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Every Free Fire player knows that headshots damage the enemies and kill them instantly. So everyone tries to target the head so that their opponent will die with just 4 to 5 bullets. If your opponent is standing before you, it also saves you from providing more damage to them and you can easily knock them. But targeting the head is not so easy as your enemies are continually changing their position while playing. That’s why we came up with the solution that you can use our Free Fire Headshot Hack for this purpose. You can download the Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack APK from the above provided “Download APK” link.

Keep in your mind that Apkshines does not share any illegal and unethical methods so you have to keep your trust on us as these techniques are personally tested by our professional gamers and it does not harm your free fire account. So there is no chance of banning or restricting your account. Rather we are just sharing some control and sensitivity settings that improve the ability of auto-aiming and killing the opponent.

Free Fire Headshot Hack 2022

As it’s hard to target the head if you are a new player. It required lots of practice and still remained risky whether your fire hit the exact target or not. But we are giving an appropriate solution that is 100% risk-free and safe. You can easily kill your enemies by using these FF Headshot Hacks.

Headshot is a symbol of Pro player in Free Fire as your entire game based on this skill. As perfect as your headshot is, as much as you kill the enemies, win the game and get the rewards. We personally recommend to use these settings whether you are a seasonal player or a new player.

Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack

Auto Headshot is a type of shot fired by you that hits the head of the enemies using the artificial technology of the Free Fire game. It means you do not need to exactly set the target at the head of the enemy rather Free Fire automatically sets the target at the head of the enemy. The intelligent player uses the auto headshot technology to set their aim and kill the enemies within no time. It increases the aiming skill of the weapon.

Every Free Fire player wants to learn the auto headshot hack because it makes their game easy and steals maximum kills and helps to win the game. Although auto headshots make the game easy, at the same time it is difficult to adjust the setting for better aiming.

If you want to learn the auto headshot in free fire, you have to read the entire article carefully and understand the process step by step. If you skip any point, your aim will affect and you will get the desired result of this amazing feature.

Free Fire Headshot Hack Using Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity is the key in Free Fire because the entire game is based on sensitivity. If your sensitivity setting is not good, you will be totally unable to survive in the game and kill in the start of the game. Because false sensitivity disturbs the aim and you will feel awkward during playing the game.

Sensitivity is totally based on your smart phone capability. Every smart has a different sensitivity setting. So everyone should slightly change the setting and then check it. If you feel comfortable with that setting, that’s fine. Otherwise you should again slightly change the setting and check it again. After many tries, you will get the suitable setting of your mobile sensitivity that is perfect for you. Although it is a time consuming task, if you get the required setting, you will play like a Pro Player.

Another important point about the sensitivity is that it is also based on how you play the game on your smartphones. If the sensitivity is high, you should touch the smartphone’s screen smoothly. Similarly, if your sensitivity is low, you should touch the smartphone screen hard.

But you don’t need to worry at all. Because we are giving you a sensitivity setting that you have to replicate and boom. Your game becomes smooth and ensures the headshot feature.

  • Open your free fire game
  • Tap on the setting option at the top right corner
  • Click the sensitivity option and open it
  • Now set your Sensitivity setting same as mentioned below
  • General: 41
  • Red Dot: 85
  • 2X Scope: 23
  • 4X Scope: 20
  • AWM Scope: 10

When you apply these sensitivity settings, it not only improves your auto headshot ability but also improves the aiming ability of the scope’s.

Free Fire Headshot Hack Using Controls Settings

Now, It’s time to adjust the control setting of the free fire for the purpose of headshot.

  • Open your free fire game
  • Tap on the setting option at the top right corner
  • Click the Control option and open it
  • Now set your Control setting same as mentioned below
  • General: 41
  • Red Dot: 85
  • 2X Scope: 23
  • 4X Scope: 20
  • AWM Scope: 10

The Above control setting is helpful. If you apply these settings, You will drastically examine the headshot skill improvement whenever you play the game. We again advise you not to skip or miss any step for better aiming.

If you apply both Sensitivity and Control settings as it is, Congratulations you will play like a pro in your next game.

Free Fire Headshot Settings Using HUD

Nowadays, Most of the players prefer to play with the HUD setting as they can easily customise the setting according to their will. They can even customise the action buttons easily. Here we are giving you the HUD Free Fire Headshot Setting that helps in auto aiming and auto headshotting during the Free Fire Gameplay.

  • Open your free fire game
  • Tap on the setting option at the top right corner
  • Click the Control option and open it
  • Now click on the Custom HUD option
  • The Pet Emotes button should be centred on the custom hood, where the gun scoop can be seen
  • You now need to increase the button size to 29% and transparency to 49%
  • Once you have done this, click on Save Free Fire Headshot Settings.

This setting will help when you fire with the AWS or any sniper rifles. This setting will help you to detect the direction of the fire that you fired on your enemies using the pet emote button.

Free Fire Headshot Settings Using Graphics

Another big hardle while playing the Free Fire game is the improper setting of the graphics. Due to low aur fade graphics, you can’t see your enemies head that creates problems for you. To get out of it, you must fix these settings correctly for better aiming.

  • Click on the Setting option
  • Now click on Graphics
  • Select Ultra from the Graphics option
  • Tap on Filter and make it bright
  • Set the FPS to normal and Save Changes.

After fixing the graphics setting, when you play the game, you will see the impressive improvement in the graphics and picture quality. Now you can easily detect your enemy and shoot them.

Free Fire Headshot Hack Apps

As there are a lot of Free FIre Headshot Hack Apps available on the market but not all are safe. It is a hell of a risk that can steal your precious information and become difficult for you. After a year of research and finding, we fetch a trusted and personally tested Free Fire Headshot Hack Apps that increase the ability of the auto headshot.

  • Search “Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool” on the play store and install it.
  • After download, when you open the app, you will see the two options. If you are playing Free Fire on your smartphone then you should go with the first option.
  • When you open the app, it will show all of your smartphone compatible settings automatically. You just click the continue button
  • After clicking on the Continue, You will get the best setting of Free Fire Auto Headshot automatically.

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Hack

The one tap headshot is the most difficult setting but once you have adjusted this setting, it is also most helpful and you can easily kill your enemy with just a single bullet. There are two ways to get the one tap headshot setting of free fire. Let’s explain it here.

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Using Joystick Buttons

Push your fire button Joystick upward to kill the enemy with just a single tap. Whenever you click on the fire button, it automatically sets the crosshair of your gun at the head of the enemy. Although this trick works best for all types of guns, it works exceptionally with the SMG and AR weapons. We personally recommend you to use this trick with the Mp40 and M4A1 guns for better results.

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Using Trigger Buttons

Trigger button is a type of mobile accessory that helps to speed up the game and your character’s speed. It is also said to be a gaming kit that makes you capable of changing your two finder game to the four finger. It attaches at the upper side of the smartphone that you can fire and open the scope at the same time.

As it increases your gaming, moving and firing speed, you can easily fight with the pro player and can give them a difficult time. You can easily purchase the Trigger button at any online store and it is also budget friendly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack APK


  • You can get maximum kill
  • Can survive maximum time
  • Increase the chance to win the game


  • If you came across with more than one enemy, then it create confusion for headshot for which one should kill first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download the Free Fire Headshot Hack APK?

You don’t need to go anywhere as this article provides you complete information and apks. You can download the latest version  of Free Fire Headshot Hack APK from the above provided download link.

How to change the sensitivity of Free Fire Games?

Go to the setting at the upper right corner and click on it. Now go to the sensitivity option and set it as per your smartphone needs.

Where can I download the Free Fire Headshot Hack App?

You can download the Fire Sensitivity GFX Tool by clicking on it and improve your headshot skill.


We have summed up the complete detail on Free Fire Headshot Hack with complete and comprehensive give. We also request you to read the entire article carefully and try to understand every step before applying. These all tricks are personally tested so you do not need to worry about any type of hacking or stealing your data. You always remain on the safe side if you download any apps or games from the Apkshines. Our bug and error detection system is very powerful so keep trusted on us. You can use Free Fire Redeem Code to get unlimited Diamonds.

Enjoy your game.



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