Difference Between Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron

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In the last few years, laptops have become a craze thanks to price drops and the introduction of better features at an affordable price. The market offers a wide variety of laptop brands. Several reports indicate, however, that Dell continues to lead the pack. A variety of Dell laptop brands are available to cater to different user needs. The company’s flagship brands, however, continue to be Dell’s XPS and Inspiron.

Multiple differences can be found between a Dell XPS and a Dell Inspiron. It’s important to note here that both Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron laptops can be customized and that prices and preferences vary depending on the type of configuration and features available.

Dell XPS vs Dell Inspiron

A Dell XPS laptop has high-end features for users who prefer them, whereas a Dell Inspiron laptop is more affordable for general users.

Nevertheless, the above is only one of many differences. When comparing the two terms on certain parameters, we can gain insight into the subtle differences: 

What is Dell XPS?

XPS laptops are high-performance laptops from Dell Company that are designed for both extreme and high-performance applications. Dell XPS laptops are considered performance laptops of the highest level. First offered in 1993 as a desktop version, the Dell XPS is a laptop that was updated in 2010. The XPS laptop, however, has been available since 2005.

In order to give their users the most optimal laptop experience, Dell XPS laptops are specifically designed for them. Laptops from Dell have high-end configurations, exceptional build quality, and powerful and immersive features.

Dell usually offers two different XPS models, namely. There are two XPS models: 13 and 15. The XPS 13 features a borderless Infinity Edge display and 8th generation Intel® processors. An XPS 15 laptop comes with many impressive features such as a Quad HD+ (3200*1800) touch display with five times as much resolution as a standard HD display


What is Dell Inspiron?

A Dell laptop is the flagship model of the company’s Inspiron series. In the mid-1990s, Dell introduced the Inspiron multimedia computer. Dell Inspiron was among the early laptops that gained fame for their affordability and affordability as an economy laptop. Initial introductions were made in America and eventually spread across the globe.

There have been significant changes to Dell Inspiron laptops since the first model was released. A range of affordable pricing options with reasonable configuration spreads has been specifically designed for those looking for an affordable price.

You can customize the Dell Inspiron laptop according to your own needs and you can upgrade certain aspects such as the RAM. Among the many uses of Dell Inspiron laptops are work, home, and high-end computing. Among students and people who want a laptop for their home, Dell Inspiron is a popular option.

Main Differences Between Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron

  • The Dell XPS belongs to the premium laptop category. In terms of affordable laptops, the Dell Inspiron fits the bill.
  • There is a slim design and a lightweight to the Dell XPS. The Dell Inspiron is heavier and longer compared to the MacBook Pro.
  • Ultra high definition displays are available on the Dell XPS. There is no standard definition display on the Dell Inspiron.
  • 86Wh is the maximum capacity of a Dell XPS battery. There is a maximum 56Wh capacity for Dell Inspiron batteries.
  • It is extremely expensive to buy Dell XPS computers in India, with prices beginning from 1 lakh plus. In the Indian market, Dell Inspiron starts at around Rs.45000 and costs less.
  • In general, Dell XPS targets upper-class consumers or those in the upper-middle class. Dell Inspiron is primarily intended for middle-class consumers, yet certain configurations cater to the upper-middle class.


Both Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron come in a variety of configurations and are attractive options. Among Dell Inspiron models available in India, even the most expensive configuration can cost more than 1 lakh. Despite its value and charm, the Dell XPS is also a great laptop. With its stylish design and high-end display technology, this laptop is an ultra-high-end laptop with a superior-end feature set. Plus, Dell XPS is known for its extreme performance and superior features.

In order to decide whether to purchase either the Dell XPS or Dell Inspiron, buyers should first take time to learn about the configurations offered by each laptop and then analyze these against current and future needs. It is also important to consider the price considerations since many of the Dell Inspiron laptops are also expensive. Dell XPS is ideal for those who are not too concerned with price when they buy a laptop.


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