Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack New Settings 2023

APKShines – Killing enemies in Free Fire is the most enjoyable moment for every Free Fire player. Everyone wants to do maximum damage so they can kill enemies with fewer bullets. Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack will help you to kill your enemy in just one shot. The fun becomes limitless when someone gets a way to kill enemies with just one shot.

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack 2023

Head hitting is not easy and you will have to put in more practice to gain mastery but if you become a Pro at hitting headshots you will surely achieve victory.

Important Way To Get FF One Tap Headshot Hack

There are two ways to gain mastery in One tap headshot Free Fire. There are two methods mentioned below:

  1. FF One Tap Headshot Settings
  2. One Tap Headshot Hack App FF

FF One Tap Headshot Settings

The best and most natural way to get FF one tap headshot hack is to use settings. If you hit the right settings, it helps to focus on the headshot and you can target the right place to kill the enemy with just one bullet.

  • Put the fire button in the right place so you can easily access the fire.
  • Now, go to Display settings and set them according to the following instructions.
  • Always play games on the smooth graphics option so your games won’t lag and
  • You can easily reach the targeted point
  • If you have a good device, use the HIGH Res button to high so you can see the enemy clearly.
  • Turn off the shadow option so you don’t get confused with your character
  • Another important thing about FF one tap headshot setting is keeping the FPS High if you have a good device.

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting

FF One Tap Headshot Hack App

If you are a beginner or have a low-end device and don’t wait long to reach your goal and want to play like a pro then you don’t need to worry at all. We come up with one tap FF headshot hack app for you.

By using this app your game will not lag and you can easily set your gun to aim at the enemy’s head. Better to use AWM, AK, Scar and Tommy to deal maximum damage.

We advise you not to use the Free Fire Headshot One Tap Cheat and use this application because it is the most legal and trusted one. So, without wasting time let’s discuss the 2 most useful apps for one tap headshot hack of free fire.

One Tap Headshot Pro Sensi GFX App

The most used first one tap headshot is the One Tap Headshot Pro Sensi GFX APP. It helps improve and adjust graphics according to game settings and makes sensitivity settings accurate for a better gaming experience. Now the question is how is it useful to use One Tap Headshot Pro Sensi GFX APP?

One of the benefits is that it increases sensitivity according to device compatibility. Another advantage is that it is useful for both high-end and low-end devices. One Tap Headshot Pro Sensi GFX APP comes with many features including one tap headshot, GFX Tools, Raistar Tools, White444 GFX Tool & Sensi Mod Menu and One Tap Headshot Injector Tool.

  • Easy to use and has an impressive graphical user interface
  • Open the app and adjust the settings according to your device
  • Now click on adjust sensitivity option and adjust it according to your device
  • Customize both options and Apply settings

FF Headshot One Tap FFH4X APK

Another best app for one tap headshot app is FFH4X Free Fire One Tap Headshot APK. This app provides accurate graphics and increases the sensitivity of one tap headshot according to mobile compatibility.

FFH4X one tap headshot apk has an impressive user interface and reduces lags. This app comes packed with a lot of features including HDR graphics, GFX Tool for One Tap headshot, One Tab Headshot Configuration, One tap Sensitivity Menu and Device FPS Control.

  • Download and install FFH4X FF One Tap Headshot APP in your android device
  • Select the Free Fire game and adjust the graphics according to device compatibility.
  • After you set up the chart and apply the buttons
  • Now open the app and enjoy

Features of Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack

  • Increases headshot targets
  • Reducing lag
  • Compatible with all low end to high end graphics
  • Have the latest version

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack Tips

  • Customize finger layout controls according to your convenience
  • Set game graphics and upgrade according to device compatibility


  • Memperbaiki grafis
  • Antarmuka yang ramah pengguna
  • Tingkatkan bidikan ke kepala musuh
  • Berikan kerusakan maksimum


  • Requires extra space on your phone because you have to install additional apps


  • Use accurate settings for graphics and sensitivity to get better results
  • Always download apps from trusted websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Which weapon is useful for Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack?

AWM, AK, Tommy and Scar are the most useful weapons for one tap headshot hack.

Is it safe to use the Free Fire One tap headshot hack app download?

Yes! This app is 100% safe and legal to ensure one tap headshot.

Is it free to use Free Fire One tap headshot hack?

Yes! One tap FF headshot hack is 100% free.


We have fully covered the Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack and discussed its features. These methods are the most important and legal to ensure victory. If you improve your skills according to this application you will be a Pro Player in no time. If you have any questions regarding the settings, you can ask in the comments section.

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