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Free Fire is a multi-category including action, shooting, fighting and survival. This 10-minute game is full of adventure, thrill, fight, and many more. You will remain fully engaged in the game from start to end. It is the beauty of Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK. This game is based on the Firelink and Auto Head Detection Technology that directly targets the enemies’ heads. Moreover, this game is compatible with android devices, smartphones and tablets.

50 players landed on the remote Island, including you. Every player set the destination for landing, opened the parachute, and landed in the safe zone. You must pick the gun and fight against the other 49 to survive and win the game. Usually, It costs money to download and install the Free Fire Headshot Hack game, but our developers work on it and provide the premium version for free with just a slight upgrading.

Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK 2022

When you land on the remote Island, the entire game is based on your survival. You must explore the map with or without vehicles, hide in the wild, and become invisible to remain safe from the enemy’s Fire. As long as you survive, as much as you become nearer to winning the game and getting rewarded.

In short, you must ensure the last man standing by adopting the different tactics. You must jump and remain in the play zone, find the weapons, kill the enemies and loot them. You can get the more dangerous weapon from the airdrop, but you must be more careful while looting the airdrop as everyone tries to grab that deadly weapon.

Features of Free Fire Headshot MOD APK

This particular type of Free Fire Headshot MOD APK comes with extraordinary features. Let’s discuss each of them. This App is free and safe. But if you play the game manually, then we recommend adjusting the Sensitivity and Control setting for better aiming the headshot. We have also provided the information about the Free Fire Headshot Hacks in a separate Article. You can also use Redeem Codes to get unlimited premium stuff for free and make it faster.

Automatic Head Detection

The Free Fire Headshot MOD Apk consists of automatic head detection features. It means that if an enemy is surrounding you, the gun’s aim automatically sets on the head of the enemy. You must press the fired bullet and leave the rest of the work on Free Fire auto head detection technology.

Easy To Kill Enemies

As this is a headshot version, it directly impacts the head of the enemies. When you target the body of the enemy, the Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK artificial intelligence feature automatically puts the weapon target’s crosshair to the enemy’s head and shoots it. As it automatically targets the head, it will increase the number of kills by your weapons.

Impressive Graphics

Graphics is another crucial factor that helps in the headshot. As clear as the graphics are, as easy to see the enemy’s head and shoot them. The high pictures provide a more accurate display of the maps where you can find the enemy from far away and kill them using the scope of the appropriate range.

No Ads

Free things come with many ads that become annoying for the players. During the game, it also slows down or stuck your game, and your enemy can quickly kill you at that weak point. But our developers design this so that you will not encounter even a single ad during the entire gameplay.

Epic Gameplay

The gameplay of Free Fire Headshot APK is fast and defensive. You must know where you become defensive and adopt aggressive tactics to kill the opponent.

4 Player Squad Game

As much as you communicate with your squad, as long as you survive in the game. In a team of 4 players, you should get guidance from your teammates and rush on the enemies simultaneously. In this way, you can easily hit the enemy and kill them.

In the 4 player squad game, you can also share the health kit, weapons, bullets and painkiller with your teammates when needed. So this practice makes a complete team by helping each other. Moreover, you can also revive your teammates for standing and fighting with you again.

What’s New

  • Enhanced Auto Head Detection Technology
  • Increase the Fire Damage
  • Slightly increase the Character Speed
  • Improve the movement speed
  • Get Unlimited Diamonds
  • Updated Guns
  • Compatible with all devices


You must have 4.4 or up version of android phone. Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK can run with 2GB of RAM but it is better to have 4GB for a better and smooth gameplay. Chipset makes the gameplay smooth and fluent. If you have good chipset smartphone, you will enjoy the Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK gameplay to fullest.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK


  • You will get the latest and updated version on our Website. Moreover, you do not need to update it. Instead, it automatically updates to the current version.
  • Here you will get the instant download. Like play store or other third-party websites, you will not need for long to start downloading. You will get everything just at a single tap.
  • When you install the file once, you do not need to install it again and again. You can store this downloaded file in your mobile or SD card memory later.
  • Here you will get the updated file. It means it has fast speed, bugs free and comes with extra and updated features.


  • Usually, downloading any file from a third-party Website is not verified by google. So it may create problems for you. But here is our play-protected system. So you do not need to worry at all.
  • Third-party websites except Apk Shines may contain a little bit of a virus that steals your data. But as we mentioned above, we have a robust and tested system, so you will get all apps and games trusted and tested.

How To Download Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK

  • Click on “Download APK.”
  • You will be redirected to the next page, where you have to decide which type of version you want to download.
  • Click on any one of them, and you will move to the required page
  • Click on download.
  • It will show the download file. Click on “Download anyway,” and your game will start downloading.
  • After completion of the download, click on it to install it.
  • It hardly takes 10 seconds to start downloading. This is the easiest way to download Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to download Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK?

Yes, of course! It is 100% safe to download this fantastic hack game from Apkshines. We are not responsible for any other Website.

Is the Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK free?

Yes, It is 100% free, and you will not have to pay any money from start to end.

Is Free Fire headshot hack mod apk ads free?

Of course, It is 100% ads-free and you will not see a single ad from start to end of the game.


Our developers always remain busy recreating and redesigning the premium apps so every user can benefit from them. In this article, we have provided and explained the Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK, and you will be amazed after using it even for a single time. We recommend you download and enjoy the game. Don’t forget to appreciate it and suggest your friend try it. You can use Free Fire Redeem Code to get unlimited Diamonds.

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