Download Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 For Android 2023 – Free Fire game is an award-winning game. It is also globally popular among people of all ages but there is a downside not everyone can afford its premium version. But you don’t need to be discouraged because there is a special surprise for you here.

We have come up with an authentic and verified FF Diamond Hack. You can use this hack to get unlimited diamonds and purchase premium items for free. After the suspension of PUBG in India, it became the most popular game of all time.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 For Android

These weapon and vehicle skins keep players engaged and excited. You are also free to collect and use these diamonds for later when there are special events that come and bring big rewards.

Are you confused why we can only get Diamonds with these Hacks?

Actually Diamonds are the currency of the Free Fire game. So you can buy and redeem items in diamonds. The best thing in this game is that it has various maps and skins. In addition, you can use these diamonds to improve your character’s skills and abilities.


PUBG players then switched to Free Fire and made it one of the most popular games in India. It broke many records and the craze is still increasing. The truth is, we all don’t have enough money to keep our pockets full of cash. Only a few can afford to buy premium items after purchasing its Elite Package.

The players couldn’t afford the money after adopting some illegal ways to get diamonds. Some of them are cheated by using inappropriate methods. But here you will get a verified and personally tested method to get unlimited diamonds without buying the Elite Plan. After earning these diamonds, you can buy premium skins, outfits, and much more and can compete with Pro Players.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Without Human Verification

Diamonds are often used to purchase premium items like skins and costumes. You can avail the Elite pass and you have to pay for it. But here we give you everything for free. We know that you are smart enough not to waste your pocket money on buying premium items, rather you should use the Free Fire Hacks APK so that you can get unlimited diamonds and spend them on buying premium skins, clothes, and all other items.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Without Human Verification

Free Fire Diamond Hack Codes

As we mentioned earlier that any illegal method of obtaining diamonds is not safe for Free Fire. So we updated the Play store redemption code list after purchasing the wallet.

We buy these redemption codes and reward you so that you can benefit and save your money. So we recommend using this kind of safe and verified method with free fire. The newly purchased Free Fire Diamond Codes [redeem codes] are given in the list below. Use them one by one and get the diamonds.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 Without Human Verification

The first important thing for diamond hacking is that you must have the MOD version of Free Fire or you must have a diamond generator. Now the question arises How to Hack Diamonds Free Fire 99999?

But first, we tell you an important thing using hacks is against Free Fire but if you use it wisely and accurately, It’s not a big deal and you can easily take advantage of it. FF Diamond Hack 99999 is unethical but if you use it just for fun, you can take many benefits too.

Before applying this hack, you have to promise us that you never use this hack for any wrong purpose. You don’t have to spend a single penny to get these 99999 diamonds. So, you are not bound here financially rather you are bound ethically.

We are very confident that you will not let us down. Diamonds are very important in Free Fire which helps to become a Pro player. Another great way that every big Free Fire player gets is to join the Partner Program.

You can also Join the Free Fire Partner Program Here. But before getting this hack, you should know that Garena Free Free has a strong Anti Hack system. If they track that you have done something wrong with it, and they will ban your account.

Recently, Free Fire has detected more than 70000 IDs and suspended them. In addition, Free Fire’s Anti Hack system is so strong that you can’t swap diamonds from your fake ID to the real one. Free Fire will ban both.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Tool

There are various tools like Free Fire Diamond Generator present on the internet but most of them are useless and do not work. They may take a lot of time when redeeming codes. There are many reasons why they seem to be fake.

But Apkshines has its private security system. All the apps and games are purely tested and verified and our team personally plays the games and runs the apps. If somewhere finds an error in any app or game, our security protection system detects and does not accept it at all.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Apps

There are also some secret apps available that give you free diamonds. Now the question arises that how can an app give diamonds. The question is simple and obvious. You have to spend time on the app and you will get diamonds.

As more time you spend on the app, as more diamonds you get from it. This means that you have to spend a lot of time in the app to get rich on Free Fire. Now, here we list all the Free Fire Diamond Apps that provide diamonds and explain each of them in depth.

  • Toto Reward
  • Booyah
  • Royal Pass
  • Cash Fire
  • Winzo
  • Player Zon
  • Pub Code
  • Short Gamer

The most important thing that we want to share with you is that all these apps are used personally by our team experts. Our team members have a lot of diamonds in their accounts and they have collected these diamonds by using all the methods we have described here. So if they can collect diamonds with these methods, why can’t you?

Booyah Application

The first legitimate Free Fire Diamond Generator App is Booyah APP. This app is specially designed for watching live game streams and short game videos. You can also watch Free Fire Live streaming videos and upload your videos as well.

Above is the overview and purpose of the Booyah App. Now comes our goal. Booyah App is the best way to get unlimited work diamonds. One of our team members, “giant”, also uses this app and earns diamonds every day.

Win the Diamond Game

This is another diamond provider app that offers 50 to 80% cash back upon purchase. It is not free and you have to buy the bundle. But after buying the bundle, it will return 50 to 80% cash back to your account. It will give free fire diamonds as a reward.

Gift Play

Another Free Fire Hack app is Gift Play which offers legitimate free diamonds in your free fire account. You don’t need a Free Fire Hack Diamond to get diamonds from this app. Just follow these steps to find out how it works and how you can get diamonds.

  • Install the app from the Play store first
  • Now open the app and create your account.
  • Login to your account and you will get 1000 coins on installing the app.
  • This is a reward for installing this amazing app.
  • Now, use these coins and redeem a Google Play coupon of 100 rupees.
  • Now redeem these 100 Google Play coupons to get free fire diamonds.

This is the entire process where you can get diamonds without the FF Diamond Hack.


Lulubox is another way to get Unlimited Free Fire Diamonds and Coins, weapon and vehicle skins, characters and their emote and premium clothing. This method is free but not recommended by our team. We suggest you skip this method and try something else.

Play Smart

Play Smart is another app that provides unlimited diamonds for free just by playing games. The more you play the game, the more you get diamonds. So, here is a method on how to use this app.

  • Unduh aplikasi Play Smart dari Play Store
  • Buka aplikasi dan buat akun
  • Sekarang masuk ke akun Anda dan mainkan berbagai permainan di sana
  • Sebanyak Anda bermain game, sebanyak Anda mendapatkan koin
  • Sekarang tukarkan koin kemenangan ini ke Google play atau kartu hadiah amazon dan dapatkan berlian FF dari FF Diamond Hack APP.

Free Recharge [Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack for Free]

Free at the beginning of the app name indicates that this app provides free diamonds and free redemption codes. It is very easy to get these diamonds.

Just download the free recharge app and create an account. If you want to earn diamonds, you have to open the app every day to earn unlimited diamonds. You will get daily rewards just by opening the app.

DailyLuck App

The DailyLuck app is used to download wallpapers and you can earn money. Apart from downloading wallpapers, you can even play Piano Magic. You can also play spin and invite your friends to win prizes.

It also provides gift boxes in the game. You can win prizes by opening these boxes. Another way is to complete daily tasks to get rewards. This is a free and easy-to-get diamond app.

Google Opinion Rewards

Another google verified app to provide unlimited Free Fire Diamonds is Google Opinions Rewards. Most team members use this method to earn diamonds. You will earn money by completing surveys provided by the app.

Google Opinion Rewards is the most compatible and reliable app for all Android and iOS devices. Google offers surveys, ideas, and daily tasks. You will get rewards after completing the daily tasks.


MGAmer is a specialized app that provides Free Fire Redemption Codes and these codes can be used on Google Play. You will also play games, watch funny videos, answer answers and complete daily tasks to earn unlimited diamonds.

MoneyTree Rewards

By using MoneyTree Reward, you will get many ways to earn rewards through gift codes and vouchers. You will earn money by installing apps, watching TV shows or Food and Gaming Channel and filling out questions and answers. Use these rewards to get Google Play Redeem codes, Amazon gift codes, PUBG UC cash and Free Fire Diamonds.

CashKarma Rewards

This reward app is based on surveys and products. You have to answer questions, promote surveys and products, and leave reviews for these products and this app gives you bonuses or rewards in return.


When you download this app and register it, it gives 50 coins as a welcome gift. There are also many ways to get rewards such as surveys to get diamonds. It has many surveys every day and each survey gives good rewards.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Download Link

Free Fire Latest Version


  • Get unlimited diamonds without paying money
  • All methods are easy to use on your smartphone
  • All provided apps are compatible


  • It takes time to wait for the next day to get the rewards. So you have to be patient while benefiting from it

Preventive measures

  • Precautions are the most important that every gamer should know. Many websites or blogs offer free Free Fire diamonds but you should avoid and not click on any links. These are scammers. You should join a trusted and verified site like APKSHINES because all apps, games, and links are tested by Apkshines’ anti-hack-tested system.
  • If you click on an inappropriate link, your account will be banned and there is a maximum possibility that your device will be hacked by scammers and hackers. You will lose your precious data in search of free diamonds by clicking on these scam links.
  • Another thing that you should know and keep you visiting our site is that there is no profit for us here. All the information is just for you so that you can benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Hack Fire Diamonds for Free?

Click on the official website. Enter your username or game ID name. Select the device type like android or iOS. Select the number of diamonds up to 50000 and click to continue.

What is Free Fire Diamond Hack?

It is a special version of Free Fire that consists of many diamonds that you can use to buy premium items such as weapon and vehicle skins and to improve your character’s abilities.

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds Hack 99999?

It’s as simple as you downloading any app from the play store. You just need to download the Mod version by clicking here and enjoying the diamonds. You must have an internet connection to avail of the 999999 diamond offer.


Here we provide a complete guide on Free Fire 50000 Diamond Hack and how you can grab them safely. If you follow all the steps correctly, you will not only get free unlimited diamonds but also you will save your account from suspension. You can also use Free Fire Redemption Codes to get diamonds. If you still have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section.

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