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Your life is at stake as you fight fearsome and powerful beasts that will destroy you. To become the winner, you must combine powerful beasts into a team.  Today we are discussing the latest version of Fort Conquer MOD APK.

Humans have been building a connection with animals since they arrived on this earth. In the past, tamed animals have been used for various purposes.

Fort Conquer MOD APK 2022

It’s not challenging to find tower defense games on the gaming market. These games allow players to evolve and overcome different challenges making them fun to play.

Modern tower defense games incorporate other genres well and offer a great variety. In addition, you can still find classics played today. This is one of the best DroidHen games available today.

A wave of monsters has swept into your territory and is rushing in your direction. Gather your troops and start the fight. Protect your towers and overwhelm your opponents’ forts.

You must prepare for war if you intend on conquering the jungle full of monsters.

The objective of this strategy game is to build up troops to fight off other monsters. Dragons, pandas, alligators, rhinoceroses and many more are all available to you as troops.

The modern-day age still requires the use of animals for various purposes. These include transporting goods and feeding people. Different animals compete professionally every year everywhere in the world.

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Features Of Fort Conquer MOD APK

The Fort Conquer apk has a lot of exciting and fun features. Enjoy immersive gameplay as you immerse yourself in the mythological world of dragons and mighty monsters. Among its highlights are:]

Unlimited Money

You can get unlimited money by downloading Fort Conquer MOD APK from Apkshines. You can also earn money by playing the game but it will take time.

Now the question arises that where you can use these money? You can use these money to level up yourself and make your troops enough strong to compete your enemies.

So, It is a shortcut to grow faster. Simply get the money and make this world of your own.

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Unlimited Coins

In addition to unlimited coins, this MOD lets you advance in the game. The choice is yours.

Save your time and energy by downloading Fort Conquer MOD APK from the above provided link instead of having to earn coins. Grab the coins as much as possible by playing more and more game.

Unlocked Levels

As a result, you will gain access to new levels and enjoy an even better experience. You’ll become bored by playing the same story repeatedly so it’s a good idea to download the modded version.

So play more to unlock the next levels and explore the more adventure inside the game. These level increase the craze of players to playing this amazing game.

You can unlock and utilize various animal species in your army. Your army can evolve to include your favorite species. Your army becomes more powerful.

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Defend The Tower

These games all have the same objective that defends the tower against countless intruders.

In addition to that, these games offer a lot of strategies that make them fun. You can play Fort Conquer today for a fun tower defense game.

You have to defeat many monsters. The legendary dragons like mighty pandas and many other troops can be unlocked in Fort Conquer.

You can also practice different strategies here by facing various soldiers and bosses regarding how and whether you evolve your forces today and it is entirely up to you.

The reward for fighting solid opponents today is excellent. Take part in many different kinds of stages here today.

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Build Your Troops

You can recruit troops in Fort Conquer for your army. Moreover, You can choose from many animals.

You have the option of unlocking various forces such as pandas and mighty dragons to add to your army.

Fight Against Monsters

Today, you can play fun tower defense games. Various strategies are available for building troops, fighting enemies and placing troops where they belong. The format is usually an arcade-style game where you place troops in lanes.

For those who prefer classic tower defense, Fort Conquer is an excellent choice. The majority of this game is still enjoyable even though it is a bit old.

The game contains several elements not found in most modern games. This is a tower defense game that is different from others.

Your task is to collect beast troops based on mythological and real animals. The game lets you unlock a variety of animals in addition to dragons and alligators.

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No Ads

While some players might enjoy this game, some do not due to the ads. You can play Fort Conquer MOD APK without any ads.

This game will be even more enjoyable for you. You can save your time by not showing ads if you download from Apkshines.

Graphics & Sounds

Graphics and sounds are the primary things that increase the interest of the players. The total conquer has accurate graphics and sound quality. Graphics have been done by the developer well.

There are plenty of HD graphics. Each animal’s model conveys a sense of realism. Moreover, the ground, mountains and plants are designed to make you feel crisp.

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What’s New

  • Smooth control
  • Easy to play
  • More improved graphics
  • Good sound quality
  • Ads free gameplay

Total Conquer Requirements

The android 4.1 or more is enough to play the total conquer game. It has more than 10 million download till today.

Its enough to have 2 GB RAM and 8 GB of storage space to run this game smoothly.

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A dragon is the main character in the game, leading an army of animals in furious battles. You can pick the troops you want from various animal cards in your army.

In addition, you must decide on the type of terrain to fight on such as Lava or Ice. You can earn money and coins by killing as many monsters as possible.

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Your army needs to be leveled up if you want to win. Because your level is very different from the enemy’s level, you have difficulty defeating it.

It would help if you killed all the enemies in your army before all the troops died. Send your army into battle against all the waves of enemies.

Fort Conquer Gameplay ScreenShots

Fort Conquer Gameplay ScreenShots


  • Easy to play
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free to download
  • No need to root the device


  • If you download from any illegal site, it may harm your security. So always use APKShines and ensure trusted and verified apps and games.


  • Always download Fort Conquer MOD APK from a trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

How To Download & Install Fort Conquer MOD APK

  • The following Download page will open once you click on “Download APK.”
  • Choose Download from the next page.
  • Your notification bar will indicate when the file is downloading.
  • Check our website every day for new applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unlock all the levels in the Fort Conquer game for free?

You can easily unlock Fort Conquer without spending money or exerting any effort. In Fort Conquer mod apk, all stages are unlocked for free.

How to hack the Fort Conquer game?

It is easy to hack Fort Conquer. If you wish to get everything for free in this game, you can install the modded version.

How can I get unlimited crystals in the Fort Conquer game?

You can get unlimited crystals with the Fort Conquer hack apk for free. You must follow the screen instructions to install the game mod.

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It is a complete detail about Fort Conquer MOD APK latest version. We are damn sure that It has lots of entertainment. The best part about this game is that dragons can be used.

Those who don’t love dragons will also love this game. Become the champion of the battlefield by creating an army of dragons.

We hope you will find it attractive and download the game to your device to experience it with your pet, lead and train the pet to fight, make sure your territory is excellent and durable and see at the end which side the pet will choose.

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