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Promotion Software GmbH offers and develops Emergency HQ MOD APK and It is a simulation game about firefighting teams. PCs and Android devices are supported. The game’s objective is to control an emergency unit from firefighters to doctors to police to technical services and medical contractors. Life must be saved daily to be an honorable citizen. However, someone has to do it. During the game, you will encounter many critical problems, so prepare your team, prepare your required items, and prepare your directions.

Someone has to save lives daily as a law-abiding citizen. As a firefighter or rescue worker, you will enjoy some of life’s best and worst fantasies. You will be able to save lives, put out fires, save lives, find and catch wrongdoers, help people, and create lasting memories.


You’ll love this game’s role-playing features if you enjoy role-playing. You can control firefighters, police officers, paramedics, doctors, technicians, and more from the emergency command center. If you want to succeed in Emergency HQ, you always need to be one step ahead of it as it’s always challenging. Prepare your team for action, activate the workforce, and arrange plans in the simulation game. You will then map out your route, prepare your ways, draw your courses, and craft items to bring along.


Most Emergency HQ mods start with a tragic event, like a building burning down. Apart from saving people, you also get points for keeping buildings. The emergency department is in addition to the teams and other units. In this game, players can manage groups and businesses, perform rescue procedures, solve crimes, coordinate health operations, and handle disasters.

To handle the central situation of the game, you must first control and coordinate characters. The Emergency HQ Mod will put you in a variety of life-changing conditions, where you will have to deal with terrorists, fight crimes, rescue people, rescue animals, and put out crazy fires. This is about creating your emergency services including fire-fighting stations, hospitals, and other facilities that will provide the best response to emergencies. This app offers you the chance to upgrade your existing headquarters, vehicles, and staff constantly. So you’ll never get tired of helping your imaginary people.

Features of Emergency HQ MOD APK

There are many intriguing and dynamic features in this game. You command four units in this game. You have to monitor four teams at once and respond accordingly. This game’s essential features are as follows.

Excellent Graphics

The graphics of Emergency HQ Hack have a lot of detail. This game makes you cling to it with its visually pleasing graphics and sound system for a long time. In addition, the situation is also clearly explained.

Set the Screen

The screen can be set to your liking. The clarity of the game makes it very engaging. You can call the fire brigade if you experience a fire in the building. Use fire extinguishers to help the firefighters.

Appealing Rewards

You will receive rewards based on how fast you complete your levels. You will receive more excellent tips as you finish your levels more quickly. Also, you should open mysterious boxes, watch ads, and visit friends to earn many diamonds. The boxes contain two diamonds each.

Create Your Team

The rescue warriors you train will go on missions like rescuing civilians during disasters. You will make money this way. Take action against crime, and you will earn more money.

Daily Emergency Cases

Your daily tasks will include handling dozens of cases and finding solutions for them. These cases may be complex such as those involving water shortages. You should always be prepared to handle any issue. After you follow the instructions at first, you will become an expert.

Meet Others and Oppose the Havoc

Take part in different missions with other teams in the city. It would help if you created your headquarters to interact with the world effectively and competently. Your team should be positioned and the services should be helpful. It would help if you also informed other departments such as the police, fire department etc.

Emergency HQ Mod Menu (Unlock All)

There are many exciting features in Emergency HQ Cheats. The features include unlimited gems, money, and everything else. In addition, there are no ads, which makes it a pleasure for all of us.

Unlimited Coins and Rewards

There are various rewards and cash you can earn. You will receive more coins and tips if you complete the mission as quickly as possible. It is also possible to make diamonds by viewing ads or visiting your friends and employees to open mysterious chests and learn what magic is inside.

There will be two precious stones in each of those mysterious chests, and every ad will offer you two diamonds. In addition, your group can earn additional cash from outside missions by traveling to another region to support conditions in different areas. You can use the money you gain to upgrade your entire building system, your headquarters and build new offices for your skilled team as well as expand your coaching facilities. Your group will spend anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes being mentored to become more capable. As for structures, it can start 15 minutes before and last up to 100 hours after

HQ Speed Hack

All premium features can be unlocked for free, thanks to Emergency HQ Mods. A speed hack is among its unique features. You can now download this excellent Mod game.

Extra Life Hack

The extra life hack mode allows you to gain a different life. You can quickly get an extra life by swiping two fingers on the main screen. Download Emergency HQ’s other life hack to get more lives.

Complete Oktoberfest Quest

The new game version of EMERGENCY HQ offers new challenges to players. This quest requires you to solve fire-related problems to save people’s lives. There will be greater complexity and challenge involved because these are new missions. Besides fire trucks, ambulances, and cranes, we will also need other emergency vehicles.

Build The City in Your Way

Players will need to find a place to play EMERGENCY HQ where you will observe all the problems in the town and solve them quickly. You will also need to build fire stations, medical facilities, and other facilities to fight fires. The more facilities you make, the better the project will be.

A new vehicle will appear when you construct a new base. You can undertake the rescue work at your own pace. The size of the rescue differs and the number of vehicles required varies. It will also facilitate the rescue process when you finish building the HQ. A fleet of vehicles moving quickly to a fire zone is nothing short of fantastic.

Apply The Rescue Correctly

The gameplay is entirely based on the tactical element. You will not be controlling a specific character but instead assigning work to a particular force. It contains a tutorial screen that will explain the game’s mechanics to those who have never played it before. You should evaluate what to do if you encounter any issues.

The problem location will have several vehicles mobilized simultaneously, and you must touch a specific force to see what it is doing. A picture represents an activity, so it is easy to understand. In addition, the rescue process isn’t in any particular order since you must put out the fire and save the operator simultaneously. In some cases, it is necessary to remove the obstacle before providing first aid to the surrounding victims.

Different Levels & Challenges

You will find that it has some challenging levels that require a certain level of sensitivity from the player. Furthermore, you will receive money and experience throughout the game after each different screen. You can use these two resources to purchase a new building to expand your headquarters. It is a very entertaining game that players can enjoy.


If you ever think about your favorite gameplay, multiply it by a hundred. The game is that simple. It is here that most of the fun occurs since you don’t have to worry about pressing the right button and focusing on the right section. You can progress through the game’s settings as you play, but first the app offers a simple tutorial to get you up and to run. If there is a fire, the fire departments will arrive at the scene. In the case of a terrorist attack, you will call in your best police officers. This is a simple procedure.

You have many strategic decisions to make, as the game is not entirely “go there and do that.” For instance, in a fire situation, you have to assess the surrounding environment to determine if any factors will impede operations. Mechanics, medics, and firefighters will be needed on the scene. There is no need to risk the lives of everyone there as the fire might consume your team and you will lose precious people. You must make sure your team is working correctly and that everyone who can be saved is saved for this reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game safe to download and play?

You can download and play the game for free. We perform a virus and bug scan before we release it.

Can I play this game on my PC?

The game is now easily playable on a PC. Download Emergency HQ on your computer simply by visiting the given URL.

How can I get unlimited Emeralds in this game?

The number of emeralds in the game is now unlimited. You have unlimited emeralds and jewels in the Mod version of Emergency HQ.


It is undoubtedly an excellent game for everyone to play Emergency HQ Hack. It provides players with an engaging and thrilling experience. Your team will plan and execute essential strategies to stop the fires. However, you can establish bases and headquarters to accomplish your goal. This new integration will allow you to enjoy crazy explosions, amazing graphics, complex situations, exciting quests, operations, side-missions, fun quests, operations, and side-missions. If that wasn’t enough, this app also comes with the latest Emergency HQ mod. You can restart the task if you fail the one too tricky for you. We recommend that you download it right away using the button above because this game is captivating, engaging, and highly addictive. Apkshines also provide more fighting games like PUBG Lite and Mini Militia.

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