Dragon City Breeding Guide 2023 – Explain With Pictures

APKShines.com – Although millions of people play Dragon City and most of them are worried about the Dragon City Breeding Guide. They don’t know the actual process of how to breed small dragons and turn them into big powerful monsters. You have to understand the breeding process and some math skills that are essential for breeding.

You don’t have to worry about that at all

We will teach you how to breed legendary dragons in dragon city

For this purpose, we have found a well-generated formula. The breeding guide for dragon city and the process of organizing dragons help your dragons grow quickly. Apply this formula and share it with your dragons and Facebook friends if you find this formula useful.

Dragon City Breeding Guide 2023

The basic dragon city breeding guide is taught when the game starts for the first time. First, you have to reach level 4 by breeding yourself slowly. Then, you have to build building sites like Breeding Mountain or Breeding Tree where you can choose which dragons you want to breed. Although it takes some time to create dragon eggs and hatch them. The type of offspring depends on the parent.

Whenever you first start the game, we personally recommend you to start from the first generation based on our experience and breed some high-generation dragons. As you go further in the game, you will earn enough gold to buy more advanced genes that produce more gold. You can also use the Breeding Calculator to gauge your dragon breed.

Exclusive Breeding Level

The Level Exclusive Breeding process requires both Parent Dragons where they can be produced. But if you choose to use the “Non-Level Exclusive Breed”, then it is the best practice for low-level dragons. Because a high-level Parent can reduce the breeding rate by introducing the possibility of level-exclusive offspring.

How to Breed Dragon City

Before the dragon breeding process in dragon city, you need to have these basic building blocks first. You have to buy these dragons from eggs as you don’t have a brood to produce them.

  • Naga Murni
  • Naga Alam
  • Naga Api
  • Naga Terra
  • Naga Es
  • Naga Api
  • Naga Terra
  • Naga Hitam
  • Naga Logam
  • Naga Cahaya
  • Naga Perang

Dragon Breeding1st Generation

We have provided a comprehensive list below of “Generation 1” Dragons that you can build with simple steps at the basic level in Dragon City.

The order in which you lay the dragons does not affect the egg yield at all. Some breeding combinations are “Exclusive Levels” as they require parents at certain levels which are also listed in this dragon city breeding guide.

Pure Dragon Hybrid 1st Generation

Pure + Terra = Pure Terra [level 15]

Electric + Pure = Pure Electric

Metal + Pure  = Pure Metal

Pure + Nature = Pure Nature

Flame + Pure = Pure Flame

Pure + Dark = Pure Dark

War + Pure = Pure War

Terra Dragon Hybrid 1st Generation

Terra + Flame = Volcano or Flaming Rock or Aztec [level 15]

Nature + Terra  = Cactus or Tropical or Centipede [level 10] or Deep Forest [level 15]

Sea + Terra = Jelly [level 15] or Waterfall or Mud or Plankton [level 10]

Terra + Ice = Snow Flake or Alpine or Great White [level 10]

Terra + Electric = Chameleon or Star or Sky [level 10]

Pure + Terra = Ivory or Pure Terra [level 15]

Rare Hybrids of Generation 2

If you are still facing failure in breeding a Dragon, keep trying until you succeed. We present a few more combinations so that you can progress quickly especially when you have multiple breeding buildings. Usually, there are two types of hybrid generation of rares. The first is Triple Element Dragon Breeding and the second is Opposing Element Dragon Breeding.

Mari kita bahas ini secara rinci

Three-Element Dragon Breed

POO DRAGON [ Sea + Terra + Drak ] =

  1. Cloud +Venom
  2. Petroleum + Terra
  3. Hedgehog + Coral

ANGRY DRAGON [ Nature+ Terra + Flame ] =

  1. 1Terra + Firebird
  2. Terra + Spicy
  3. Tropical + Flame

POO DRAGON [ Sea + Terra + Drak] =

  1. Cloud +Venom
  2. Petroleum + Terra
  3. Hedgehog + Coral

DIAMOND DRAGON [ Nature+ Terra + Ice ] =

  1. Ice + Tropical
  2. Ice + Cactus
  3. SnowFlake + Nature

LAVA DRAGON [ Dark + Terra + Flame] =

  1. Terra + Dark Fire
  2. Hedgehog + Volcano
  3. Vampire+ Volcano

Opposing Element Dragon Breed

Now we present the complete structure of how to breed a dragon with opposite elements.


Nature + Electric =

Tropical + Star

Cactus + Chameleon

Star + Cactus


Metal + Terra =

Volcano + SteamPunk

Medieval + Flaming Rock

Medieval + Volcano


Dark + Light =

Justice + Zombie

Neon + Photon

Gaia + Vampire


War + Sea =

Blizzard + Elfic

Pure Sea + War

Mud + War

Dragon Breeding 3rd Generation – LEGENDARY

Finally, you have reached Legendary Dragon. Your rank for a legendary dragon is quite rare. The only way to breed a legendary dragon is to pair it with itself such as Pure Element with Pure Element or Legend Element with Legend Element.

Pure + Pure is the best breeding combination for Legendary Dragons in Dragon City.

Dragon City Breeding Sanctuary 

The breeding sanctuary is a recent feature that unlocks more dragons as you level up the sanctuary. It’s best if you unlock the shrine gradually.

Dragon City Breeding Sanctuary 

We list all levels with asylum race levels below:

Level 3 + Ras Sanctuary Level 1

Level 4 + Ras Sanctuary Level 2

Level 5 + Sanctuary Breed Level 3

We list all the dragon races that will be unlocked with all levels.

Unlock Breeding Sanctuary at Level 1

DEEP RED [ Metal + Dark + FLAME ] =

  1. Medieval + Petroleum
  2. DarkFire + Pearl
  3. Dark + Medieval

WIZARD [  Dark + Terra ] =

  1. Terra + Pirate
  2. Metal + Hedgehog

NINJA [  Nature + Metal] =

  1. Terra + Jade
  2. Terra + DragonFly
  3. Coral + Gold

BURNING [  Dark + Flame ] =

  1. Vampire + Flame
  2. Petroleum + Flame
  3. DarkFire + Ice

Unlock Breeding Sanctuary at Level 2

Wyvern [ Flame + Terra + Dark  ] =

  1. Cactus + Vampire
  2. Volcano + Dark
  3. Tropical + Vampire

Steam[ Flame + Ice+ Sea ] =

  1. SnowFlake + Cloud
  2. War + Mud
  3. IceCub + Flame
  4. Flame + Ice Cream

Quak [ Sea + War + Terra  ] =

  1. War + WaterFall
  2. War + Mud

Unlock Breeding Sanctuary at Level 3

Dujur [ Electric + Ice + Flame ] =

  1. Hot Metal + SnowFlake
  2. Soccer + Star
  3. Soccer + Chameleon

Gargoyle [ Ice + Dark + Terra  ] =

  1. Alpine + Dark
  2. Carnivore + Alpine
  3. SnowFlake + Dark

Magnet [ Metal + Electric + Terra  ] =

  1. Gold + Terra
  2. Battery + Terra
  3. Star + SteamPunk

Apocalypse [ Ice + Dark + Light + Flame  ] =

  1. Wyvern + Cold Star
  2. Penguin + Sun
  3. Cool Fire + Fallen Angel

Unlock Breeding Sanctuary at Level 4

Blue [ Flame + Metal + Sea ] =

  1. Mud + SteamPunk
  2. Mud + Medieval
  3. Bizzard + Armadillo

Glacial [ Ice + Electric + Nature ] =

  1. Gummy + Ice

Howl [ Dark + Electric + Nature  ] =

  1. Electric + Carnivore Plant
  2. Petroleum + Gummy
  3. Electric + RattleSnake

Promethium  [ Dark + Electric + Nature + Light ] =

  1. Neon + Gaia
  2. Fallen Angel + Gummy

Unlock Breeding Sanctuary at Level 5

Meteor [ Terra + Dark + Flame ] =

  1. Armadillo + Vampire
  2. Armadillo + Dark Fire
  3. Venom + Medieval

Abyss  [ Dark + Flame + Ice + Light ] =

  1. Sun + Penguin
  2. Cool Fire + Fallen Angel
  3. Wyvern + Cold Star

Forge [ Terra + Flame + Ice + Dark  ] =

  1. Alpine + Medieval
  2. Alpine + SteamPunk
  3. SnowFlake + Medieval

Unique Dragon Research – Deus Vault

After a long time, Dragon City released several new updates that kept players busy. During the update of the Dragon City Breeding Guide, only unique and limited dragons from the past are currently available in the Deus Vault. But the Deus Vault can no longer be purchased. To breed unique dragons in Dragon City, you must do proper research first. Obtaining the secret breeding formula should be your first priority during research.

If you manage to obtain the formula, then breeding any dragon becomes very easy for you. However, you have provided an initial roadmap where you can get help until you get your research perfect. We have provided a complete breeding combo but must be sure to do research before trying this combo. Otherwise, without doing proper research, your chances of success are very slim.

Dragon City Breeding Time

The right time to breed any dragon is purely based on the last egg. The rare the egg, the more breeding time it will take. To combat this, you should select certain rare eggs or rare hybrids so as to produce fewer of the rarest possibilities to optimize your breeding process.

Dragon City Breeding Time

Special Notes: Although we have provided a complete dragon city breeding guide about every dragon in dragon city. But we personally recommend doing proper research before implementing any method to breed your dragons. As a result, it will save your efforts and you will get a powerful monster in a very short time.


We have summarized all the information about the Dragon City Breeding Guide. We are very confident that you will learn how to breed dragons in dragon city. The time to breed is quite important. You should learn the right time to breed so that you can make your dragons stronger.

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