Dragon City Breeding Calculator Comprehensive Guide 2023

APKShines.com – The Dragon City Breeding Calculator helps analyze the yield rate whenever you decide to breed one of the two dragons. By choosing both parent dragons, you can quickly get a definite idea of which type of dragon you will build after breeding both dragons, you a lot of time required.

Dragon City Breeding Calculator 2023

Everyone is trying to be perfect to breed any dragon because the entire power of the dragon is based on it. The more perfectly you breed your dragon, the stronger the monster you get. If you manage to build a powerful monster, no one will beat you on any island.

Dragon City Breeding Calculator 2022


Click this button and download the breeding calculator to measure the breed of the firedrake. Dragon city breeding calculator provides precise results with maximum accuracy. This tool has fantastic accuracy, and offers safe, bug-free and trusted results.

Dragon City Breeding Calculator

How to Use the Dragon City Breeding Calculator

After downloading from the above link, you need to install it on your android device. You need to follow this complete step-by-step guide, and you get mastery in this breeding calculator apk.

  • First of all, you must have a stable internet connection, and it must be on. Without this, it does not work at all.
  • Click on the installed dragon city breeding calculator app.
  • After opening it, select the parent 1 and parent 2 dragons that you want to breed.
  • Now, select the required Parent Level among the four given levels.
  • Also, select the sanctuary level.
  • Now, hit calculate
  • It also comes with an automatic counting feature. You don’t have to press the calculate button again and again. You have to select both the parent dragon, parent level, and also the sanctuary
  • level, and it will keep generating automatic results.

After following these steps, you will get the exact breeding calculations of each dragon separately. We’ve also provided some screenshots, or you can also watch the full process in the videos in the gameplay section.

Features of Dragon City Breeding Calculator

Let’s go through the features of dragon city breeding calculations and give a boost to your interest.

  • Best graphical User Interface
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Malware and Bug Free
  • Super fast and easy to use
  • Available in almost all languages
  • Provides breeding combinations for all types of dragons
  • Automatic calculation
  • Provides tips for every event

What’s New

Versi terbaru dari perhitungan perkembangbiakan kota naga berisi beberapa fitur baru lagi.

  • The user interface has been improved
  • Fixed all bugs
  • Updated more dragons
  • It helps to make your dragon more powerful

Dragon City Breeding Calculator Gameplay

Are you still confused about breeding calculations?

Don’t worry

We provide a complete video here that explains all the features and steps comprehensively. After watching this video, you will be able to calculate the exact dragon breeding with manual and auto-calculate techniques.

Dragon City Breeding Calculator Screenshots

Dragon City Breeding Calculator ScreenShots


Finally, you are ready to download and install the dragon city breeding calculator. Apkshines tries its best to help you with a guide that is authentic, comprehensive, and to the point. You will easily gain mastery in this logit and cool app by following the above techniques. You can also download Dragon City MOD APK from APKShines If you still face any problems, ask them in the comments section. We will help you solve your question as soon as possible.

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