allow updates from the Play Store?

There is no doubt that it is yes. Apps are downloaded from the Play Store and installed on Google’s servers, while websites like APKSHINES.COM are used to load pages. You will receive updates within a few moments of downloading the latest version of the app.

How can Android App Permission be required to download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

The app must access some device systems. App permissions are notified to you immediately after installation.


The GBWhatsApp Pro App Apk review should address all your questions about it. If there are any discrepancies, feel free to talk to us. In the Communication category, you will find the GBWhatsApp PRO app. This app is now available on Android and PC. Downloading APK files from APK Shines is reliable and there are a variety of apps from different genres and categories available. Here is not the end, 4.5 out of 5 stars is what customers usually rate the app.

In addition, the app has received a 4-star rating on various rating platforms. To better understand GBWhatsApp PRO APK, we encourage users to post questions on our website, there are 4 1-star reviews and 3276 5-star reviews for this app. On the developer’s website, you can find more information about GBWhatsApp PRO APK. There are few downloads but it may reach more users.

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