Free Fire Old Version Download For Android 2023

I know why you are here. Don’t hesitate at all. I know sometimes the latest version does not work smoothly on our devices and we need to download the older version of that game or app again. I have resolved your problem here. Download the Free Fire old version and continue your gaming journey with smooth and fast gameplay.

What is Free Fire Old Version

Free Fire Old Versions

Free Fire Old Version is the previous version of the latest version of Free Fire. It does not support and is recommended by the Free Fire officials but people use it if they have low-end devices. It helps to run the game smoothly and without any kind of lag. I personally recommend the latest version if you have a good device but if you have a low-space android phone, you can play the older version.

Why Do You Need the Old Version?

Sometimes it happens that we install the latest version but it does not work properly with our low-end devices. The same happened to me 8 months before. I searched everywhere on the internet but alas I couldn’t find the older version. 

Luckily, I found the older version from one of my close friends. Then I thought when It was difficult for me to find the older version, similarly, other people also get in trouble with this issue. Then I decided to provide the older version in this blog post of my APKShines website.

Difference Between Free Fire Latest Version And Older Version

Latest Version:

  • The latest version comes with better graphics and high-quality visual effects.
  • The latest version consists of the latest and more deadly weapons, 
  • More maps are added to the latest version
  • The developers of free fire increase the security glitches and ensure to safe your account from banning or suspension

Old Version:

  • The old version just has the same dull fade graphics.
  • FF old version has the same old weapon collections
  • No more maps are added.
  • More chances of a security breach

Free Fire Old Version Download Link

Here I provide different old versions. You can enjoy anyone according to your device’s capability. I advise you to try only those versions which are compatible with your android device and run smoothly on it. Download the old version here👇

Free Fire MOD APK Old Version

If you want to download the latest version of free fire, then you can download it from here👇

Free Fire Latest Version

Final Words

As I Promised at the start of the article, I fulfilled it here. Let me sum up all key points in the final summary. Just download the old version and enjoy smooth gaming without any lag issues.

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